About Me

Hello, I’m Elle.

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Do you ever wish you could travel the world like some of the people you see on social media? How do they get started, how do they do the planning, and most importantly, how do they afford it all? If you are someone who yearns to travel but is mindful about your money, I’m here to show you how you can do it.

My name is Elle and I’m well-versed in solo travel adventures, both locally and internationally. I plan and research these adventures myself and fund them with my own savings.

I love hopping on planes, no matter the destination, no matter the season. Something about experiencing new cultures, learning new languages, trying new foods, roaming empty streets, and meeting kind people from all over the world just exhilarates me like nothing else can!

I’ve always been a money-conscious individual, always on the hunt for the best deals. I’ve been able to travel both frequently and comfortably while being mindful of the budgets I set for myself.

My mission with this blog is to make traveling as easy and accessible for you as possible. Learn from my mistakes, steal my budgeting tricks, and go experience the world for yourself with some of my travel guides!