About Me

Hello, I’m Elle.

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My name is Elle. I’m a regular thirty-something-year-old gal who has a knack for exploring the world (and many times, revisiting the same places over and over again).

My goal? To showcase the world’s different cultures and unparalleled wonders… and help YOU see them for yourself.

Travels With Elle is a California-based travel blog that provides helpful travel guides on California, the West Coast, and beyond.

The website was born on a boring boat cruise in Croatia when I was in my young 20s and embarking on a 4-month solo backpacking trip across Europe. I was already obsessed with traveling and wanted to share with others how I was able to quit my job, put everything on pause, and travel.

Fast-forwarding to today brings us right here! Today, I have a deep love for visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations, going on road trips, exploring national parks, and embracing adventure travel, both locally and internationally.

I love hopping on planes to explore new places, no matter the destination, no matter the season. Experiencing new cultures, learning new languages, trying new foods, roaming empty streets, supporting local businesses, and meeting kind people from all over the world is what I live for!

My passion is to help leisure travelers and adventurers like you live out your travel dreams without the need for private jets, influencer status, or millions of dollars!

My mission with this blog is to make traveling as easy, painless, and accessible for you as possible. Learn from my mistakes, discover the best-kept secrets in a city, steal my trip-planning tricks, and go experience the world for yourself!

And if you were wondering, my trip guides and itineraries are all based on my personal experiences. I plan and research these adventures on my own and fund them with my own savings — so you know my recommendations are tried and true. No lies, no fluff, no BS!

Your friend,


Fun Facts About Elle

  • Childhood: I spent the first 7 years of my life in New York, which probably explains my snobbery and pickiness of pizza (team thin crust) and bagels.
  • My 9-5 job: In late 2022, I quit my Senior Product Manager job (you know, that techy stuff) to create useful content for my community on a full-time basis! I’ve been loving every second of my decision.
  • Current top 3 bucket list items:
    • Live in Chiang Mai for 1+ month so I can eat Thai food every.single.day.
    • See the “Avatar Mountains” at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China
    • Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Current top 3 countries I’d love to visit: New Zealand, Thailand, Morrocco
  • Favorite hiking snacks: sour straws and gummy bears, and those Flamin’ Hot Lebron James Ruffles.
  • Favorite road trip tunes: Dua Lipa, old-school Paramore — anything that allows me to sing at the top of my lungs to prevent getting sleepy on the road, oh yeahhh!