Disney Tokyo vs. DisneySea: Which One Is Right For You?

If you’re traveling to Japan, the colorfully booming city of Tokyo is likely on your itinerary. And if you’re traveling with young ones (or just a Disney fanatic yourself), one iconic thing to do is to spend a day at The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Just outside of Tokyo sits the first Disney theme park complex built outside of the United States, comprised of two parks — Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. And naturally, you may be wondering two things:

  • Are the Tokyo Disney Resort parks worth visiting?
  • Which of the two parks is better if you had to just pick one?

This vast resort offers all the classic Disney themes and attractions you love, including themed areas, shows, and fantastic character parades. But I get it, not everyone has two full days to spare at Disney, or the budget to do both parks!

If you’re in this boat and have to choose one, or are confused by the differences between Disney Tokyo and DisneySea, this post will help you lay out what to expect from each and which might suit you better!

👉 In a nutshell: First-time visitors may prefer Tokyo Disneyland for its classic and iconic attractions, while DisneySea may be better for Disney veterans who want to experience a new type of Disney park. Adults and teens may prefer DisneySea, while younger children have more entertainment options at Tokyo Disneyland.

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An Introduction To Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is a famous Disney Resort in Urayasu City in the Chiba prefecture in Japan.

The resort has two theme parks —Tokyo Disney and Tokyo DisneySea— as well as several hotels, entertainment areas, and shopping districts.

Interestingly though, it is the only Disney Resort not owned by the Walt Disney Company. Instead, the parks are owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company (OLC) a Japanese company that licenses the rights to Disney’s intellectual property and characters to operate the resort.

Tokyo Disneyland is such a popular destination that it is one of the world’s most visited theme parks! Outside of Walt Disney World Resort (Florida) and Disneyland Resort (California), Tokyo Disneyland is the third-most visited theme park, indicating how much people love it.

It’s considered a rite of passage for Japanese youngsters to go to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.

When Tokyo Disneyland was initially built in 1983, it was designed in the same style and tradition as the first California Disneyland, though it also boasts staples that you will recognize from Disneyland Florida, such as the iconic Cinderella’s Castle.

The resort expanded in 2001 with the introduction of DisneySea, which currently gets around a million monthly visitors (and growing).

It features a nautical and exploration theme with seven distinct “ports of call” inspired by different regions of the world, offering a really unique range of immersive attractions, entertainment, and dining experiences that you can’t necessarily find at other Disney parks around the world!

Let’s now go through what each theme park offers, which is less crowded, and the differences between the two.

Tokyo Disneyland vs. DisneySea: Overview Of The Parks

Tokyo Disneyland vs DisneySea

Deciding which park to go to can be challenging, especially since each of them is so big! In fact, because of their massive sizes, it’s actually recommended that you spend a day at each one rather than trying to visit both in one go.

Tokyo Disneyland follows the same setup as Magic Kingdom and California’s Disneyland, with similar attractions as you would find in those two theme parks. DisneySea offers a more nautically-themed experience with ‘Ports of Call’ rather than lands such as Adventureland or Fantasyland.

Off the bat, you’ll probably find that DisneySea is more unique, while Tokyo Disneyland exudes classic Disney vibes and standards.

This means for first-time Disneyland goers, Disneyland may be better for the quintessential Disney magic vibes! I’d also recommend that families with younger kids choose Tokyo Disneyland, while those with teens or no kids at all head to DisneySea.

For teens and adults, both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are great choices for a date! And thanks to the incredibly immersive ‘lands’ at each park, a day at the Disney parks also makes for excellent Instagram-worthy shots.

Tokyo Disneyland vs. DisneySea: Rides And Attractions

While both theme parks offer rides and attractions, Tokyo Disneyland is noted for being a little more family-friendly as it includes rides that are slower and suited for younger children. Older, more experienced Disney theme park adventurers may prefer DisneySea as it is the only one of its kind and is more suited for older attendees.

Disneyland has more parades and a higher number of rides, but for more thrill rides specifically, DisneySea comes out tops. Disneyland has a fireworks show at night (which can be seen parkwide), but DisneySea does not have its own.

DisneySea has more themed areas for The Little Mermaid, Alladin, and Toy Story, whereas Disneyland has Big Hero Six and Neaty & The Beast.

Here’s a more comprehensive look at what each of the parks have in store for you:

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland Entrance


  • World Bazaar
  • Adventureland
  • Westernland
  • Fantasyland
  • Tomorrowland
  • Toontown
  • Critter Country

Top Rides and Attractions:

  • It’s a Small World (Fantasyland)
  • Haunted Mansion (Fantasyland)
  • Peter Pan’s Flight (Fantasyland)
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (Fantasyland)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland)
  • Enchanted Tiki Room (Adventureland)
  • Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions (Adventureland)
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (Tomorrowland)
  • Space Mountain (Tomorrowland)
  • Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek (Tomorrowland)
  • Splash Mountain (Critter Country)
  • Big Thunder Mountain (Westernland)

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea Little Mermaid

Ports of Call (Lands):

  • Mediterranean Harbor
  • Mysterious Island
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Arabian Coast
  • Lost River Delta
  • Port Discovery
  • American Waterfront

Top Rides and Attractions:

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (Mysterious Island)
  • Tower of Terror (American Waterfront)
  • Toy Story Mania! (American Waterfront)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (Lost River Delta)
  • Raging Spirits (Lost River Delta)
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater (Mermaid Lagoon)
  • Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage (Arabian Coast)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Mysterious Island)
  • Soaring: Fantastic Flight (Mediterranean Harbor)
  • Aquatopia (Port Discovery)
  • Nemo & Friends SeaRider (Port Discovery)

As you can see, Tokyo Disneyland offers a more traditional Disney park experience with lands like Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, while Tokyo DisneySea has a unique nautical theme centered around different ports of call.

DisneySea’s top attractions often have a more adventurous and immersive feel compared to the classic Disney rides found at Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland vs. DisneySea: Food And Drinks

Both parks have many options for food, from restaurants with table service to counter options and snack stands. The food at the parks primarily caters to Japanese tastes, with tons of excellent Japanese snacks and foods available for you to try if you’re not as familiar with Japanese cuisine!

Both theme parks have standard Western options like cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets — which comes in handy if you’re traveling with picky kids or fussy eaters!

The table- and counter-service restaurants offer a good selection of foods, from pasta and tempura to crepes and coffee.

However, DisneySea is noted for having more venues that serve alcohol, so this might swing the park in your favor if you fancy a beer or a cocktail. Good places to grab a drink at DisneySea include The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge and Barnacle Bill’s.

Despite these recommendations, you don’t need to specifically seek out these venues to have a drink. In fact, all counter-service restaurants, table-service restaurants, and several food kiosks sell alcoholic beverages.

DisneySea has a great range of seasonal cocktails that change with the year and most restaurants will offer one of the seasonal drinks!

Here’s a sample of some of the restaurants and food items you can expect to find within each park:

Tokyo Disneyland


  • Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall (Fantasyland) – Try the Queen of Hearts’ Special Set Menu, featuring dishes inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
  • Plaza Pavilion Restaurant (World Bazaar) – Enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western dishes.
  • Crystal Palace Restaurant (World Bazaar) – Offers a buffet with a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine.
  • The Hungry Bear Restaurant (Westernland) – Known for its Western-style dishes like burgers and fried chicken.

Foods You Can Find:

  1. Mickey-shaped Snacks – Look for various snacks in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head, such as popcorn, churros, burgers, and ice cream bars.
  2. Gyoza Sausage Bun – A unique snack featuring a sausage wrapped in a gyoza dumpling-like bun.
  3. Little Green Alien dumplings – Inspired by the tiny green aliens in Toy Story, these adorable dumplings are unsurprisingly one of the most famous Tokyo Disney foods on Instagram.
  4. Seafood pizza – head to Captain Hook’s Galley for a slice of savory flavors of scallops, shrimp, and cheese.
  5. Special Character-themed Bento Boxes – Find cute and delicious bento boxes featuring Disney characters.
Tokyo Disneyland Food
Courtesy of Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea


  • Magellan’s (Mediterranean Harbor) – Fine dining with a European theme. Try the course menus for a gourmet experience.
  • Vulcania Restaurant (Mysterious Island) – Offers a range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.
  • Casbah Food Court (Arabian Coast) – Features Middle Eastern cuisine, including kebabs and falafel.
  • New York Deli (American Waterfront) – Serves classic American deli sandwiches and hot dogs.

Foods You Can Find:

  • Nautilus Galley Curry – Located near the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, it serves curry inspired by the submarine adventure.
  • Gyoza Dog – A unique fusion snack featuring a gyoza dumpling inside a hot dog bun.
  • Mango Churros – Enjoy churros with a tropical twist, covered in mango-flavored sugar.
  • Toy Story Mochi – Found at Mamma Biscotti Bakery, the adorable Little Green Aliens are made from glutinous rice and are filled with yummy flavoured cream.
  • Chandu’s Tail – these adorable buns are filled with creamy chicken curry, or spicy beef and cheese if you visit during the springtime (March to May).
Tokyo Disneysea food
Courtesy of Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland tends to offer a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine with a more traditional Disney park dining experience, including character-themed meals.

In contrast, Tokyo DisneySea offers a more diverse range of international cuisines with a focus on the unique ports of call theme, providing a distinct culinary experience for visitors.

Please note: Menus and offerings may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest options if you plan to visit!

Tokyo Disneyland vs. DisneySea: How Busy Are The Parks?

Both parks are top-rated and get very busy, and there’s no real off-season. The theme parks can be incredibly crowded on holidays and special occasions, so it’s worth booking tickets beforehand rather than trying to buy them at the gate.

Of the two parks, Tokyo Disneyland gets more visitors and has an average ride wait time of 24 minutes. DisneySea, while getting less visitors, has an average wait time of 38 minutes.

However, these times are skewed by the long waits for big attractions like Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. At both parks, you’ll be able to find some attractions that have wait times of 5-10 minutes.

Tokyo Disneyland: An In-Depth Look

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland has the honor of being the first Disney theme park built in Japan and remains the most visited park in that country and the second-most visited in the world. It was built in 1983 and styled after California and Florida’s classic Disney theme parks.

Park Theme And Main Attractions

If you’re looking for the iconic Disney experience or have never visited a Disney theme park in your life, this park is the perfect introduction to the world of all things Disney!

Tokyo Disneyland is ideal for people traveling with children, as it features many slower, gentler rides suitable for young kids.

You’ll find lots of character shows, parades, fireworks displays, and many much-beloved rides like Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. The park features seven zones, all themed with rides and attractions.

Tokyo Disneyland Zones

The seven different zones in Tokyo Disneyland are:

World Bazaar

  • Similar to Main Street, U.S.A
  • Glass Victorian Conservatory roof protects from Japanese weather
  • Many places to grab a snack or food, and lots of shops


  • Combines adventurous themes like Pirates of the Caribbean and Swiss Family Robinson
  • Features the Jungle Cruise and a unique ride called the Western River Railroad
  • Has many restaurants from Cajun to Polynesian and features several shops.


  • This is Tokyo Disneyland’s answer to Friontierland, with a Western theme and Rivers of America
  • Features Big Thunder Moutain and the Mark Twain Riverboat
  • American-style restaurants abound, and themed shops sport Western goods.

Critter Country

  • Home of Splash Mountain and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes
  • A small zone that gets very crowded
  • It has two restaurants and three shops


  • Features Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Beauty and the Beast themes
  • It’s a Small World water ride, and Peter Pan’s Flight are featured rides
  • There are several taverns and restaurants and many gift shops.


  • This is a close copy of Toontown in Disneyland (California)
  • Features classic Disney characters, snack venues, and toy shops


  • Science fiction and fantasy themed, with Buzz Lightyear and Big Hero 6
  • Features the Space Mountain ride, space-themed restaurants, and shops
Tomorrowland Disneyland - Best For Disney Lovers

Popular Rides

Tokyo Disneyland features many classic Disneyland rides and a few unique ones. Some of the most popular are:

  • Splash Mountain
  • Space Mountain
  • The Happy Ride with Baymax
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Mark Twain Riverboat
  • It’s a Small World
  • Alice’s Tea Party
Dumbo Fantasyland - Disneyland

Popular Shows And Parades

Tokyo Disneyland offers more shows and parades than DisneySea; this may be your deciding factor if you have young children. Here are some attractions you can expect, though events change seasonally:

  • Dreaming Up Daytime Parade
  • Minnie, We Love You!
  • Disney Harmony in Color
  • Dreamlights (night)
  • Disney Light the Night Fireworks
  • Mickey’s Magical Music World
Tokyo Disneyland Enchanted Tiki

Some of the parades/shows are seasonal, so be sure to check the site for the latest offerings and showtimes before your visit!

Tokyo DisneySea: An In-Depth Look

Tokyo DisneySea Park Overview

DisneySea is the companion theme park to Tokyo Disneyland and forms part of the Disney Tokyo Resort. It was opened in 2001 and remains a unique theme park experience that you won’t be able to find at any other Disney resort in the world.

DisneySea is your best option for exciting new experiences if you’re someone who’s already been to Disneyland. It tends to appeal to an older crowd, as you’ll find more thrilling rides there, as well as the opportunity to grab some alcoholic drinks!

Park Theme And Main Attractions

As the name suggests, DisneySea has a nautical theme, and the park is divided into seven themed ‘Ports of Call’, each with a different feel and themed rides or shows.

Park-goer favorites include the Indian Jones Adventure ride, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Aquatopia, a trackless water ride.

Tokyo DisneySea Zones

The different Ports of Call in Tokyo DisneySea are:

Mediterranean Harbor

  • The entrance Port of Call is themed as an Italian port city, including Venetian gondola rides
  • Features entertainment like the Maritime Band and seasonal celebrations
  • Several restaurants, bakeries, snack stands, and many shops.
Mediterranean Harbor - Tokyo DisneySea

Mysterious Island

  • Based on Jules Verne’s fantasy island from his novel The Mysterious Island, with ‘active’ volcano displays
  • High-speed dark rides
  • Snack stands and a gift shop

Mermaid Lagoon

  • Designed to look like King Triton’s palace with fantastical undersea architecture
  • Ariel meet-and-greet
  • Rides are mostly indoors, which is convenient if the Tokyo weather turns inclement
  • A counter service restaurant and several gift shops.

Arabian Coast

  • This port is themed to look like an Arabian harbor and features Aladdin and 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Has several Middle-Eastern-themed rides, like Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, and a 3d show at The Magic Lamp Theater.
  • Restaurants and food courts have Middle Eastern food
  • Marketplace and bazaar
Arabian Coast - Tokyo DisneySea
It started snowing while we were at Arabian Coast, such a funny sight to see!

Lost River Delta

  • The Lost River Delta zone is an adventure and archeological site in a tropical rainforest with an Indiana Jones theme
  • Huge Aztec temple
  • Features the dark ride Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Several quick service restaurants and food stands, and several gift shops

Port Discovery

  • Shows a Marina of the Future in a fantasy scientific research center from the 1940s
  • A narrow gauge electric rail is one of two in the resort (the other is in Tokyo Disneyland)
  • Offers a table service restaurant, counter service, and a food stand, plus souvenir shops

American Waterfront

  • An American-themed port of call featuring New York Harbour and Cape Cod
  • The DisneySea Transit Steamer Line, Toy Story Mania, and Tower of Terror can be found here
  • Big Band concerts
  • A good selection of sit-down and counter service restaurants, and the opulent McDuck’s superstore

Coming in 2024: Fantasy Springs

Although not yet open to the public, Tokyo DisneySea is set to have a new Port Of Call themed around the Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan movies. The new port will have a luxury hotel connected to it too.

Popular Rides

DisneySea has some of the most popular thrill rides of the two theme parks, with Tower of Terror proving to be the most popular (and with long wait times to match!). Other popular rides available at DisneySea include:

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Toy Story Mania!
  • Raging Spirits
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Transit Steamer
  • Nemo and Friends SeaRider
  • Jasmine’s Flying Carpets
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Tokyo DisneySea - Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Popular Shows And Parades

While Tokyo Disneyland may have more shows and parades, that doesn’t mean that DisneySea is lacking in this area.

DisneySea features seasonal shows and entertainment like:

  • Big Band Beat
  • Fantasmic
  • Let’s Celebrate With Colors
  • Believe! Sea of Dreams
  • Jamboree Mickey! Let’s Dance!
  • Duffy and Friends’ Wonderful Friendship

In addition to pop-up musical performances happen throughout the park at random times, and there are also lots of designated places to meet and greet characters such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

You will also have the usual host of cast members in the park who are helpful and friendly and go above and beyond to make your experience fantastic.

Tokyo Disneyland vs. DisneySea: Which Is Better?

Honestly, it wouldn’t be fair to say one park is ‘better’ than the other. They both provide experiences that are as different as night and day!

When I was dealing with the decision to pick between Tokyo Disneyland vs DisneySea, the choice was easy. Having grown up just 6 hours away from the Disneyland in Anaheim (we would go quite a bit during our childhood), to then living in Los Angeles for 6 years and continuously visiting on a yearly basis, I was already way too accustomed to the ‘typical’ Disneyland experience.

Tokyo DisneySea was going to be a truly unique experience for us, so we ultimately went with DisneySea over Tokyo Disneyland. And we had a ton of fun!

Not only were we shocked to see SO many young Japanese people dressed up as Duffy the Bear, but we also had a ton of fun watching the shows — all of which was completely in Japanese.

Having said that, we totally would have done both parks if we had an extra day to spare in Tokyo! But sadly because we had only 5 days to explore Tokyo, we settled on just one park.

The ‘better’ theme park for YOU depends on your interests, age, and what rides or shows appeal to you. Here’s a summary of how I think you should look at it:

Tokyo Disneyland is the better choice if you…

  • are a first-time visitor to a Disney park and want the classic experience
  • have small children who enjoy slower rides
  • plan to watch more shows and parades
  • want to ride as many rides as possible (Disneyland has more rides than DisneySea)

Tokyo DisneySea is the better choice if you…

  • want a new take on the Disney theme park experience
  • have an appreciation of the decor and immersiveness of the lands (rather than the # of rides you could get on)
  • are looking to ride more adventurous/exhilarating rides
  • Teens and adults may prefer this park over Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea: Tickets And Reservations

When buying tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort, you can easily buy them online or at the gate. Having said that, we like to pre-purchase our tickets in advance.

Since the theme parks can get very busy, there could be a chance you can be turned away at the gate if you haven’t pre-bought a ticket and the park reaches capacity. I’ve actually seen it happen!

For this reason, I recommend always buying tickets in advance! You can get them up two months in advance online.

👉 Pro Tip: You can buy Disneyland tickets in advance on Klook to save a lot more money than buying directly from the Disney site. This is where I purchase all my Disneyland tickets for parks in Asia!

Another way to secure tickets when the park is at capacity during peak seasons is to stay at one of the Disney Hotels and pay for the tickets at the hotel desk. However, to take advantage of this, you’ll need to stay at one of the hotels that offer guaranteed park entry.

Tickets are available as:

  • 1-day passports
  • fixed-date passports, which start from 10:30am
  • early evening passports begin from 3pm on weekends and public holidays
  • Weeknight passports start from 5pm on weekdays (not public holidays)

Ticket prices vary and can be lower or higher depending on whether it’s a weekday vs. weekend or a public holiday. Here’s an example of what the ticket prices could look like for a 1-day passport:

Adult7,900yen – 9,400yen
Junior6,600yen – 7,800yen
Child4,700yen – 5,600yen

Each ticket will allow you into EITHER Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea.

A 1-day passport does NOT mean it’s a Park Hopper ticket! If you want to visit both, you must buy separate tickets for the theme parks. The prices are the same for both theme parks.

There are also tickets available for later afternoon/evening that are cheaper than full-day passes, which is a good option if you have limited time to spend at the park.

Depending on the type of credit card you have, you may run into an issue with your non-Japanese credit card on the official Disney site. This is why we like to buy all of our Disneyland tickets for Asia parks on Klook!

I’ve purchased tickets for DisneySea as well as Hong Kong Disneyland and have never had issues with payment going through. PDF tickets are delivered via email immediately too!

👉 Pro Tip: If character dining or scoring lunch/dinner reservations at an iconic Disney restaurant is on your agenda, be sure to download the official Tokyo Disney Resort App to help you make advanced bookings for restaurants and attractions. The app will also make it easier to plan your day when you’re at the park.

Where To Stay For Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea

Toko Disney Resort has five official onsite hotels located near the different parks. There are three deluxe hotels (many of which are super pricey). Are they dreamy and gorgeous? Yes. Will they also cost you a fortune? Also yes.

Don’t want to pay that much for accommodation? Neither do we! You’ll be glad to know that there are another 19 Disney partner hotels nearby the parks.

The main perk of being a Partner Hotel Guest? You can take advantage of complimentary direct shuttle bus service between the hotel and the bus terminals at both Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park.

Here’s a full list of convenient hotels you could choose from.

Disney Hotels

These are hotels that are located within the Disney Resort complex. As I mentioned above, with the exception of the last two, they are quite the splurge!

  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel  

Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels

Staying at a Tokyo Disney Resort official hotel offers several perks, including the convenience of purchasing park tickets on-site, guaranteed park admission even during peak periods, and complimentary shuttle service to the parks.

While these hotels are not on the Disney Resort property, they are situated just steps away! Plus, all of them come super highly-rated by previous guests.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama – Many rooms at this 4.5-star hotel offer fantastic views of Tokyo Bay and the Disney Resort area. This hotel is conveniently located within walking distance or a short shuttle ride from Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel First Resort – The hotel offers some uniquely themed rooms, such as ones inspired by Fantasyland and Adventureland!

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel – The 4.5-star hotel has extensive and beautifully landscaped grounds, providing a relaxing atmosphere. Also offers character dining experiences where you can enjoy meals with Disney characters.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel – 4.5-star hotel known for its affordability compared to some other nearby hotels.

Hilton Tokyo Bay – Situated along the scenic waterfront of Tokyo Bay. Also features Disney-themed rooms and a Disney store for shopping convenience.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay – This 5-star hotel is known for its excellent dining options, including Japanese cuisine and a buffet restaurant. Unlike other hotels in Tokyo, Okura Tokyo Bay has very comfortable spacious rooms!

Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels

Similar to Disney Resort Official Hotels, guests at Partner Hotels can use complimentary shuttle bus services to travel directly between their hotel and the bus terminals at both Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea Park. Guests can conveniently purchase park tickets at their hotel and access real-time Tokyo Disney Resort information.

Urayasu Brighton Hotel Tokyo Bay – This 4.5-star hotel offers stunning panoramic views of Tokyo Bay and the Disney Resort area. It’s also situated along the waterfront and close to Kasai Rinkai Park, providing a really quiet and peaceful setting.

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay – A 4-star hotel known for its elegant and luxurious interior decor and furnishings. Offers a variety of dining options, including Japanese cuisine and a lounge with bay views.

Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay – A 3-star hotel known for its family-friendly facilities and services, including a play area for children. This one offers a water taxi service to and from Tokyo Disney Resort, providing a unique transportation option!

Mitsui Garden Hotel Prana Tokyo Bay – A 4-star hotel that features a contemporary design and comfortable amenities. Guests can also use the onsen bath so they can relax in a traditional Japanese style.

How To Get To Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland Train Station

Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture. For the parks, you’ll get off at Maihama Station.

This means if you’re going to be based in the Tokyo area, it can take some time by train to get to the parks/hotels.

To get an idea of how long your journey will take from where you are staying, here’s a quick list of popular areas and their travel times (by train) to Maihama Station.

From Tokyo

  • Marunouchi: 15 minutes
  • Nihombashi: 15 minutes
  • Tokyo Station: 15 minutes
  • Ueno/Akihabara: 35 minutes
  • Shinagawa: 40 minutes
  • Shibuya/Shinjuku: 45 minutes
  • Ikebukuro: 50 minutes
  • Haneda Airport (HND): 1 hour

From Chiba

  • Kaihimmakuhari: 25 minutes
  • Chiba: 40 minutes
  • Narita Airport (NRT): 1 hour 30 minutes

From Kanagawa

  • Kawasaki: 45 minutes
  • Musashi-Kosugi: 55 minutes
  • Yokohama: 1 hour
  • Yokosuka: 1 hour, 30 minutes

To get to Tokyo Disneyland: get off at Maihama Station and walk 8 minutes to the park entrance.

To get to Tokyo DisneySea: get off at Maihama Station and —

  • either transfer to the Disney Resort Line and ride 3 stops to Tokyo Disneysea Station
  • or walk 19 minutes to the park entrance from Maihama Station

Disney Resort Line: The Disney Resort Line circles the resort, stopping at both Disneyland and DisneySea. It leaves Maihama Station and stops at major resort destinations.

A single ticket on the monorail allows you one full loop and costs 260 yen for adults and 130 yen for kids under 11. However, if you are an adult, you can be accompanied by two young children (under six) free of charge.

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