BREO Box Review: Is It Worth The Money?

BREO BOX is a lifestyle subscription box that features the latest tech, home goods, and health/fitness items. Each quarterly box costs $159, which is one of the pricier boxes we’ve encountered.

With a heftier price tag, I’m sure you’re wondering whether BREO Box is worth the money.

In this post, I’ll dive into what I received in the Fall 2022 BREO Box as well as cover some other previous boxes. You can then decide for yourself whether this subscription box is worth the cost!

This post may contain affiliate links. I received courtesy product from BREO BOX in exchange for my honest review. You’ll get nothing but honest thoughts here! All opinions expressed here are my own.

What is BREO Box?

Breo Box Review - Is It Worth The Money

About This Box: BREO BOX brings you the hottest and latest products on the market to ensure you’re living your best life. Each box is curated based on current trends and innovations, as well as seasonality. You can expect to receive 5-8 of the best products in health, fitness, tech, and modern living that are worth at least $200-$300 in retail price.

Frequency: Quarterly
Cost: Seasonal: $159 per box | Annual: $144.75 per box
Ships to: Ships free to the continental US ($30 to HI, AK, and U.S. territories), Canada for $35 ($90 for remote territories), and worldwide at other varying rates.

DEAL ALERT: Use this link and coupon code BREO10 for $10 off your first box.

How BREO Box Works

Upon subscribing to BREO Box, your first box ships within a few business days. From there, a new box ships to your doorstep every quarter (every 3 months).

There are both options to subscribe for yourself as well as gift a subscription.

How to order a gift subscription: Simply select how many boxes you want to give and the recipient will receive their first edition, and then a new box every 3 months until they’ve received all the boxes in your plan.

Received an item that you absolutely adore and want to gift to others? You can even handpick your own items to buy in their Lifestyle Shop. This page is where you’ll find all the standalone goodies featured in previous boxes available for purchase.

BREO Box Fall 2022: What’s Inside

Upon opening up the cardboard box, I found that all the items were cinched in a lightweight duster bag. Among the products, there were a few paper cards, including a product catalog card with a QR code printed on it, linking to a digital catalog.

Let’s dive into the other contents of the box!

Rocket Book Core Smart Notebook

Rocket Core Notebook - Breo Box Fall 2022

MSRP: $34

This is a notebook that’s on another level completely. The concept of a cloud-synced notebook is so futuristic and cool!

The Core is designed to provide a smooth paper and pen experience but with today’s digital age in mind.

After writing in it like you would any old notebook, you’ll take a photo of your notes on your phone. From there, your notes are uploaded to the cloud for future digital use. When you’re done, you can erase what you’ve written with just a drop of water and reuse the pages.

The coolest part? At the bottom of each page is a bunch of little icons that, when checked, trigger the cloud to upload the notes to Dropbox, Drive, Slack, or other programs!

Rocket Core Notebook - Breo Box Fall 2022

If you saw my desk today, you’d see notebooks and post-its with reminders and to-do checklists galore. This notebook will not only help me eliminate my paper waste, but it’ll also keep my desk organized so I can focus more on what’s important versus always needing to tidy up/toss notes every few days!

Jogo Brew Straw

MSRP: $25

Jogo Straw - Breo Box Fall 2022 Unboxing

The Jogo Brew Straw is a portable straw that provides a new, multi-purpose, and zero-waste way to enjoy your coffee or tea.

All you have to do is put ground coffee or loose tea into a mug, add hot water, then stir and sip with your Jogo. The stainless steel straw and heat-regulated tip filters any loose particles in your mug and allows each sip to be smooth and full of flavor.

I’d never really seen anything like this straw before, so this was pretty cool to receive. But since I already have an existing at-home coffee routine, I didn’t find too much value from this item.

Having said that, I do plan to regift this to my cousin who is too lazy to make coffee and ends up buying Starbucks on a daily basis!

GEFU Spiral Slicer SPIRELLI® 2.0

MSRP: $24.95

Spiralizer - Breo Box Fall 2022 Unboxing

This spiralizer helps transform any firm vegetable into endless spirals in just a few seconds.

While I agree they’re a great way to elevate your healthy eating habits by substituting veggies for noodles, I’ve personally gotten past my spiralizer phase as of 4 years ago. This is going to be another re-gift, or perhaps a White Elephant gift for this years’ holiday parties.

MPOWERD Luci Solar Bike Light Set

Luci Bike Lights - Breo Box Fall 2022 Unboxing

MSRP: $54.95

The Luci Solar Bike Light set provides 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. It’s solar-powered, compact, sturdy, and waterproof, so you know it’s reliable.

While I was able to make use out of this bike light (both my boyfriend and I have relatively new bikes that we have not yet decked out), I could see how this could be a random/useless item to someone who doesn’t own a bike.

Hello Light Wall Plate Night Light

Hello Light Wall Light Plates - Breo Box Fall 2022 Unboxing

MSRP: $28

Light up any pathway, backsplash, room, or garage in your home with an easy-to-install outlet cover. Hello Light looks like a regular outlet during the day, but lights up during any low-light condition.

Since I live in an apartment that I plan on moving out of shortly, I can’t make full use of this item. I do think it’s a pretty neat product, just not for my current living situation. I’ll be gifting this to my dad so he can install it in our family home!

Voltzy USB Solar Panel

Voltzy Solar USB Panel - Breo Box Fall 2022 Unboxing

MSRP: $29.95

Next up is a water-resistant solar panel that uses the power of the sun to charge your devices.

I was pretty excited to have received this useful solar panel, because if I hadn’t, I would have never personally gone out of my way to buy one of these.

I love that it’s wide (to capture more sun), but it’s really slim and lightweight. It’ll be perfect for next year’s travels and camping adventures!

Keysmart Statik 360 Power Cable

Breo Box Review - Breo Box Fall 2022 Unboxing

MSRP: $14.97

This power cable is the item that I think almost 100% of BREO Box subscribers will find use with. With its multi-connected charging cable features, you’re not only getting convenience, but also you’re able to achieve less clutter.

It’s going to be great for traveling and for the home!

BREO Box Value – Is This Box Worth The Money?

Breo Box Review - Is It Worth The Money

As with all subscription boxes, there’s a balance between the cost of the box versus the value of what you’re getting, as well as how useful they’ll be to you personally. Let’s dive into this a bit.

First off, receiving this box in the mail totally felt like it was my birthday, even though it totally was not! I have an affinity towards gift baskets and care packages, so getting the chance to open up BREO Box with no idea of what was in it was pure joy for me!

And while the products did seem cool and well-made, I was hoping for things that fit my lifestyle a bit more. Something related to coffee, travel, photography, wellness, or computers would have been cool. Now obviously, this is just my opinion, as I know not everyone has the same appreciation for the same things.

I found that realistically, I’d only get ‘everyday value’ from the notebook and the power cable. I’d get some value from the solar panel and the bike light, but it would be more like ‘seasonal value’ (during the warmer months of the year).

Everything else I plan to gift to my dad and boyfriend, who would be more than elated to receive these items!

All in all, my Fall 2022 BREO Box’s retail value totaled up to ~$212 USD. Compared to the $159/box price point for the quarterly box, this season’s box has just an okay value for me.

While I wasn’t too impressed with the Fall 2022 box specifically, that’s not to say ALL their boxes are like this! In researching what products were featured in previous quarters, I discovered that there’s been some really cool stuff that I personally would have found more use with.

Here’s a look at some of their previous seasons and the contents included.

BREO Box Summer 2022

Total retail value: $220 USD

BREO Box Spring 2022

Total retail value: $230 – $250 USD

BREO Box Winter 2021

Total retail value: $254 USD

You can discover additional past boxes here.

As you can see from previous quarters, BREO Box does a good job in featuring at least one super cool, higher-priced item such as the Upright Go 2 Posture Trainer, Knectek Labs Cubinote Home, Lume UV Sanitizing Wand, and Organically Driven Inflate-R — all of which have MSRP of $60-80 USD.

A lot of these items are new tech I wouldn’t have bought or even known about otherwise. The products are always high-quality, full-sized products which is a huge plus.

You might find use for these items, or you might not.

But one thing’s for sure! Even if some items don’t knock your socks off, these items have high re-gift value. People today can’t get enough of tech, and you’re likely to know someone who’ll appreciate the items in this box (even if you don’t).

Ultimately, if any of the previous BREO Box products piqued your interest, I think this subscription is worth trying out. Moreover, I think it makes for a great gift idea, especially for people who love discovering things they never knew they needed.

BREO Box is for you (or your gift recipient) if you:

  • enjoy discovering practical and useful tools, home goods, and tech gadgets
  • you have an appreciation for unique, tech-savvy items
  • enjoy the element of surprise and/or want to gift a thoughtful surprise to someone
  • you don’t mind receiving items that you don’t know what to do with, but can be regifted!

Subscription boxes are really fun. Plus, they make fantastic gifts! BREO Box is an example of a really fun and creative gift, especially for friends/family members who have an appreciation for tech and lifestyle gadgets.

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