50 Unique Travel Gifts For Every Type Of Traveler For 2023

Skip the water bottle gift idea this year and get that traveler in your life what they really want! These are the best travel gift ideas for jetsetters, adventurers, and wanderluster, no matter what your budget is.

*Please note: All of the products listed in this post are my personal recommendations (and…what I would actually want as gifts!) and may contain affiliate links. You won’t be paying a cent more, but the small affiliate commission I receive will help keep the blog running and content coming to you. Thanks!

Unique Travel Gifts for Women

Fjallraven Kanken Mini

A super iconic backpack that I’ve seen everyone wearing this year. This is the perfect mini travel backpack. It’s dirt-resistant, water-resistant, and easily wipes clean.

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Now Designs Burlap Market Tote

A high-quality multi-purpose jute market tote that any female traveler will fall in love with. Just look at it—timeless.

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Turkish Bath Towel

Simple and attractive. These are super useful because she can use them for warmth, style, as a cover-up in churches, a towel, a mat, a quick rain shield, or even as an emergency skirt. Definitely an item that needs to be in every traveler’s suitcase.

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Foley + Corinna Coconut Island Camera Case

Let’s face it, typical camera bags are just too ugly and bulky. I think she’ll love this spacious camera bag purse.

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Pacsafe Backpack

PacSafe is very well known for their anti-theft bags. This one is beautifully designed and will keep those pick-pocketers at bay. I personally own this bag and absolutely love taking it everywhere with me. Pickpocketers, you can’t touch me!

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Turtl Travel Pillow

The turtl Pillow is the only one you need to consider for easy airplane sleeping! It comes highly rated because it has so much support, almost like a neck brace (there’s a chunk of flexible plastic in there to prop your head up). It’s warm and super packable too.

And if you’re looking to level up, the trtl Pillow Plus is even more high-tech than the original.

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Vera Bradley Weekender Bag

This one is a bestseller. Seriously, we can never have enough carry on / weekender bags.

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Skincare Travel Set

Keep her skin hydrated and protected while she’s away. Some of my favorite travel sets are by Belif, Philosophy, and Kiehls.


Your traveler will love this if she loves surprises (my mom and I certainly loved ours). Customized beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion products are delivered seasonally based on what you enter in your profile. For the amount of swag that comes in this box, the $50 price point makes it a steal. Seriously, there’s really high-quality stuff in these seasonal boxes. Here’s $10 to spend on your first box.

Birchbox Subscription Box

For the beauty junkie on your list, a monthly Birchbox subscription will give her plenty of fun new products to try. It definitely helps that they all come in travel-sized proportions.

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Unique Travel Gifts for Men

Bellroy Sling Bag

For the guys (and gals too), crossbody shoulder sling bags work really well for traveling! All of my guy friends are absolutely obsessed with their own Bellroy Sling Bags. Not only are they super easy to clip on and off, but they are also water-resistant and made from sustainably produced fabric.

Tortuga Backpack

Tortuga makes durable, water-resistant carry-on backpacks that packs easily like a suitcase, yet is comfortable enough to wear for miles. It seriously holds enough stuff to travel for weeks at a time, and I know a ton of people who have backpacked across Europe with this thing.

O’Douds Solid Cologne

A good gift option for men who like smelling good. It’s not a liquid, so it can be easily packed in a carry-on.

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The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide

A good read for travelers who you think should pick up survival skills such as how to fight off alligators, create a tourniquet out of a t-shirt, and rescue a drowning person.

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Lifeproof Phone Case

Guys are not the most delicate or careful people, especially when they’re on the go. These phone cases are extremely durable and meant to withstand the craziness of a traveler’s life.

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NEWHEY Travel Weekender Bag

This one by NEWHEY is not only super spacious (really, it’s bigger than it looks), but it’s made with materials such as genuine leather and waterproof waxed canvas that gives it that classic, rugged feel.

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Tech Dopp Kit from Vetelli

A very handsome travel case for storing and organizing all the tech gear, cords, and accessories your traveler may have.

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SCOTTeVEST Revolution Vest Jacket

Travel vests can be pretty ugly and outdated, but this one is so multifunctional and sleek looking. It can literally be worn anywhere. It has 26 pockets, and it’s pickpocket-proof!

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Unique Travel Gifts Under $50

Sand-Free Beach Mat

Did you know that these days there are high-tech beach mats for sale? Oh yeah, they definitely beat your average beach towel, that’s for sure!

There are actually beach mats that are quick-drying, waterproof, and sand-proof, making setting up on the beach super, super easy. This amazing beach mat is all those things, plus it has sand anchor pockets and 6 ground stakes so that your beach mat is wind-resistant even when you’re not laying on it!

Scratch-Off Map

A scratch-off map is a great gift for the traveler who wants to display their travel accomplishments on the wall. Or, they can keep it rolled up like a sea captain or pirate until they’re ready to scratch off the next destination they’ve been to. It’s super satisfying to mark off the countries one by one!

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Travel Journal With Scratch Off Maps

Looking for something a little more portable? Travelers who like to jot down memorable notes while traveling will love this simple journal. It comes with scratch-off map sheets for each of the continents, so it’s like a double whammy of a gift!

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Retro Key Tag

I’ve been seeing these in all the hip LA boutiques recently. I found this one to be quirky yet simple. There are other less sassy ones, including this one for the nature entusiast, this one for the globetrotter, and this one for the beach lover.

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The 2 AM Principle: Discover The Science Of Adventure

This is an excellent read applicable to both behavioral science and travel adventures. Your traveler will learn how to find deeper experiences as they travel, connect with people, and make lifelong memories.

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Atlas Obscura

It’s time to get off the beaten path. Inspiring equal parts wonder and wanderlust, Atlas Obscura celebrates over 700 of the strangest and most curious places in the world. I love everything about Atlas Obscura.

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Anywhere Travel Guide

Turn exploring a new city into a game! This handy deck includes 75 cards to inspire exploration. A great gift to get your traveler’s creative juices flowing either solo or with friends!

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Leather Passport Holder

Leather goods never disappoint or clash with a traveler’s look. Plus, these are leather goods they’re actually going to put to good use. Why not pair this with leather luggage tags as well?

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Personalized Leather Cable Roll Up

This is a simple yet elegant organizational tool for all those pesky wires we carry on our travels. A very practical and thoughtful gift and the fact that it can be customized with complementary embossing is next-level.

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Selfie Stick and Mini-Tripod in One

Selfie sticks are sold in the streets everywhere, but how many of them are 2-in-1 with a tripod feature? Not only can your traveler get the perfect shot in multiple ways, they’re now able to minimize the amount of photography gear they need to carry around. I’m sold!

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Joby GorillaPod

My photography life changed for the better after I discovered this genius tripod. It easily attaches to different objects, so you can shoot photos from the side of a balcony or hanging off a tree. It’s bendy so packing it with you will be a breeze. Works with GoPro’s too!

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Flip Belt

Thief proof! I used a Flip Belt whenever I’m out exploring, and it doubles as a running belt. This thing doesn’t budge or jiggle at all when running, plus it’s super comfortable!

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Shacke Pak Packing Cubes

However you want to organize your clothes— by day, by outfit, by type—these will be the most useful things to have in your packing artillery. You’ll no longer need to go through the entire suitcase for that one thing you’re looking for because you’ll know exactly where it’s at. Everyone I know, including myself, goes with this affordable set.

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DIY Travel Kit

For a fun and personalized gift, customize a kit of handy travel-sized items such as pillow spray, wrinkle remover spray, an eye mask, earplugs, face masks, lotion, hand sanitizer, vitamin-C packets, stain remover sticks, mini bottles of alcohol, and snacks.

Travel Gifts For Modern Techies and Jetsetters


Our phones gather all the grime and bacteria we touch throughout the day, and then they are stored in warm, dark places like purses and pockets, which make for great breeding grounds for bacteria to grow. They are the third hand we never wash, but should! Using a UV smartphone sanitizer such as PhoneSoap on a regular basis will help keep germs and illness at bay.

Kindle Paperwhite

It’s the ideal gift for any traveler who reads in their spare time. I love it for its small size and ultra-long battery life. The Kindle Paperwhite is the best in the market, and it’s now also waterproof! Perfect for reading by the pool. It allows you to read in the dark, with ease and read in the sun without glare. You can fit thousands of books on it, so rest assured your traveler will never be bored on flights and long bus rides.

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Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Noise Canceling Headphones

A must-have for any flier, noise-canceling headphones can make all the difference when you’re trying to tune out your surroundings on a plane or in a noisy café abroad.

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Viosi Leather Carry-On Duffel Bag

I think this is one of my dream gifts. A leather carry on weekender bag just screams sophistication and adulthood.

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Aimee Kestenberg Carry-on Luggage

Help them hit the airport in style. This is luggage for the modern traveler—it’s lightweight, unbreakable, and has premium features such as a combination lock and expandability. It comes in multiple colors and sizes!

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GoPro Hero9 Black

Adventure travelers, travel photographers, and vloggers love GoPro action cameras, and for good reason. They’re small, portable, waterproof, and super easy to use. The newer models do some really amazing things.

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Travel Gifts For Travelers Who Love Experiences



Is that traveler you know planning on traveling to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, or Tampa Bay? If so, CityPASS is going to be a gift they really want.

CityPASS is a simple way to vacation in North America’s most popular destinations, while actually saving money! This attraction pass will grant them admission to the most famous and popular attractions in each city and are priced up to 50% less than the combined regular price of admissions.

Tinggly: The Gift of Culture and Experiences

Tinggly - Best Gifts For Travelers

Travelers love experiencing new things, which is why this is such an awesome gift idea. Tinggly offers incredible experience gifts that instill memories and makes people’s dreams come true. With Tinggly, your traveler can choose from hundreds of activities in 100+ countries worldwide.

Recipients can literally choose whichever adventure they want across the globe. Some of the adventures include a gondola ride for 2 in Venice, a Game of Thrones Experience in Croatia, a camping trip in the deserts of Jordan, extreme whitewater rafting in Nepal, and mountain biking in Bolivia.

Seriously, I wish all my friends and family would get me this every year. You’ll even receive a little gift box so she has something to open.

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Airport Lounge Pass

Programs such as Priority Pass let travelers access airport lounges before and after their flight. I cherish my Priority Pass membership dearly and I’m sure many other travelers would love access to food and drinks, comfortable lounge chairs, nap areas, and showers before their flights as well!

Minimum memberships start with an annual fee and require an additional per-visit fee, while more premier memberships cover unlimited lounge access with no additional fees.

Buy Now – up to 10% Priority Pass membership!

WorldNomads Travel Insurance

Sure, this isn’t your typical gift. But if your loved one is going on a trip, your gift will be the gift of safety and that’s always the most important thing. Print out the certificate and pair it with some of the other stocking stuffers on this list!

Travel Gifts For Road Trippers, Campers, and Outdoor Adventurers

Cafflano Klassic 3-in-1 Portable Coffee Maker

This should really be a staple for any coffee-drinking traveler. It’s a burr grinder, a drip kettle, and a tumbler all in one. Seriously an awesome product.

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Jetboil Flash Cooking System

This is Jetboil’s fastest-ever stove, a backcountry cooking system that cuts a full minute off of Jetboil’s best boil time. I personally love whipping my Jetboil out while camping to boil water in under 1 minute.

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ENO Travel Hammock

A hammock is a great gift for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. This can be strung up in the woods, between palm trees on the beach, on boats, and even on balconies. The ENO Hammock is extremely strong, lightweight, and easy to pack into a travel bag.

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Teva Hiking Sandals

The ultimate adventure sandals! They can be worn for lounging, traveling, light hiking, showering, and even with socks.

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Leatherman Wave+

I can’t tell you how many instances I’ve needed a nail clipper, wine opener, or knife while I was camping/traveling. Well, this is the solution. Make someone’s life easier with this 18-in-one tool.

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Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight

A headlamp is whatever, but a headlamp that is rechargeable by USB? Super cool. This model is a lot brighter than their cheaper version and provides 100 hours of constant light (as opposed to 30 hours for their cheaper model).

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Scrubba Portable Laundry System

A modern take on the old-fashioned washboard: hundreds of internal Scrubba nodules efficiently clean clothes in minutes. This apparatus produces a machine quality wash whenever and wherever you want. Where was this when I was inefficiently washing each article of clothing by hand?

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Looking for something techier? Check out additional travel gadgets here. Happy shopping!

We hope you enjoyed this post! Got any awesome travel gift ideas of your own? We’d love to hear about it–drop your comments below. Happy shopping!

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