Go City Oahu Review: Is The Pass Worth The Money? (2024)

Hawaii is a vacation destination most people dream of experiencing at least once in their lives. The combination of the beautiful scenery, alluring weather, and enriching culture all contribute to making it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world!

Making an itinerary for a trip to Oahu can be hard. There are so many things to do and see, ranging from museum-hopping to eating, and taking surf lessons to sailing adventures. With literally hundreds of things to do on Oahu, it can also get pretty expensive.

Luckily, there are magical products like the Go City Oahu Pass that can help alleviate the strain on our wallets!

On our last 5-day trip to Oahu, we had the pleasure of trying out 3-day Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Passes.

With the 3-day passes, not only were we able to enjoy the standard attractions included with the pass, but we were also able to partake in one of the premium attractions too!

Continue reading to get all the scoop on the Go City Oahu Pass, how they work, and how much money we ultimately saved as we describe our experience using them on the island. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll be able to decide for yourself if the Go City Oahu Pass is right for you!

Disclosure: Go City kindly provided me with a comped pass to discover the power of their city passes in Oahu, but all opinions are my own. You’ll get nothing but honest thoughts from me! This post may also contain affiliate links. You won’t be paying a cent more, but in the event of a sale, the small affiliate commission I receive will help keep this blog running/pumping out useful and free content. Thanks a lot!

What Is The Go City Oahu Pass?

The Go City Oahu Pass is a digital attraction pass that provides easy access and admission to some of the island’s most popular museums and excursions. With certain excursions, you’re even able to skip the line, saving you both money and time.

The Go City All-Inclusive Pass is really great for travelers who want to see as much as possible while they’re in Oahu. With the All-Inclusive Pass, you can choose between a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7-day pass that will give you free admission to 40+ museums, excursions, full-day tours, and activities throughout Oahu.

Want to keep it light and do 2 attractions per day? You can. Want to fit in even more than that to really get your money’s worth? You can!

The great thing about these passes is that they can be used across non-consecutive days, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore without worrying about fitting everything in day after day.

The pass includes admission to the following heavy-hitter/iconic attractions:

  • Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Various Kualoa Ranch tours
  • Waimea Valley
  • Diamond Head
  • Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
  • Iolani Palace
  • Sea Life Park Hawaii
  • Waikiki Surfboard rentals

If you choose a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7-day All-Inclusive Pass, you’ll also get one premium attraction included with your pass. You can see the current selection of premium attractions here, as marked with a diamond symbol.

DEAL ALERT: For a limited time, use the above link + the promo code AFFGOALL for an additional 5% off your Go City pass. This code is valid for any Go City pass in any destination!

Go City Pass For Oahu: Pros and Cons


  • A wide range of cities offered around the world
  • Really good discounts on attractions that would have otherwise cost a lot more money
  • Easy-to-use mobile app that provides you with extra useful info about your destination
  • Go City offers promo codes that you can use to bring the price of the pass down even further (see above for code)


  • All-Inclusive Pass must be used on consecutive days, which can be tiring if you have a pass of 3+ days and value rest/relaxation time
  • Would love to see more luaus featured

How To Use The Go City Pass and App

Once you buy the pass of your choice, you’ll download the Go City app on your phone. This is how you’ll get into museums and attractions.

First off, I want to mention how cool the Go City app is. Not only does it house your attraction pass, but it will give you all the information you will ever need to know about the attraction (what to expect, opening/closing times, how to make reservations if they’re required, entry rules, etc).

Don’t know what an attraction is all about? No problem. The app also provides you with a detailed description of what you’ll see or encounter at an attraction. Literally, everything you need to know!

They have a few suggested itineraries you could follow, or you could even make custom itineraries on there so you can better plot out your days.

Using the pass is a lot easier than you’d think. Because the pass is located in the Go City app on your phone (in the form of a QR code), there’s no need to fumble with paper tickets or worry about misplacing them.

When you get to each attraction, tour, or activity, simply show your pass for entry.

Each and every time I pulled my QR code out, the attendants knew exactly what to do with it. Using them was a total breeze!

Some would simply scan the pass and provide us with paper tickets to enter with, while others simply scanned and let us right in.

You’ll pay nothing at the gate unless you upgrade your ticket to something that’s not included with the pass. The other benefit is that everything is contact-free and hassle-free! No exchange of money, no printing out passes ahead of time or anything inconvenient like that.

I was actually blown away by how high-tech the whole attraction pass usage was. Highly recommend the entire experience!

An important thing to note is that visiting your first attraction activates your All-Inclusive Pass and the duration you have to use it all up. Once activated, you will have 14 days to use up the number of days your pass is valid for.

Another thing to note is that many attractions require pre-booking or advanced reservations. After purchasing your pass, I recommend you do a deep dive into the attractions you’re interested in.

If a tour/activity mentions that advanced reservations are required (this is usually located in the “Know before you go” section of each attraction) make those reservations as soon as possible–just to be sure they’ll be able to accommodate you. Especially if you’re traveling with a larger group!

Pro Tip: If you forget to make a reservation ahead of time, you can still try to call ahead the day of to see if there’s room to accommodate you, but this is riskier.

We forgot to make reservations for Iolani Palace and showed up at the palace day of. We asked if there were any slots left, and luckily, there were still self-guided audio tour timeslots available for the day!

Our Experience Using The Go City Oahu Pass

Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are the exact activities we did with our 3-day passes.

Day 1: Iolani Palace (Honolulu Area)

Iolani Palace - 4 Day Oahu Itinerary For Budget Travelers

For an immersive taste of Hawaiian history, head to Iolani Palace in the afternoon for an interactive self-guided audio tour. This attraction is not to be missed for history buffs!

Located in Honolulu’s capitol district, this regal structure and National Historic Landmark was home to the Hawaiian Kingdom’s two final monarchs, King Kalakaua, and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani.

Marvel at the ornate architecture, see the furnishings made for royalty, and learn all about the building and its former occupants.

Iolani Palace - 4 Day Oahu Itinerary For Budget Travelers

The inside really is as picturesque as the outside of the building!

Note: Retail price – $29 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Day 1: Makani Catamaran Sunset Sail (Honolulu Area)

Waikiki - Where To Stay In Oahu Hawaii

There’s no better way to see your first day off than on a boat! Take a two-hour catamaran trip along the coast of Waikiki to see the city and Diamond Head from a very unique perspective.

From the deck of the boat, you’ll get stunning coastal views of Oahu and see the amber glimmer of the sun as it sets over the city’s landmarks.

While you’re enjoying the views, you’ll get to enjoy a great selection of drinks to toast the perfect trip. The best part? The drinks are unlimited (even the alcoholic ones)!

Once you’re on the water, be sure to look out for Hawaii’s native ocean life. Turtles, dolphins, and even humpback whales are typically spotted. On our sunset sail, we saw a whole pod of dolphins!

Note: Retail price – $149 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Because this is a Premium attraction, you’ll need to get an All-Inclusive Pass of 3 days or more.

Day 2: Go on an tour at Kualoa Ranch (East Shore)

Kualoa Ranch - 4 Day Oahu Itinerary

Kualoa Ranch is a true gem. Kualoa Ranch’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by preserving its sacred lands and celebrating its history.

Not only do they have a very honorable mission statement, but they also offer visitors a ton of fun stuff to do.

Kualoa Ranch offers a bunch of awesome tours including the Jurassic Adventure Tour, Jurassic Valley Ziplining Tour, Ocean Voyage Adventure, Hollywood Movie Sites & Ranch Tour, Jungle Expedition Tour, and a lot more.

While some of these attractions were included with our Go City passes, some of the other ones (such as the Hollywood Movie Sites & Ranch Tour or Jungle Expedition Tour) were only available for upgrade. Upgrading to one of these tours would have cost an additional $15.

Because we wanted a more relaxed day, we took the 90-minute Aloha Aina Tour, which was included with our pass at no additional cost. This tour was super informative and took us through the beautiful Kualoa Farm–all from the comfort of a trolley car!

Aloha Aina Tour Kualoa Ranch - Things To Do In Oahu

We saw tropical fruit and flower gardens, got a glimpse of the old movie sets that were still standing, and learned all about Kualoa Farm as well as Hawaiian agriculture, native plants, and wildlife.

In addition to sampling some of the local foods (we tried poi and fish preserved the traditional way), this tour includes a visit to Moli’i, one of the most well-preserved ancient Hawaiian fishponds in all of Oahu.

Note: Retail price – $55 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Day 2: Polynesian Cultural Center (East Shore)

Polynesian Cultural Center - The Perfect Oahu Itinerary

Next up is one of my favorite activities on Oahu–PCC! This is your chance to immerse yourself in the culture of the 1,000+ islands that make up Polynesia.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is Hawaii’s #1 paid attraction and is considered a must-do for both travelers and Hawaii locals. I’ve been three times and I still find myself learning so much about Polynesian culture each and every time.

PCC is essentially a cultural park that brings to life the spirit of Polynesia through its six Polynesian villages. You’ll be able to enjoy shows, demonstrations, and immersive activities, all while learning facts about the islands of Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Aotearoa, and Hawaii.

Polynesian Cultural Center - The Perfect Oahu Itinerary

With the Go City pass, only the daytime admission was included. If you’d like to extend your stay at PCC, you could pay extra and upgrade to the luau and nighttime show package (I’ve done the luau and show before–they are a lot of fun and totally worth the price).

Note: Retail price – $98 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Day 3: Snorkeling rental (North Shore)

Hanauma Bay - 4 Day Oahu Itinerary

Snorkeling with coral reefs, colorful fish, and sea turtles is a must on your Oahu island itinerary, no matter if you’re a beginner or an avid snorkeler! Snorkeling in Hawaii is so awesome because of how much marine life you’ll see once you get in the clear waters.

To save on snorkel rental costs, you can either get snorkel gear rentals through your Go City Oahu pass or bring your own set.

On our North Shore day, we received a mask, snorkel, and fins with our pass to explore as much as we wanted, then dropped off the gear at the end of the day.

Pro Tip: In the summertime, some of the best places to snorkel on the North Shore include Three Tables Beach, Sunset Beach, and Shark’s Cove.

Note: Retail price – $22 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Day 3: Waimea Valley (North Shore)

Waimea Valley - North Shore Things To Do In Oahu

Waimea Valley is a hidden gem of an area that’s chock-full of authentic Hawaiian history, culture, nature, and tradition. The main highlight at the end of the road? A beautiful waterfall that you can actually swim in!

Because we didn’t do much research before deciding to visit, we didn’t know what to expect at Waimea Valley. We had never really done attractions on Oahu that had admission fees, but we were so pleasantly surprised by what Waimea Valley had in store for us!

On top of being a beautifully manicured botanical garden, there was so much education and history surrounding us. We learned about the significance of the valley and the gods that Hawaiians believed in, and the way that they lived.

If you’d like a more enriching experience, consider taking the guided botanical or cultural tour, beginning at 12:30 pm and 1 pm respectively.

Getting to the waterfall does take a bit of effort. The walk up the waterfall is a paved path through the botanical gardens and historical sites. The walk is 0.75-mile (1200 meters) one way or 1.5-mile (2400 meters) round trip. There’s a shuttle option as well.

If you’re up for a quick adventure, consider taking a dip in the waterfall! This was probably the most fun part of Waimea Valley because of how refreshing the water was!

Waimea Valley Waterfall - North Shore Things To Do In Oahu

While swimming at the waterfall is totally allowed, the status of swimming changes throughout the day depending on the weather.

All guests who would like to experience a swim at the falls are required to wear a life vest, which is included in your admission fee.

Note: Retail price – $26 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Day 3: Hawaiian Lei Making on Sunset Beach (North Shore)

Our last Go City pass activity on the North Shore was an interactive lei-making activity. We were able to choose between making a Ti Leaf Lei or a Flower Lei. Because there were two of us, we chose one of each!

With this class, you’ll be able to not only make your own lei but also learn all about this important Hawaiian custom. The teacher also provided so many fascinating facts about the significance and uses of the Ti plant, which is often used to make Leis and hula skirts.

If you’re a fan of flora, you’re in luck because you’ll also learn about native Hawaiian flowers like Plumeria and Puakenikeni.

Note: Retail price – $50 per person | Free with a Go City Oahu All-Inclusive Pass

Other activities we missed: Museum-hopping

Honolulu and the rest of Oahu are steeped in a ton of history. We personally did not have time to do these, but as part of the Go City Oahu Pass, you can (and should) take some time to visit some of the following museums:

  • Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum at Pearl Harbor
  • USS Arizona Memorial Narrated Audio Tour
  • Battleship Missouri Memorial Tour
  • Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
  • Honolulu Museum of Art
  • Bishop Museum
  • Queen Emma Summer Palace

How Much Did We Save With The Go City Oahu Passes?

To determine if the Go City Oahu Pass was worth it, I added up the would-have-been admission costs for all the attractions we did on our Oahu itinerary.

  • Total cost of attractions without the Go City All-Inclusive Pass: $429 per person
  • Total cost with the 3-day Go City All-Inclusive Pass: $234
  • TOTAL SAVINGS: $195 per person

Had we paid for each attraction separately, our total cost would have been a whopping $429 per person. But with the Go City All-Inclusive Pass, we actually paid just $234 total.

That is a savings of $195 per person! Between Papu and I, we saved a total of $390.

Man, I love saving money while traveling, don’t you?

We didn’t get a chance to visit a lot of the museums we wanted to, but adding that into our itinerary would have made the value of the Go City Oahu pass even sweeter!

NOTE: We encountered these prices when we used Go City Oahu passes; prices may have increased since then.

The Verdict: Is The Go City Oahu Pass Worth It?

We experienced it for ourselves–the Go City Oahu Pass is the easiest way to see the very best of Oahu! As you can see, we were able to do a lot with the All-Inclusive Pass. More importantly, we were able to save a ton of money!

I would have liked to see more included attractions on the North Shore (to stack with our Waimea Valley and snorkel rental day), but I do understand that North Shore activities are, for the most part, free!

And while we did find that it was a little tricky to fit in lots of museums in one day (because they all close relatively early–around 4-5 pm), I understand that this is not something Go City has control over!

All in all, we had a great experience and really did find great value with these passes.

One cool thing to note is that the All-Inclusive Pass gets even cheaper the more days you opt for

You can choose between a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-day All-Inclusive Pass. A 7-day pass will be the cheapest from a per-day cost perspective.

Do note that Go City does offer Premium attractions that are only available to those who opt for a pass of 3 days or more.

Note: If you’re still debating whether this pass is right for you, you should know that Go City offers a 365-day cancellation policy! As long as you don’t use your pass at any of the attractions, you’re good to get your money back with their risk-free guarantee.

We had one friend bail on the trip, so we had to request a refund for her pass. After sending out a quick email, we received the refund in just a matter of days! Quick and easy.

If you’re ready to save a whole lot of money on your Oahu vacation, you can buy your passes here.

DEAL ALERT: For a limited time, use the above link + the promo code AFFGOALL for an additional 5% off your Go City pass. This code is valid for any Go City pass in any destination!

Tips For Using Your Go City Oahu Pass

Book in advance

Some attractions require pre-booking, so be sure to check the “Know before you go” section of each attraction on the app for details.

Two weeks before your trip, I recommend you plan out which attractions you want to do for sure. If they require reservations, book them and slot them into your itinerary.

Plan ahead

Some activities and tours may have limited capacity or reduced operating times to ensure Covid-19 safety regulations are met. We recommend checking the official websites for the most up-to-date timings.

We recommend heading to the most popular attractions first to limit wait times. No one needs to spend time on their vacation waiting in line!

You can easily make changes if needed

Making changes to your reservation is easy. Just let the tour company or attraction know that you no longer require a booking slot and they’ll help you cancel.

Go City Pass Alternatives In Oahu

There currently are no alternatives in Oahu for the Go City attraction pass. CityPASS is another brand of attraction pass, but they currently do not operate in Hawaii.

Your other alternative would be to handpick tours/attractions and purchase them individually on sites like Viator and GetYourGuide.

We hope this post helped provide clarity around whether the Go City Oahu pass is right for you! Thank you so much for reading. If you’re looking for more Oahu travel tips, check out some of these other posts:

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