My Mind-Blowing Experience At The West Elm Outlet: Everything You Need To Know

West Elm is having a huge moment over the past decade. This home decor brand features an elegant mid-century modern aesthetic, making it a top choice for homeowners and renters looking to furnish their homes. Sure, everything is high-quality and beautifully designed, but these furnishings generally have significantly higher price tags than what you’d find at other home decor stores. Generally speaking, not everyone can afford West Elm, and many who can simply do not want to spend an arm and a leg on furniture!

Well, I’ve got an awesome secret for you today! I’m here to tell you that you can score highly coveted West Elm furniture for steeply discounted prices. We’re talking 40-60% off classic West Elm pieces on a regular basis.

How do I get in on these crazy deals, you may ask? Well, if you’re lucky enough to live near a West Elm Outlet, you’ll be able to really take advantage of this article. Read on to find out more about the West Elm Outlet and my latest experience there!

West Elm Outlet Discounts - Everything You Need To Know

What Is At A West Elm Outlet?

West Elm Outlets are basically large storefronts that contain a variety of steeply discounted West Elm products. Some of the products are from previous seasons, others are customer returns, and some are just ever-so-slightly damaged. Some of the items may have minor damage, but if small cosmetic flaws aren’t a dealbreaker for you, you can own West Elm furniture at a much lower price point.

Having said that, it would be a shame to think that everything at the outlets are crummy. They’re so the opposite! During my last visit, I saw a plethora of their bestseller couches (leather and performance fabric types) and dining tables with no damage whatsoever. I’ll never know how they ended up at the outlet store, but I could care less–being able to benefit from the fact that they’re for sale there for an additional 50-60% off is what I care about!

Where Are West Elm Outlets Located?

There are West Elm outlets located in various states across the United States, including New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and California. Check their website’s store locator to see if there’s a West Elm Outlet near you.

My West Elm Outlet Experience

Having lived in Southern California for 4 years, I had only heard about the mecca of discounted West Elm furniture located in Moreno Valley, CA but had never paid it a visit due to the long distance from Los Angeles. I’ve recently moved back to Northern California and was pretty bummed that I was going to have to furnish a new apartment with no West Elm Outlet to help me out!

Oh, boy was I wrong. Just a quick Google search away, I found out that there was actually a West Elm Outlet in Vacaville, CA, located less than 1 hour away from where my new apartment was. What a godsend! I was so excited to pay this store a visit. And you know what the best part was? It was Black Friday weekend! I had to check out the extent of the deals for myself.

I got there right when they opened on Saturday (yeah, my bad for not going on Friday) and found that there weren’t many people shopping. Apparently, after talking to a few workers, they had expressed that the store was actually quite barren that day due to the fact that most of the great steals were purchased on Friday. Bummer for me, but it was so encouraging to know that other people were able to save a ton of money and not have to spend an arm and a leg for West Elm’s overpriced furniture.

Back to the discounts. On a normal day, West Elm Outlets offer around 40% to 70% off certain categories, if not the entire store. Since it was Black Friday weekend, everything in the store was either 50% or 60% off! Yes, that included big-ticket items such as couches, TV stands, dining tables, and more. For comparison, their online Black Friday sale was 15% off furniture, 20% off everything else, and only an additional 20% off clearance. This pales so much in comparison to what you could save at the outlet stores.

At the outlet, there were even Manager’s Specials which made pillow covers $9.97 each, Christmas ornaments only $2, and certain plates $2 as well. These are thrift store prices, people! You’re getting thrift store prices for new West Elm gear. Truly mind-blowing. Needless to say, I was having a mental heart attack as I first walked in and witnessed the price tags and deals.

I saw a few notable pieces at deeply discounted prices that I wanted to share:

Dekalb 85′ Leather Sofa – Original Price: $3,499 | Outlet Price: $1,649

Andes Petite Sofa – Original Price: $1,499 | Outlet Price: $750

Mid Century Entryway Storage – Original Price: $499 | Outlet Price: $249

Jax Dining Table – Original Price: $699 | Outlet Price: $300

Modern Petal Counter Stool – Original Price: $289 | Outlet Price: $106

Slope Leather Counter Stool – Original Price: $474 | Outlet Price: $237

I mean, aren’t these deals a billion times better than what the usual West Elm stores and online site offers? It was so entertaining just being able to walk through the store and see the various discounts in action! Not only did they have big furniture pieces on sale, but literally everything else too.

From holiday items to outdoor furniture, from kitchenware and barware to duvet covers and bedding, literally, everything was at least 50% off (with the exception of a handful of items ending in a .97, which means that no further discounts could be applied).

We were in the market for a TV stand and coffee table, but unfortunately, they had low stock that day and they didn’t have many coffee tables left or TV stands that would fit a 70-inch TV. They did inform me that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are their “Truck Days”, which meant that a truckload of stuff would become available on those days. A mental note was definitely taken.

Tip: Call and check with your local West Elm Outlet to find out when their Truck Days are. Once you find out, make sure to call around 12pm on Truck Day to ask if they have specific furniture pieces you’re looking for. Example: If you’re searching for a discounted Dekalb Leather Sofa, call them and ask if they have it in stock that day. If they do, bring your truck or van and get over there to claim it! If not, call and check again on their next Truck Day.

My West Elm Outlet Haul

A few of the smaller things I ended up buying at the West Elm Outlet:

Set of 4 Ceramic Bowls from Aaron Probyn Kanto Collection – Original Price: $42 | Outlet Price: $21

MugFog Monogram Mug – Original Price: $12 | Outlet Price: $6

Textured Silk Fringe Pillow Cover – Original Price: $34 | Outlet Price: $9.97

Tabletop Kitchen Towel, Half Moon and Triangles – Original Price: $19 | Outlet Price: $9.50

Though I completely fell in love with a couch I saw on the floor (Andes 2-Piece Terminal Chaise Sectional, Original price: $2800, Outlet Price: $1400), I did not pull the trigger on it this time around. This was due to the fact that I had just purchased a couch at the Pottery Barn Outlet for $700 one day prior to discovering the West Elm Outlet. The struggle of coming across too many good deals was real.

West Elm Outlet Steep Discounts - My West Elm Outlet Haul

Despite not leaving with a big-ticket item this time around, I took a huge mental note that I would be back, perhaps for the after-Christmas sale!

If there is no West Elm Outlet near you at the moment, have no fear! They may open up an outlet store near you at some point. However, I wouldn’t necessarily count on that since it could take years before that happens. Instead, check out a few of the other tips I have for you to score great deals at West Elm (online and in-stores).

Tips For Scoring Affordable West Elm Products

  • Check out the West Elm clearance section to score up to 60% off furniture, kitchenware, pillows, wall decor, lighting, bedding accessories, and more.
  • Wait for the end-of-season sales and holiday sales such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, etc.
  • Many West Elm stores offer deals on open-box items, including returned products, display items, and pieces with damaged packaging.
  • Join The Key rewards program and earn 3% back in Reward Dollars when you shop at West Elm or any of the seven Williams-Sonoma brands.
  • Save 15% by joining the West Elm Mailing List.
  • Sign up for a West Elm credit card: For every $250 on your card, you’ll earn $25 in Rewards Dollars. When you first register for a card, you’ll receive a $50 Rewards Dollar bonus. You’ll even get another $25 on your birthday!
  • Take advantage of student/teacher discounts. Though no longer advertised online, students, teachers, and school faculty can score 15% off with a valid school ID at West Elm in stores.
  • Getting married soon? When you create a wedding registry with West Elm, you’ll not only get free design services, but you’ll also get 15% off any items left on your registry and anything else at West Elm after your wedding.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this post and are able to take advantage of this little-known secret! Happy hunting!

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