Partnerships – Work With Me is a travel blog built for everyday people who wish to travel more for less. This website is intended to showcase my previous adventures, travel experiences, and money-saving know-hows. My goal is to transform these experiences and lessons learned into useful travel tips, tricks, and guides for other everyday people looking to plan their travels.

My passion? Helping everyday travelers and adventurers live out their travel dreams and showing them that it is possible to travel in style while sticking to a budget.

As someone who’s not so big into ‘touristy attractions’ nor checking off landmark after landmark / museum after museum off a list, I want to help others experience destinations on a deeper level.

I want to help people learn about those charming little towns that make a region so unique, those mom-and-pop restaurants that’ll treat you like family, those locally-owned businesses on a mission to do good in the world, and those off-the-beaten-path opportunities to experience a destination like a local!

Currently, I reach 1.1 million unique visitors each year.

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70% fall within 18-44 years old

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I specialize in creating highly detailed long-form content and providing my readers with practical, no-BS advice.

Common topics include:

Destination Guides

Road Trip Itineraries

Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel

Ethical and Sustainable Travel

Hiking & Adventure Travel

Budget-Friendly Travel

Hotel Reviews / Excursion Reviews


So, how can we work together? Some ideas on how we can collaborate:

  • Content Packages that include the following: blog posts, photos, videos, email newsletter feature, IG stories, reels, posts, Pinterest assets, etc.
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  • Press and FAM Trip Campaigns
  • Excursion Reviews
  • Product Reviews


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