10 Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags For Your Next Vacation

Whether domestic or international, planning a trip anywhere means accounting for all scenarios, good and bad. For me, this means ensuring I have the correct documents, clothing, and the best anti-theft travel bags.

We’ve all heard of tourists who travel to awesome locations and leave with a few less personal items than they brought due to some sneaky pickpockets. Is there a way to prevent this? Yes, by investing in an anti-theft bag.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best anti-theft travel bags so you can keep your travel stress to a minimum.

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What Is an Anti-Theft Bag?

An anti-theft bag is a bag (a purse, backpack, shoulder sling, or luggage) that comes with built-in safety features. These bags are strategically designed to help you avoid theft or pickpocketing. They are super useful for everyday use, no matter if you’re at home or traveling abroad.

Anti-theft bags can come in various forms, from anti-theft backpacks to anti-theft handbags and even smaller keyholding bags. They have features incorporated into them that help dissuade or prevent thieves from taking your items. These features could be hidden pockets, secure areas, or even small locks in some cases.

Many anti-theft bags take it to another level and even come with reinforced straps that can’t be cut through. They often also have RFID blockers (so credit card information can’t be stolen), and adjustable straps so you can keep your items close.

I consider this type of bag essential for any traveling I do.

What Is RFID Blocking?

You’ll be hearing this term quite frequently in the below options for best anti-theft bags, and it’s a good-to-know term. Now that most credit cards and bank cards have microchips in them, it’s made shopping more convenient while at the same time easier to steal information.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification; this is how credit card machines read the information on your payment cards for processing. The radio waves are blocked out when using an RFID blocker, so information is not being transmitted. In this case, your card information cannot be stolen through a reader.

Though, of course, if your card is snatched, this will not protect your information from being used. To prevent theft as much as possible, you’ll want to consider an anti-theft bag.

The Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

If you want something that can carry multiple personal items ranging from a laptop to extra clothes, you’ll want an anti-theft backpack. Below are some of the highest-rated anti-theft backpacks out there.

1. Best Anti-Theft Backpack For Men: XD Design Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack

The XD Design Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack has received rave reviews for how many anti-theft inclusions it offers. Not only does it offer hidden pockets, but it also offers hidden zippers that are easy for wearers to access. Plus, the straps on this theft-proof backpack are cut-proof, making it more difficult for potential thieves to run off with your belongings.

Additional characteristics that travelers love include a water-resistant, shock-proof material and even a charging port. It’s no wonder this backpack comes highly recommended by frequent travelers (and even all my travel-loving friends)!


  • Lots of hidden pockets/zippers
  • Cut-proof straps
  • No access from the front
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Water bottle compartment on the inside

2. Best Anti-Theft Backpack For Women: PacSafe Women’s Citysafe CX 17L Backpack

The PacSafe Women’s Citysafe CX 17L Backpack is one of my favorite bags for everyday travel. Whether I am commuting on public transit in my hometown or exploring a new busy city on foot, this bag is my go-to.

This backpack is not only sleek-looking, but it also offers so many cool anti-theft features such as cut-proof straps, RFID pockets, hidden pockets, and zippers. It’s great for everyday commuting because it’s got a large, padded compartment that easily fits a 16″ Macbook Pro.


  • Lots of hidden pockets/zippers
  • Made of cut-proof material
  • Interlocking zippers
  • RFID blocking pockets to keep your credit cards/IDs safe
  • Entire backpack can be securely locked to tables or chairs to protect your bag from being taken
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Roomy enough to fit a water bottle

3. Best All-In-One Backpack: Nordace Siena Smart Backpack

I love this backpack for its sleek design and abundance of built-in features, not only for anti-theft but also for comfort and convenience. In terms of comfort, it has extra padding under the straps for long treks through the airport or exploring cities.

There are tons of pockets for every item, including a padded laptop area in the main compartment, a separate water bottle holder, and a sunglasses pocket. With multiple hidden pockets, you can feel comfortable stashing your wallet and other important items inside.

While it doesn’t offer all the safety features it could, it’s a really good all-in-one backpack for traveling that offers security on smaller personal items.


  • Hidden pockets
  • Bottle pocket
  • Sunglasses compartment
  • Padded compartments for devices up to 15.6 ″ laptop

The Best Anti-Theft Travel Purses

Anti-theft purses are an excellent option as they allow you to keep your belongings next to you instead of behind you (where you can’t see what’s happening). While there are tons of anti-theft travel purse options out there, my favorite is PacSafe’s CitySafe CS100.

4. Best Anti-Theft Travel Purse: CitySafe CS100 Anti-Theft Travel Handbag

This anti-theft purse offers a combination of RFID blocking along with a strap that’s resistant to cutting. Beyond that, the zippers are secure, and you can even lock them if you so choose. Even the mesh material on the outside of the purse is cut-proof.

Besides having the above features, this purse is roomy so that you can carry quite a few items. It’s even big enough to fit your tablet or small laptop. Having said that, you may want to consider purchasing an anti-theft backpack instead if you want to include heavier items as there is only one strap with this purse.


  • Cut-proof exterior and strap
  • RFID blocking material
  • Lockable, secure zippers
  • Internal attachment point for wallets and keys
  • Large enough to fit a water bottle inside

Best Crossbody Anti-Theft Travel Bags

Using a crossbody shoulder bag is another great option that brings your items in front of you so you can keep an eye on your belongings. Some convert into a regular purse as well, though the cross strap makes it more challenging for anyone trying to grab your bag. Here are our top choices in this category.

5. Best Crossbody Anti-Theft Travel Bag For Women: Baggallini Securtex Anti-Theft Free Time Crossbody Bag

This Securtex anti-theft crossbody bag by Baggalini comes with an RFID blocking phone case – this is perfect for those who keep all their credit cards on Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. The main crossbody bag comes with two cut-proof straps, along with locking zipper pockets and a panel in the front of the purse that is also cut-proof.

Securetex’s cross-over is roomy enough to fit most credit cards, passports, phones, and other smaller items. However, this is not a bag that works for carrying larger electronics like laptops. If you’re looking for an option while shopping / exploring and don’t need to bring your larger electronics along, this works very well!


  • Locking compartments and zippers
  • Separate RFID-blocking phone holder
  • Slash-proof straps and front exterior material
  • side pockets are large enough to hold 16.9 fl oz water bottle

6. Best Crossbody Anti-Theft Travel Bag For Men: Pacsafe Vibe 325 Crossbody Bag

Pacsafe Vibe 325 Crossbody Bag - Best Anti Theft Travel Bags

The Pacsafe Vibe 325 Crossbody Bag is a super-sleek anti-theft bag that’s perfect for heading to a music festival or immersing yourself in the energy of the city.

It’s a perfect option for those looking to protect against pickpockets and people who might want to slash the bag strap. The slash-resistant straps and outer side of the bag serve as excellent protection. The unique locking system on the bag will easily prevent unwanted people from opening it.

The bag’s size is great for everyday life–just small enough to stow under an airplane seat yet big enough for most of your essentials (even water bottles and books). It’s not going to be comfortable enough for a long hike but it will be perfect for casual days of city exploration.


  • Slash-proof straps and stainless-steel wire mesh fabric helps protect against slash-and-run theft
  • Locking system allows you to secure your zippers
  • RFIDsafe blocking material built into a pocket
  • Entire backpack can be securely locked to tables or chairs to protect your bag from being taken
  • Designed to fit an iPad or similar-size tablets

Best Anti-Theft Tote Bags

Tote bags are larger than most purse and crossbody options. Totes are lifesavers if you don’t feel comfortable leaving larger personal items at your hotel or Airbnb. You still benefit from a larger size, though you can carry it like a purse for better visibility.

Here’s my pick for the best anti-theft tote.

7. PacSafe Go Anti-Theft Tote Bag

This tried-and-true tote bag by PacSafe is excellent for all sorts of outings! Even if you’re not traveling, it works well for trekking to school, hitting the town, or any other activity in which you want to protect your items. There’s a separate sleeve to keep your laptop protected, which is a huge bonus.

In terms of anti-theft technology, there are quite a few perks that come with this tote. Of course, there is a slash-proof exterior and strap, though PacSafe takes it to the next level by adding wire into the straps to make it even more challenging for anyone to walk by and slice your bag. Beyond that, you can expect a security hook to lock your bag to a chair (prevents grab bags while you’re eating) and zippers that allow you to set safety measures for how far they can open.

If you’re struggling with choosing between a crossbody bag and a tote, this is a safe bet. The Go Anti-Theft Tote Bag converts into a crossbody, so you get the best of both worlds. Additional anti-theft features include RFID-blocking cloth and hooks inside the purse that you can attach your keys to.


  • Anti-slash wire strap and material
  • Locking security hook
  • Interior hooks to keep items secure
  • RFID-blocking material
  • Convertible format

Best Anti-Theft Travel Wallets

Sometimes you’re traveling light and don’t need to lug your electronics around, or perhaps you have a sturdy safe in your hotel room that you can lock before heading out.

If this is the case, you may want to consider purchasing an anti-theft wallet instead. Yes, it’s not an anti-theft bag, but it can still protect you against technologically advanced thieves who want to steal your credit card numners — and pickpockets.

These are great options for keeping your cash and credit cards secure:

8. Best Minimalistic Wallet: The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet

This aluminum wallet is straightforward and to the point. It blocks out RFID with a sleek minimalistic approach. It’s small so that you can fit your credit cards and a few folded-up bills.

If you’re someone who typically travels with only the essentials, this is an excellent choice for an anti-theft wallet. Now, when you stick your wallet in your pocket, you can breathe easily, knowing that your information is safe.


  • RFID-blocking
  • Small and portable
  • Fits 1-12 cards without stretching out
  • Has an integrated cash strap
  • Made of durable military-grade materials

9. Best Anti-Theft Bi-Fold Wallet: Pacsafe RFIDsafe V100 RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet

Pacsafe RFID Bi Fold Wallet - Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags

The Pacsafe RFIDsafe® V100 Bi-Fold wallet helps protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands at check-in, at the flea market or transferring between trains on a tight schedule.

One of the best features about this wallet is its hard-to-cut detachable wrist strap that serves to help safeguard from accidental drops as well as the threat of opportunistic snatching by cut-and-run thieves. Perhaps the coolest thing about the strap is that it’ll actually tighten to your wrist if it’s accidentally dropped or snatched from you! The wallet is truly working for you in this case!

All in all, this is a great and practical wallet that’s not big or bulky and slips easily in and out of pockets for added convenience.


  • Hard-to-cut detachable wrist strap
  • RFIDsafe blocking material
  • 4 sideway compartment slots; 5 card slots including mesh slot
  • Outer zippered coin pocket
  • Elastic strap closure

10. Best Hideaway Wallet: Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Money Belt Travel Pouch

If you want something that isn’t bulky or that you can tuck under your clothes while sightseeing or out for a run, this wallet by Lewis N. Clark works perfectly.

This sleek RFID-lined wallet has pouches that protect against unwanted scans, ensuring that your cards and personal information remain private and confidential. The ultra-slim design attaches to your belt loop and is virtually invisible when tucked inside pants, concealing your cash and valuables.

Its slim and simple design makes it perfect for men and women alike! With plenty of storage options and no shortage of money spaces for secure storage, you’ll feel secure every step of the way on your travels.


  • Multiple hidden zipper pockets
  • Small size, easy to bring on trips
  • Easy to hide under clothing

Are Anti-Theft Travel Bags Worth The Money?

Anti-theft travel bags, while generally more expensive than the average everyday bag, can be very worthwhile. Honestly, they can mean the difference between going home with all your belongings OR not having any belongings to bring home at all.

As it’s always better to be safe than sorry, we would highly recommend investing in an anti-theft travel bag.

Which Theft-Proof Travel Bag Is Best For You?

There are indeed many options out there (and quite a few on the list). The best way to figure out which type of anti-theft bag to purchase is by considering what you typically travel with on a day-to-day basis.

Based on MY travel needs, I need something that can fit my mirrorless digital camera, phone, and water bottle at the very least — which means I need to size up and opt for a backpack or a larger shoulder bag/crossbody bag.

Any of the above options will provide you with a safer travel experience, but I personally love the Pacsafe brand.

Plus, you can relax and enjoy the trip more fully when you are not stressing as much about your valuables!

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