Best Things To Do In Catalina Island California

15 Best Things To Do On Catalina Island For An Epic Day Trip

Crystal-clear waters, rugged coastline, scenic hikes, charming town, sundrenched beaches, golf carts, and bison. Did any of those pique your interest? Because these are ALL the things you have to look forward to at Catalina Island, California! When I first visited Catalina Island (via a …

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Best Things To Do In Obidos Portugal

15 Unforgettable Things To Do In Óbidos, Portugal

Medieval walls, colorful houses, charming cobbled streets, and ginja for days — you can expect all this goodness and then some waiting for you at Óbidos, Portugal! Óbidos (pronounced OH-bee-dosh), is a charming small town nestled within medieval walls, offering visitors who take the time …

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17 Fun Things To Do In San Juan Capistrano, California

Missions, old Californian history, afternoon tea, antique shopping, cute brunch spots, barbeque joints, dive bars, wine tasting, bangin’ Mexican food, and even a petting zoo…! Were you enticed by any of those things listed just now? Because this is what’s waiting for you at San …

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