40 Best Travel Gifts For Men (Perfect For Jetsetters, Campers And Road Trippers)

We get it, sometimes the person that loves something the most is the hardest to shop for. Case in point–the man in your life who loves to travel. While it may not be possible to buy them a whole flight or a vacation to the destination of their choosing, there are still a lot of gift options out there for men who love to travel.

Here are some of the most unique travel gifts for men that you can pick up for your loved ones who love jetsetting, camping and road-tripping.

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40 Best Travel Gifts For Men This Year

1. Outdoor Themed Enamel Pins

While this stocking stuffer won’t actually make their camping lives easier, it sure is a ton of fun! With these outdoor-themed enamel pins, campers can proudly display their love for camping, hiking, and the outdoors on their jackets, hats, backpacks, and more.

This set comes with 7 pieces of different pins perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Campfire Stories Deck: Prompts for Igniting Conversation by the Fire

Campfire Stories Deck is a collection of 50 cards with storytelling prompts to help people of all ages find engaging and meaningful ways to connect with family and friends. While these cards were originally created for campers hanging out by the fire, these cards can be used anywhere and with anybody to spark a story.

Some topics include “Tell a story about a time when you left something behind” and “Tell a story about your first visit to a national park”–or your first time in a tent, first encounter with a wild animal, or favorite beach experience.

With such fun topics, these cards can help bring lost memories to light and even inspire others to get out there and explore more!

3. Where Should We Camp Next? : A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations

This book is the essential planning guidebook for family-friendly camping trips featuring 300+ of the best camping and glamping spots in the USA.

Whether the camping enthusiasts you know are a fan of rustic national parks or luxury glamping resorts, the in-depth profiles of the outdoor accommodation destinations in this book will help them find the perfect place to park their RV, pitch their tent, or kick back in a luxury yurt or cabin!

If you know a camper that’s camped just about everywhere near you, this is a great item to add to their stocking! By gifting this book, you’ll help them discover the next best outdoor destinations.

4. Atlas Coffee Co. Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club Review - Is It Worth The Price - TravelsWithElle

Atlas Coffee Club is a travel-themed subscription service that delivers high-quality, single origin coffee from various countries around the globe.

Because their mission is to share the world of coffee, each month features a different region or country, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Congo, Rwanda, and beyond.

Each month’s box includes your bag of freshly roasted coffee, a postcard from the featured country each month, as well as tasting notes & brewing tips for each batch! With your coffee subscription, you will be getting some of the freshest beans available. Each batch of coffee is roasted to order! 

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 weeks
Amount per shipment: Your choice of 1 6 oz bag or 1-2 12 oz bags of whole bean or ground coffee
Single Origin: Yes, exclusively.
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $14 per month for the 12 oz subscription.
Ships To: US and Canada, additional shipping cost.

DEAL ALERT: Take 50% off your first bag with promo code ‘COFFEE50

5. Virgin Experience Gifts

If you’re aren’t totally sure what to get the guy in your life but you do know that he likes to travel and do things, Virgin Experience Gifts has you covered.

Featuring dozens of fun experiences across the country—including hot air balloon rides, zipline tours, white water rafting, wine tastings, racing a Ferrari, and learning how to fly a plane—you’re guaranteed to find something he will be stoked about.

You can easily narrow down the extensive list of experiences based on desired location and viola! You’ve just gifted them one of the most creative travel gifts for men.

6. Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear

It’s a bandana! It’s a hairband! It’s a face mask! Yes, it can be all of the above with a Buff!

The versatile Buff Original Multifunctional headwear has been re-engineered with 4-way stretch, UPF 50 protection, and a fabric made from recycled plastic. Travelers, campers, and hikers can wear it in a multitude of ways–as a bandana, hairband, helmet liner, headband, face mask, or even a scarf.

The UPF 50 fabric shields against harmful UV rays, making it a staple for any outdoor adventure. These headbands are unisex, meaning they are the perfect stocking stuffer for all the campers and outdoor lovers in your life. A huge plus: they come in a lot of fun, crazy colors!

7. The Cocktail Box Co. Cocktail Box

Ideal for travel or enjoyment at home, these portable handcrafted cocktail kits from The Cocktail Box Co. contain all the premium ingredients you need to throw together 3 classic drinks.

If Old Fashioned’s are not their thing, you can also opt for the Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic, Classic Mai Tai, Manhattan, Margarita, Mojito, and many more.

Each kit also includes a bartender’s spoon and muddler, 3 cocktail picks, and a hand-knit cocktail napkin. These babies are sized perfectly to fit in your back pocket, backpack, or trunk, making them super easy to take on your next adventure. Alcohol is not included!

8. Finders Seekers Escape Game

Finders Seekers Mysteries

Finders Seekers is a monthly “escape room” style subscription box, ideal for anyone who loves puzzles, escape rooms, solving mysteries, or anything requiring a little brainpower. With Finders Seekers, you will experience a mystery puzzle box featuring a new destination theme each month.

In addition to the puzzle/escape room experience, you’ll get a mini travel experience, too, learning about different regions of the world while you solve riddles and puzzles!

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $30 per month, additional savings when you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months
Ships to: Free shipping, only ships within United States
Skip a month feature: Yes.

9. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion socks provide miles of comfort and durability, perfect for any traveler that likes to hit the trails during their downtime. These socks were actually tested in the wild before being put into production and they were proven to provide a great level of cushioned performance.

Darn Tough socks are made with custom-count, shrink-treated merino wool that effortlessly wicks away moisture and breathes to regulate temperature for outstanding comfort in a variety of conditions.

My boyfriend has two pairs of these and I swear, I am always fighting him for them for our hikes because they are that comfortable. It also doesn’t hurt that the socks’ color combos are so attractive!

10. The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men

The Ridge wallets are all the rage in the minimalist community. The typical leather bi-fold gets packed with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase rather than a wallet. The Ridge is minimalist without being limiting.

In a nutshell, their wallets are expanding wallets that protect your cards and cash. The main cardholder uses elastic to expand to hold up to 12 IDs and credit cards.

These high-quality wallets are made from Aluminum, Titanium, or Carbon Fiber, depending on the build/style you choose. Their minimalist designs provide maximum utility ― letting you do more with less ― which is perfect for the traveler in your life.

11. America The Beautiful National Park Pass

If sightseeing at Yellowstone, sleeping under the stars in Joshua Tree, or hiking through Zion National Park are all things that the guy in your love would love, then gifting them an America the Beautiful Park Pass is a perfect option.

This annual pass covers the entry cost to thousands of federal recreation sites across the country, including national parks, national monuments, national forests, and more. Gifting him this pass is practically gifting him a bunch of bucket list opportunities!

If you think he’ll intend to visit three or more National Parks in a year, the America the Beautiful Pass will more than pay for itself. [Example: 3 National Parks x $30 parking each = $90. Savings with the annual pass = $10. Any more parks you go to thereafter = FREE! ]

12. Priority Pass Membership

Give the gift of comfort and relaxation whenever he travels with an airport lounge pass.

Programs such as Priority Pass let travelers access a variety of airport lounges before and after their flight. I cherish my Priority Pass membership dearly and I’m sure many other travelers would love access to food and drinks, comfortable lounge chairs, nap areas, and showers before their flights as well!

Minimum memberships start with an annual fee and require an additional per-visit fee, while more premier memberships cover unlimited lounge access (including guests) with no additional fees.

Priority Pass Airport Lounge Image Banner with millennial

13. Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter

Give the gift of clean water! The Katadyn BeFree is a collapsible water bottle that filters up to 1 ,000 liters of contaminated water without using chemicals or other devices. It allows you to hydrate quickly and easily, filtering up to 2 liters of water per minute.

We love this bottle for its collapsibility, packing down small to fit in tight spaces (jacket pockets, purses, backpacks, etc.). It’s also super easy to clean–all they’ll have to do is simply shake or swish the filter to clean debris, no backflushing or extra tools required!

14. Anywhere Travel Guide

The Anywhere Travel Guide game is one of our favorite travel gifts for men.

With Anywhere Travel Guide, he can turn exploring a new city into a fun, interactive game! This handy deck includes 75 cards to inspire exploration. This is a great gift to get your traveler’s creative juices flowing either solo or with friends!

15. Atlas Obscura

It’s time to get off the beaten path. Inspiring equal parts wonder and wanderlust, Atlas Obscura celebrates over 700 of the strangest and most curious places in the world.

I love everything about Atlas Obscura because all of their content is so interesting and fascinating.

For the adventurous foodie who also loves to travel, you should definitely consider Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide!

16. Bellroy Sling Bag

For the guys (and gals too), crossbody shoulder sling bags work really well for traveling! All of my guy friends are absolutely obsessed with their own Bellroy Sling Bags.

Not only are they super easy to clip on and off, but they are also water-resistant and made from sustainably produced fabric.

17. Portable Espresso Machine

The Wacaco Minipresso GR is a small, portable and versatile handheld espresso machine that’s powerful enough to make a rich and bold espresso wherever you are in the world. It comes equipped with a built-in espresso cup and scoop for extra convenience.

This is the perfect gift for those who like a strong cup of espresso as opposed to that watered-down coffee most hotels offer.

18. Anker PowerCore Portable Travel Charger

Imagine if his phone died while out and about and there’s no outlet in sight. Well, good thing you decided to gift him a portable travel charger!

An external power bank is one of those travel essentials that also make great gifts. It truly is a crucial item to have, especially if he is going to be out all day exploring and using his phone for Google Maps and such.

Check out this well-loved external battery by Anker, which boasts over 20,000 reviews. It’s one of the smallest and lightest portable chargers on the market and provides multiple smartphone charges.

19. Bombas Compression Socks

When you’re thousands of feet in the air, the pressure affects your legs and can increase the chance of swelling or even blood clots. But because travel socks are designed to hug your legs tightly, they help your veins and muscles circulate blood more effectively.

These Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks are raved about by tons of users. They are perfect for long flights and drives.

20. HotHands Hand & Toe Warmers

Winter travelers and campers can finally say goodbye to stiff, cold hands and feet. We love gifting campers HotHands warmers because they are just so darn practical.

Single-use air-activated heat packs basically serve to provide everyday warmth to people hanging out in the outdoors and are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold. They are even TSA approved, meaning campers, travelers, fishers, tailgaters (and anyone else really) can take these anywhere with them!

This combo pack includes 24 pairs of hand warmers and 8 pairs of toe warmers.

21. HiBAR Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Want to give the gift of cleanliness and feel good about your purchase? Consider adding solid shampoo/conditioner as one of your stocking stuffers or as the primary travel gift for him. These high-quality bars will last at least as long as a 16oz bottle and are the perfect size for traveling.

HiBAR is a great brand to support because its products are so environmentally friendly. They are guaranteed to be 100% plastic-free–from the packaging to the product to the shipping materials, everything is plastic-free. On top of that, all of their bars avoid ingredients like parabens, phthalates, or sulfates, so they’re gentle on all types of hair.

This set comes with three of their most popular salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars, in miniature, try-them-out form.

22. REVEL GEAR Trail Hound 30 ft. Camping Light

Help the camper/road-tripper/traveler in your life elevate their campsite/car set up with a set of adorable camping lights. With the REVEL GEAR Train Hound Camping Lights, he can beautifully illuminate his basecamp with 100 high-efficiency LEDs on a 30 ft. strand! These lights provide long, bright, energy-efficient mood lighting for the great outdoors.

There are 6 different modes, including solid light, fade in/out, strobe, flash, and even a fire-crackle setting! Another cool feature is that they’re dimmable, with 8 brightness settings allowing for energy conservation and versatility.

23. Oofos Recovery Slides

When traveling to destinations around the world, a sturdy pair of sandals is a must. There truly is no better way to end a day of city exploration, having been on your feet all day. Sometimes, they are even the main form of shoe, such as in tropical destinations.

In terms of the best sandals in the market, my boyfriend likes to alternate between Birkenstocks and Oofos Recovery Slides— both allow you to walk miles and miles. Birkenstocks have always been a classic favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and travelers, but what the heck are Oofos?

We recently discovered the Oofos slides at our REI store and boy were we instantly sold on them! From the moment we slid them on our feet, we experienced maximum comfort! It was like walking on the softest version of clouds. Not only were they perfect for our most recent travels abroad, but we also now plan on gifting this to everyone we know!

24. Packing Cubes

If he doesn’t have a set already, you need to get him these packing cubes, they will be amazing at creating space in his luggage that he never thought he had. No matter how he chooses to organize his clothes— by day, by outfit, by type—these will be the most useful thing he’ll have in his packing artillery.

Gone are the days where we need to dig through our entire suitcases for that one thing we’re looking for, because with packing cubes, we are able to know exactly where it’s at.

25. Flip Belt

A travel belt is a smart traveler’s best friend. They are the best thief-proof tool for airplane travel, public transportation travel, walking around abroad, and just about everything else in between.

I always, always use a Flip Belt to carry around identification, important documents, and money that I want to keep safe and right by my side.

Another benefit of the Flip Belt? It’s supposed to be a running belt, which means this is even more perfect for men who like to stay active while traveling. I swear, this thing doesn’t budge or jiggle at all when I run, plus it’s super comfortable!

26. GoPro

If you know someone who loves doing a bunch of adventurous activities (ziplining, skydiving, kayaking, paddling, ATV-ing) and/or want some underwater footage when surfing or snorkeling, you should definitely consider gifting them the latest GoPro Action Camera.

GoPros are perfect for underwater, snowsports, and jungle adventures around the world. We’ve owned our GoPro for years now, and though we have an older model, it still outputs some really cool and unforgettable shots.

While it is one of the more expensive items on this list, we totally think the investment is worth it. Being able to document their journies with epic time-lapses, 4K video, and wide-angle selfies = captured memories that will last a lifetime!

27. World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

Anthony Bourdain saw more of the world than nearly anyone. His travels took him from his hometown of New York to places like Borneo, Buenos Aires, Paris, Shanghai, Tanzania—and many places beyond.

In World Travel, his life of experience is collected into an entertaining, practical, fun and frank travel guide that gives travelers an introduction to some of his favorite places—in his own words.

Featuring essential advice on how to get there, what to eat, where to stay and, in some cases, what to avoid, World Travel provides essential context that will help readers further appreciate the reasons why Bourdain found a place enchanting and memorable.

28. Pack This! Pad Packing List Notepad

Everyone could use a little help with packing–not to mention, going off of a checklist is more fun than scrambling your brain to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your trip.

Knock Knock’s Pack This! Pad Packing List Notepad features an exhaustive packing list of everything you could ever need on a trip. This organizational tool will help even the most forgetful to arrive and depart fully equipped.

I personally love these packing list notepads because it comes with so many sheets–perfect for men who travel frequently!

29. XD Design Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack

One of the best travel gifts for men today is a sturdy, reliable anti-theft backpack. Because pickpocketing and cut-and-run thefts are such a real issue, we consider this type of bag essential for any traveling we do.

The XD Design Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack has received rave reviews for how many anti-theft inclusions it offers. Not only does it offer hidden pockets, but it also offers hidden zippers that are easy for wearers to access. Plus, the straps on this theft-proof backpack are cut-proof, making it more difficult for potential thieves to run off with your belongings.

Additional characteristics that travelers love include a water-resistant, shock-proof material and even a charging port. It’s no wonder this backpack comes highly recommended by frequent travelers (and even all my travel-loving friends)!

30. Pacsafe Vibe 325 Crossbody Bag

Pacsafe Vibe 325 Crossbody Bag - Best Anti Theft Travel Bags

The Pacsafe Vibe 325 Crossbody Bag is a super-sleek anti-theft bag that’s perfect for heading to a music festival or immersing yourself in the energy of the city.

It’s a great anti-theft bag option for those looking to protect against pickpockets and people who might want to slash the bag strap. The slash-resistant straps and outer side of the bag serve as excellent protection. The unique locking system on the bag will easily prevent unwanted people from opening it.

The bag’s size is great for everyday life–just small enough to stow under an airplane seat yet big enough for most of your essentials (even water bottles and books). It’s not going to be comfortable enough for a long hike but it will be perfect for casual days of city exploration.

31. Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit

A Dopp Kit or toiletry kit is a small bag used by both men and women to store grooming supplies and toiletries. Being both simple and super practical, they make awesome travel gifts for men.

The Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit is our favorite option because of how sturdy, stylish, and spacious it is inside. It fits everything that he’ll need (toothbrush, hair gel, shaving kit, deodorant, mouthwash) plus so much more. There’s also a compartment in the front for small flat objects such as a wallet, as well as a netted pouch on the inside to access items quickly.

32. Bokksu: Premium Japanese Snacks Subscription Box


A monthly subscription to Bokksu will take him on a gourmet journey through Japan. Imagine getting the best goodies from Japan delivered straight to your doorstep, including Hokkaido white chocolate butter cookies and hand-ground matcha from Kyoto.

Each box is curated around a cultural theme, with really fun past box themes such as Seasons of Japan, Snowy Hokkaido, Moon Festival, and Fireworks Festival.

The best part is, they source their products directly from local makers in Japan so you won’t be able to find these snacks in regular grocery stores! Bokksu is hands-down one of our favorite travel-related subscription boxes to gift coworkers, friends, and family members!

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: Starting at $49.95 per month, additional savings if you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months.
Ships to: Free shipping worldwide from Japan.
Skip a month feature: Yes.

DEAL ALERT! New customers get 10% off your first box with code FIRSTBOX10

33. Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Rain Jacket

A lightweight rain jacket is probably one of the most practical gifts on this list. Like the millions of people who love Patagonia, he will love this Patagonia rain jacket for its lightness, simplicity, and breathability.

Name one traveler you know who hasn’t got caught in the rain unexpectedly! Case closed–lightweight rain jackets are a travel essential, and there is not a better, more trusted outdoor brand out there than Patagonia.

34. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

No one goes traveling without a high-quality pair of headphones, and that makes them an excellent gift for the traveler in your life!

While there are so, so many options in the headphones category, we think these features are particularly important:

  • Bluetooth capability (because who wants to deal with tangly wires on an airplane)
  • Noise cancelling
  • Comfortable padding around the ears

These Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones fit the bill, but if you’re looking for something else, check out the rest of your options here.

35. North Face Base Camp Duffel

If the traveler you know is not the type to store clothes and personal items in a traditional suitcase, a sturdy high-quality duffel bag is a great option. Duffel Bags hold just as much as a suitcase (if not more) but can easily be squished into smaller corners of a plane or car.

If he typically goes on trips lasting 2-7 days, chances are all that he needs will fit in a duffel bag. We love our North Face Base Camp Duffel–my boyfriend has had his for years now, and now it’s my newly upgraded road trip (and carry-on) bag!

Though it doesn’t have a lot of built-in compartments, it does fit a whole lot of stuff, especially when paired with packing cubes.

36. Rumpl Outdoor Blanket

The Rumpl Puffy Blanket is a high-performance indoor/outdoor blanket that provides optimal warmth in a variety of conditions and climates.

It’s meant to handle the outdoors, meaning it’s lightweight, durable, waterproof and resistant to odors, stains, and pet hair. How is it so warm? It’s made of ultra-warm synthetic materials found in premium sleeping bags and insulated puffy jackets.

This outdoor blanket will be perfect for the traveler in your life who thrives in outdoor settings!

37. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

With 1,000 adventures for all ages, it’s never too soon or too late to begin the things you’ve only dreamed of doing.

This invaluable guide to fun, once-in-a-lifetime activities features an eclectic range of travel activities related to self-improvement, adrenaline drivers, natural wonders, cultural experiences, culinary delights, and more. With ideas spanning all over the globe, The Bucket List is the perfect gift for the passionate traveler.

I personally own this book and I LOVE flipping through it on occasions when I’m not traveling. It’s so inspiring to see all the cool things the rest of the world offers. Plus, the book is chock-full of facts and educational tidbits. This will allow him to learn more about other countries and cultures without ever stepping foot on their land.

38. ENO Travel Hammock

A hammock is a great gift for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Hammocks can be strung up in the woods, between palm trees on the beach, on boats, and even on balconies at home.

The ENO Hammock is one of the best options in the market. It’s extremely strong, lightweight, and easy to pack into a travel bag!

Does he have a travel partner? These hammocks are perfect for two people on the go! Weighing only 19 ounces, the Eno DoubleNest Hammock stuffs easily into the attached storage bag.

39. YETI Rambler

Built for serious outdoor enthusiasts who need their gear to perform as well as they do, YETI has continually pushed boundaries on what’s now considered standard—whether on their coolers, bags, drinkware or beyond.

YETI Ramblers make awesome travel gifts for men who need durable, reliable drinkware. With this high-quality mug, he can enjoy a slow morning at camp with a hot coffee or late night around the campfire with a cool beverage.

The great thing is that YETI makes both mugs and tumblers, so you can pick out the perfect size for him. Our favorite is definitely the YETI Rambler Mug with MagSlider Lid; it’s loaded with top-to-bottom insulation to keep your coffee hot from first pour to last sip!

40. The Wander Club


The Wander Club allows you to collect and show off beautifully engraved tokens for every national park, state, country, and landmark visited.

You’ll start by gifting a necklace chain or Wanderchain and a few tokens where he’s visited before. From there, he can add more as he crosses more destinations off his bucket list!

Looking for something else to pair with your keychain/necklace? The Wander Club also sells very cool travel-related t-shirts and tote bags, too.

And that sums up our post of the best travel gifts for men in the market this season! What are some of your favorite gifts for men who love to travel? We’d love to hear about them–drop your ideas in the comments below!

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