71 Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling and Drinking

Vegas may be known for its lavish casinos, spas, resorts, and nightclubs, but there’s so much more to do in Las Vegas besides spending money, gambling, and partying. Once you veer off the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll get a chance to really see what this city has to offer.

If you’re traveling with kids or are just looking to take a break from partying, gambling, and drinking, rest assured I’ve got you covered with alllll the knowledge.

I’ve probably been to Vegas 25+ times at this point in my life (and as I got older, many of these trips were non-party trips). Papu, my partner in crime, also spent six of his adult years living in Vegas, so we’re super well-versed in Las Vegas activities on the Strip and off of it!

So without further ado, check out some of our favorite things to do in Las Vegas other than gambling!

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Here’s a quick overview of all the useful info you need to plan an awesome trip!

  • When To Go: Las Vegas is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit is during the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November) when the weather is mild and pleasant enough for walking outside. Summers are hot, but the pool parties are poppin’!
  • Where To Stay
    • Park MGM – adorable, affordable, and puts you right on The Strip!
    • Mandalay Bay If you’re looking for pool time, stay here. They’ve got the best of the best pool complex in all of Las Vegas!
    • The Venitian or The Palazzo (they are sister hotels) – huge rooms in a 5-star resort, this is by far my favorite place to stay when visiting Vegas with larger groups.
  • Nearest Airport: Las Vegas is McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • How to Get Around: The easiest way to get around Las Vegas is by car, but there are also taxis, buses, and ride-sharing services available. Walking is also a popular option, especially on the Strip. We recommend using Rentalcars.com to find the best rental car deal.
  • Must-Do’s: Visit the iconic casinos and themed resorts on the Strip, eat a buffet at a resort, catch a live show / concert, check out the Neon Museum off the Strip, and enjoy a few of the immersive digital exhibits at AREA15
  • Before You Go: Pack your comfortable walking shoes, your sunscreen and your sunhat because Las Vegas is hot hot hot! And if you plan on drinking, don’t forget the Liquid IV to help replenish your body.
  • Budget Travel Pro Tip: Midweek stays on The Strip are almost always more affordable than weekend stays. The same room that goes for $300+ a night on a Friday/Saturday might be $70 on Sunday or Monday night! And whatever you do, try to avoid visiting during the days when national conferences are taking place! These tend to drive the hotel prices way up.


The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November.

While you’ll find relatively affordable accommodations and lots of travel deals throughout the year, I recommend the spring and fall seasons because this is when the weather is most pleasant. In March, the weather will be hovering around 70 degrees while in October, the weather will be near the low 80s.

Summers in Las Vegas can be brutally hot. Las Vegas is located in the desert, so daytime temperatures in the summer regularly reach triple digits, which can make exploring the Las Vegas Strip on foot really difficult. August is usually the hottest month in Las Vegas (making it one of the least expensive times to visit). Do note though, sometimes even sitting by the pools in August can get too hot for you to bear!

However, if you’re looking for pool party and day club season and don’t mind the heat, you’ll definitely want to visit during the months of April to September.

If you’re looking for a calmer, quieter version of Las Vegas, winter is the time to visit. You’ll just need to pack a few warm jackets with you! Do note that many pools are closed from October through February.

If you’re looking to save on accommodations, avoid visiting during any important conventions, expos, music festivals, or party holidays (like Halloween or New Year’s Eve). During these holidays and popular convention or festival dates, Las Vegas bookings and prices skyrocket–not fun!

Keep an eye out for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January and EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) in May. Unless you’re attending these shows, save money and choose another weekend to visit.


If this is your first time visiting Las Vegas, I would recommend 3 to 4 days.

Having said that, how many days you spend in Las Vegas will be dependent on what you want to do with your time. If you or your group plan to be spending the majority of your time gambling, drinking, and attending day parties and nightclubs, then 3 days will be just enough to get your fun in. However, you may need to extend your trip by a day or two in order to see the non-party side of Vegas, which you’ll soon see is a ton of fun stuff.

If you’re not in Las Vegas to do any gambling and won’t be spending the majority of the morning lying in bed recuperating from the night and getting over hangovers (a feeling I know all too well from my young-20’s), 3 to 4 days will give you plenty of time to see and do a lot of the fun activities Vegas has to offer.

Obviously, the more time you can spare, the better! Really, there’s a lot of cool stuff in and around Vegas, including various kitschy museums, top-notch restaurants, world-class shows, and even wondrous natural sights like Valley of Fire State Park and the Grand Canyon.

I’ve been to Las Vegas at least 10 times in my adult life, and there are still things on this list I’ve yet to do!


Now let’s actually get into the good stuff! Here are the best things to do in Las Vegas other than drinking or gambling.


Neon Boneyard - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

Explore the history of Las Vegas from a very different perspective as you take a trip back in time through Vegas’s iconic neon signage!

Since 1996, the Neon Museum has collected, preserved, and exhibited Las Vegas signs from the 1930’s onward. The most popular attraction here is the Neon Boneyard of signs.

You can check out the visitor’s center, view the collection within the museum, and stroll through the boneyard on a self-guided tour. Alternatively, there is an hour-long guided tour. The Neon Museum is mostly outdoors and is extremely photogenic, so don’t forget your sunscreen and your camera.

Expect lights and colors all around you! I personally think this is one of the quirkiest and most fun things to do in Las Vegas!


Test your five senses, and fill your belly, at BLACKOUT Dining In The Dark!

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark turns the traditional fine dining experience into an anything-but-traditional all-out sensory experience. You’ll basically be eating in pitch black darkness!

BLACKOUT takes the usual night out it to the next level by serving up their delicious fare in a completely pitch-black dining room. Phones, flashlights or light of any sort aren’t allowed. But that’s what allows your other senses to take the lead and really explore and indulge in your seven-course prix-fixe meal.

You’ll taste, smell, hear, and feel food an entirely unique way, and since the servers come equipped with night vision goggles, you won’t have to worry about each dish making it to your table safely.

But don’t worry, they won’t feed you brains or anything — only delicious dishes made with fresh and seasonal ingredients!

Must be 13 years of age or older to participate!


Arts District Las Vegas Vintage Shopping - TravelsWithElle

The Las Vegas Arts District, also known as “18b”, is an 18-block neighborhood that’s made up of various art galleries, antique shops, local boutiques, cafés, bars, and breweries.

There’s so much packed into just 18 blocks! Spend a few hours walking around the trendy streets, exploring the shops, art murals, and local breweries (such as Craft Haus, HUDL Brewing Co., and Nevada Brew Works). For a top-notch caffeine fix, we especially like Vesta Coffee!

On weekends, they’ll usually have food trucks and live music.

If you love antique hunting as I do, you’ll be glad to know there are over 20 independent shops at Antique Alley that sell vintage furniture, clothing, antiques, and other super unique items.

Arts District Las Vegas Vintage Shopping - TravelsWithElle


First Friday is a long-standing monthly festival and Las Vegas’ premier arts and cultural event. On any given month, you can expect around 15,000 visitors to come together in the Arts District for a district-wide block party. There will be no shortage of food, drink, live music, visual performances, and artists showing off their works of art.

Can’t make Friday but want to catch the art? Preview Thursday (which happens the day before) allows art enthusiasts to view art and mingle with artists without the crowds.


Fremont Street - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

Sorry, you won’t be escaping the neon lights at Fremont Street. Fremont Street is located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. This is a pedestrian-only street and is filled to the brim with touristy live entertainment, dining, and souvenir shopping opportunities, as well as zipline tours, free concerts, and even a free light show.

Viva Vision, the light show, is the largest video screen in the world, and recently got a $32 million upgrade (so you know it’ll be interactive and blinding in the best way possible).

Featured shows run every night at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm, 10:00pm, 11:00pm, 12:00am and 1:00am. The shows run for 6-7 minutes at the top of the hour.

If you want a deeper cultural experience of Fremont Street, check out this Fremont Street Pop Culture Tour, where you’ll discover one of the most famous streets in Las Vegas and hear the stories of how Sin City got its start.


If you or anyone in your group are adrenaline junkies, this one is for you! Don’t miss SlotZilla, located in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience.

SlotZilla is an 11-story slot machine-inspired zip line attraction and is one of the best (yet touristy) things to do in Las Vegas. SlotZilla offers two ways to fly, the lower Zip-Zilla (Zipline) and upper Superhero Zoom (Zoomline). If you want maximum thrills, opt for the Zoomline.


Let out your inner Viking or fearless barbarian at Axehole Vegas, where you can throw a variety of weaponry and feel like a true warrior!

This indoor axe-throwing spot on Fremont Street is open seven days a week and offers sessions by the hour where you can test out all of their weaponry, which includes spears, ninja stars, metal throwing cards, shovels, and of course, the classic axe!

Should you need to let out a little more steam, they even have a smash room where you get 15 minutes to demolish ANYTHING and everything around you. If you want to rage with your friends and destroy some things, you’ve gotta add Axehole to your itinerary!


Area15 Las Vegas - Travels With Elle

AREA15 has got to be one of the coolest additions to Las Vegas, like ever. AREA15 is a truly immersive playground, all rolled up nicely into a vast and vibrant space. This 200,000 square foot immersive art collective is buzzing with all things creative and imaginative.

Throw an ax or two, play games at Emporium arcade bar, wander through a ‘supermarket’ that makes you question reality, race on a zip line, take in high-tech / colorful art installations, or explore one of the many virtual reality experiences.

From retro to futuristic, family-friendly to thrill-seeking, there’s an experience for everyone at AREA15. Learn more about the current exhibits here (many of them require separate tickets).

If you find yourself experiencing sensory overload like we did and are having trouble choosing what to do, we’ve got you covered! If you only have time for one attraction, choose Omega Mart by Meow Wolf. You can expect to spend 3 to 5 hours inside this attraction alone.

If you’re more into space-themed experiences, Illuminarium is a great option for you! This experience features all the new cutting-edge tech to deliver you the most immersive show, such as 4K interactive projection, 360-degree audio, in-floor vibrations, and scent systems.

Among the immersive exhibits, you’ll also find a handful of retail stores, as well as an ice-cream shop and a food court.


Resorts World is Las Vegas’ newest resort, blending luxury with top-notch technology that will impress any traveler. The outside of the resort, covered in bright LED screens, is just as impressive as what lies within!

The most eye-catching piece of art within the resort is the 50-foot-tall Globe that sits in The District shopping esplanade. The Globe, covered in little LED panels, offers an immersive art experience featuring bright lights and music!

You can catch a short show every hour on the hour from noon to 1 a.m.


Take a worldwide culinary tour at Resorts World, no passport required! Never in Las Vegas have so many different kinds of cuisine been featured under one roof.

With more than 40 food and beverage experiences to explore, Resorts World Las Vegas offers more globally inspired dishes than any other destination on the Strip. Just to name a few, you can find restaurants like Genting Palace, Kusa Nori, Bar Zazu, Fuhu, and Brezza here.

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that you’ll be able to experience Famous Foods Street Eats at Resorts World! This concept, inspired by the energetic street markets of Southeast Asia, features a curated collection of pan-Asian eateries such as Streetbird, Tiger Sugar (boba), Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den, and Nori Bar.


Whenever we’re in town, we always make time to spend a few hours at Game Nest Arcade. Game Nest is a pay-by-the-hour arcade. What you pay is nothing compared to how much you’ll play once you get in!

Once you pay for your time and head inside, you’ll notice that all the arcade games are on free play. They also have an area where you can plan Xbox One, PS5, and Nintendo Switch (all of which are also included in the hourly price).

If you love relatively expensive arcade games (like Dance Dance Revolution, Time Crisis, Mario Kart, Air Hockey, or even that Jurassic Park shooting game), then head here to play until you can’t play no mo’. My favorite at Game Nest? Hogging the Dance Dance Revolution machines (free dancing workout–how could I resist).


I’m not even sure if people still like M&Ms, but this huge, colorful M&M store sure is fun to visit. Expect lots of photo ops, perfect for the kids! You can literally find every color and every flavor of M&M at M&M World Las Vegas.

Not digging what’s on the shelves? Make your own M&Ms then! In just 2 minutes, guests can create their very own one-of-a-kind M&M’S with the personalized M&M printer, combining customized messages and a variety of images.

Pro Tip: Be mindful that the cost of the candy you fill into bags can quickly add up, so don’t go too crazy.


Fantasy Lab Las Vegas - Things To Do In Las Vegas
Courtesy of Fantasy Lab

Fantasy Lab – Immersive Experience at the Fashion Show Mall combines the digital work of multiple artists nd visionaries into one common space. The outcome? A collection of immersive digital art that almost feels like a portal to multiple dimensions!

This immersive experience features seven separate spaces titled Labyrinth, Circus, Stars, Nightmare, Kaleidoscope, Insomnia, and Enlightenment, that come to life using LED lights, mirrors, and more to transport you to what feels like seven different worlds.

With stunning visuals, enchanting soundscapes, and mind-bending illusions, these exhibits will leave you mesmerized and wishing you didn’t have to leave!


Eataly Park MGM Review - Is This A Good Vegas Hotel To Stay At?

Eataly is an Italian marketplace and restaurant complex located within Park MGM Las Vegas that is a complete foodie’s paradise. It’s even been called a gastronomic theme park for foodies! The massive space that makes up Eataly features several different restaurants, including a pizza and pasta bar, a seafood-focused restaurant, and a wine bar.

You can also grab coffee and pastries, get a scoop of gelato, or shop for high-quality Italian ingredients and products to take home.

No matter the time of day, you can always stop by Eataly for a scoop of ice cream or a glass of wine. Or perhaps an Aperol Spritz!


Park MGM Las Vegas Hotel Review - Is It Worth Staying At?

Park Theater is where all the magic happens!

This state-of-the-art theater near Park MGM and Eataly is a popular venue for concerts and events, with a capacity of up to 5,200 guests. The theater has hosted some of the biggest names in music, including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Cher.

At any given week, there’s at least one show or musical performance happening here. Be sure to check out their events calendar for all the latest shows.

And whether or not there’s a show going on, you can hang out at The Park, an outdoor dining and entertainment district located just outside of Park MGM.

Not only will you find a decent range of restaurants, bars, and live entertainment, but the area is also home to several public art installations, including a 40-foot-tall sculpture of a woman’s head! Don’t miss the pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe before it disappears!


Experience Downtown Container Park, an open-air shopping center filled with boutique retail shops, various restaurants, and live entertainment– located in the heart of Las Vegas! Architecturally, this spot’s pretty unique as shipping containers have been turned into shops and restaurants.

Kids will love the interactive playground featuring The Treehouse, while adults can eat and relax while enjoying free concerts, movies, and more on the main stage. Oh yeah, there is also a giant praying mantis that shoots out flames at the entrance (night time only)!

Pro Tip: If you’re a Las Vegas local, check out some special discounts and offers just for you.


Circus Circus - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

I don’t care what anyone says, Circus Circus is still great. I loved coming here as a kid, and needless to say, I still love Circus Circus to this day!

Circus Circus Las Vegas is a hotel and casino located on the northern Las Vegas Strip. It’s great fun for people of all ages, especially if you’re looking for a circus/carnival that never ends. There are free circus acts that take place all day, right in the middle of the Carnival Midway. On top of the classic carnival games, you can also play oodles of arcade games and video games at the Midway.

Looking for more thrills? Don’t miss The Adventuredome. More on that later when we start talking about roller coasters.


Area15 Las Vegas - Travels With Elle

At 1,149 feet tall, the Stratosphere Observation Deck is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. With 360 degree views of Las Vegas and the surrounding desert, you simply can’t miss it if you love panoramic views.

If you thought views were all the Stratosphere offered, you’d be very wrong. In addition to the observation platform with a rotating restaurant, the tower also contains the tallest bungee jumping opportunity in the world (SkyJump), a variety of crazy rides perfect for thrill-seekers (SkyPod), and the highest bar in all of Las Vegas.

The SkyJump features an outdoor jump from 855 feet above The Strip, holding the Guinness World Record as the highest commercial controlled descent. You’ll be zooming toward a landing pad at speeds up to 40 mph (oh my goodness). You will have access to both indoor and outdoor observation decks with your jump.

The Stratosphere also hosts three thrill rides for adventure seekers at the SkyPod: Big Shot, Insanity, and X-Scream. I live for coasters, and even my palms are getting sweaty thinking about them. Learn more about the rides here.

If you’re super excited about all of them and can’t pick just one, there is a SkyPod Unlimited Ride Pass available. Ride as many rides as you like in one day!

NOTE: Both the SkyPod and the SkyJump attractions are free/included with a Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass!


Mizumi - Romantic Things To Do In Las Vegas

If you didn’t already know, Las Vegas is a foodie mecca. World-renowned chefs from all over the globe have opened up restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, meaning there are virtually endless dining options to choose from.

Looking for a fancy meal but don’t know where to start? Check out a few of these popular dining experiences: Nobu (at Caesar’s), Bouchon (at The Venetian), STK (at The Cosmo), Momofuku and Milkbar (both also The Cosmo), SW (steakhouse at The Wynn), etc.

A lot of the fine dining restaurants in Las Vegas provide you with a relaxing, ambient, and romantic atmosphere. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Nobu at Caesars Palace – The restaurant and lounge offers a stylish experience of luxury and hospitality. You’ll feast on imported Asian and Japanese fish, imported seafood and exotic delicacies. There’s also vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Your date will love this experience from start to finish!
  • Bavette’s Steakhouse in Park MGM – The steaks are the main attraction at this steakhouse, but the restaurant has a bit of French flair. It’s a romantic place to dine due to the dimmed lights, creates a calm (and seductive) mood that’s welcome on any date.
  • Mizumi at The Wynn – At Mizumi, you and your date will be transported to Japan instantly. You’ll get to sit alongside a koi pond and a 90-foot waterfall while feasting on Japanese-inspired fine dining. Mizumi features a robatayaki bar, a teppanyaki room, fresh sushi and sashimi, and Japanese dishes.
  • Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens – Because every woman gets a rose when they dine at Hugo’s Cellar, you already know this is a spot in Las Vegas meant for couples! As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll forget all about the craziness of the nearby Fremont Street Experience and the sounds of the casino floor above. This old-school restaurant (from 1966) features traditional table-side salads from a cart and is well known for their steaks and seafood tower. Don’t miss the Bananas Foster dessert!


Can’t decide on just one or two restaurants? Consider a food tour! There are lots of food tours that will take you to hole-in-the-walls, restaurants on the strip, off the strip, and so much more. Check out these highly recommended ones:

  • Downtown Vegas Sightseeing and Foodie Tour – Combine Las Vegas food and sightseeing on a 3-hour downtown walking tour that explores the city’s distinctive flavors. Head from the shipping container boutiques at Container Park, through local hangouts, to a stroll down Fremont Street as you taste the best of Downtown Vegas.
  • Secret Food Tours Las Vegas – A 3-hour walking tour that introduces you to some of the most sought-after restaurants run by chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller. Stroll along The Strip as you taste delicious cuisines in the culinary wonder of Las Vegas.


New York New York Las Vegas - TravelsWithElle

This is definitely an overpriced tourist trap, but if you’re itching to get your adrenaline running, then just do it. At the New York New York hotel, you can ride a thrilling roller coaster–right on the strip.

It’s called The Big Apple Coaster and prices range from $19 to $23 depending on weekend/weekday pricing. It’s popular, so we recommend securing your Big Apple Coaster tickets here in advance to avoid long ticket lines!

After you ride the roller coaster, either head inside to stroll around the hotel or soak in the awesome views from the outside.


Adventure Dome Circus Circus

Aside from the coaster at New York New York, there are a few roller coasters inside Circus Circus’ Adventure Dome. Here, you can ride some very exhilarating indoor roller coasters, play laser tag, and enjoy theme park classics including a swinging ship and bumper cars.

Adventure Dome is still super fun to walk around, even if you don’t want to play or ride anything. There are lots of family-friendly attractions to check out as well. Adventure Dome is open seven days a week.


Riding a gondola is such a unique (albeit a bit touristy) thing to do in Las Vegas! At the Venetian Resort, you can hop onto a gondola that will take you through or around the property. On the indoor gondola ride, you will float beneath bridges, beside cafes, and under balconies, all while coasting down the Grand Canal.

There is also an outdoor gondola for those who want a different experience. The Outdoor Ride operates on a seasonal and weather permitting basis. Prices start at $29 per person.

After your gondola ride, walk over to Bouchon Bakery for some delicious pastries (some of the best on the strip)!

Want to visit Madame Tussauds wax museum too? This ticket gives you both a soothing gondola ride and admission to Madame Tussauds: Las Vegas Super Saver – Madame Tussauds with Gondola Boat Ride


This one is perfect for families and those traveling with kids. Enjoy dinner and a show at the Excalibur Casino Resort! If you’re a medieval fan like me, you’ll love the Tournament of Kings.

You can expect knights on horses, pyrotechnics, special effects, and a three-course meal eaten with your hands!


Bellagio Fountains - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

Bellagio’s famous free water fountain show is not to be missed. If you haven’t seen it yet, take some time to see it for yourself at least once. This free water show features lights and music (genres include classical, opera, Broadway, and even pop songs) to give visitors a quintessentially Vegas experience.

The fountain show runs every half hour during the day and every 15 minutes in the evening. We recommend catching it in the evening.


cirque du soleil - TravelsWithElle

Las Vegas is renowned for its extensive collection of shows and concerts that take place within many casino resorts and entertainment venues. From comedic performances to concerts, magic shows to tribute shows, there really is no shortage of entertainment here.

When in Vegas, you really should try to make time to see one of these world-class performances! Many of them are award-winning and have existed for decades because they’re just that good (David Copperfield, I’m lookin’ at you!)

Take a look at what’s scheduled while you’re here, there’s something for guests of all ages!

Check out a complete list of Las Vegas shows here.


KA by Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

I know I mentioned shows above, but the Cirque Du Soleil shows really need to be called out as an independent activity.

The most popular shows in town hands-down are the Cirque Du Soleil shows! From time to time, they’ll pop out new show themes and close down others. The show concepts are always rotating!

There are currently 5 different shows that play at different hotels, and all are equally extravagant and captivating.

  1. “O” by Cirque du Soleil: This aquatic-themed show takes place in a massive pool and features synchronized swimmers, acrobats, and divers performing stunning stunts and feats of strength.
  2. Mystère by Cirque du Soleil: This show features a range of acrobatic acts, including aerialists, trapeze artists, and contortionists. The show also includes a range of comedic skits and live music.
  3. KÀ by Cirque du Soleil: This show features a range of martial arts-inspired acrobatics, including sword fighting, acrobatics, and aerial stunts. There is also a massive, rotating stage that is the center of the show!
  4. Michael Jackson ONE: This show is a tribute to the music and legacy of Michael Jackson, featuring a range of acrobatic acts and dance numbers set to classic Michael Jackson songs.
  5. Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil – Features a healthy mix of high-flying acrobatics, music, dance, comedy, and magic celebrating the city that never sleeps!



Save your stomach for one (or two) epic meals while you’re in Vegas. Some of our favorite buffets include Bacchanal at Caesar’s Palace and M Buffet at M Hotel. Unlimited crab legs and all-you-can-drink mimosas? We’re so there.

You better try to eat 3 full plates of food, at a minimum!

Pro Tip: Red Rock Resort also has a great breakfast buffet at Feast Buffet Restaurant, and it’s even cheaper if you sign up for the Player’s Card (they’ll send you periodic coupons to eat at the buffet).



Near UNLV, you’ll find a ton of amazing Asian food, including all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, sushi joints, and more. Our current favorite? All-you-can-eat sushi. Now before you roll your eyes at this, there’s something you need to know.

While most out-of-towners think AYCE sushi equates to a buffet table with questionable, discolored fish, Vegas AYCE sushi is far from that. In Las Vegas, AYCE sushi is served fresh, made-to-order. Diners can expect to pay a set price and order whatever they like from a menu that might include everything from nigiri and sashimi to udon and chicken karaage.

Sakana Sushi and Sushi Mon are our favorites, both offering unlimited made-to-order sushi and many other Japanese dishes. The fish is so fresh (the fish to rice ratio is unlike many other AYCE places) and for the price? You really can’t beat it.


Come face-to-face with some of nature’s most exotic and majestic animals at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Located at The Mirage, guests can observe the bottlenose dolphins, lions, tigers and leopards at the Secret Garden, as well as enjoy the beautiful lush foliage and jungle-themed music.

For an extra fee, you can get the VIP behind-the-scenes tours where you can spend an entire day as a trainer, complete with time in the pool with the dolphins. You’ll even get to do artwork with them!



If you’re a vintage arcade lover or pinball geek, this one is for you. The Pinball Hall of Fame contains 10,000 square feet of classic pinball machine games. It’s seriously a great place to go both with kids or just as a group of grown adults.

There is no admission price to get in–yes, it’s free to wander around! When you’re in, play as little or as much as you would like. Many games range from $.25 to $1.

The Pinball Hall of Fame is an inexpensive way for the whole family to have a good time for a few hours! Their new location is next to the iconic Las Vegas sign, down from Mandalay Bay.


The Mob Museum offers a comprehensive glimpse into the life of organized crime! Experience how various mobs and gangs have been portrayed in the media, learn about their roles during the Prohibition Era, and more. Where else can you get such an experience?

NOTE: Admission to The Mob Museum is free/included with the Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass.


Chocolate lovers, this one is for you. Ethel M.’s Chocolate Factory is the best chocolate experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. They offer premium chocolate and wine tastings, a self-guided factory viewing aisle, a three-acre cactus garden, and a gourmet gift shop.

Visiting Ethel M’s is completely free, so after enjoying the cactus garden, plan to pick up some gourmet chocolates and tasty treats to bring home!


Minus 5 Ice Bar - Things To Do Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Ok, I know this post is supposed to focus on non-drinking activities, but this one is just so unique I had to include it!

Mandalay Bay’s ice lounge, Minus5 Ice Bar, is the perfect way to cool down after spending a long day in the scorching Las Vegas sun. This immersive ice bar contains over 90 tons of ice. What you’ll find is that everything inside the lounge is made of ice, including the walls, the bar, the cups, and even the seats!

Choose your package, get dressed up in fur jackets (they’ll supply the gear), and get your drink on! If you like being cold, definitely add this to your list. It’s pricey, but a lot of fun.


Spa At Encore

As with everything else on the strip, spas are over the top here. What that means is that you’ll be able to access some really unique and premium spa experiences that are hard to find elsewhere!

Almost every hotel on the Las Vegas strip has a spa of its own, where you will not only get treatment (massage or facial), but you will also get a day pass to access their spa amenities. The amenities are what make a day at the spa so enjoyable! You can expect saunas, salt caves, steam rooms, meditation rooms, and even snow rooms.

If you are looking for a day of pampering, soaking, and relaxation, very few other cities can outdo Las Vegas. Here are a few of the best spas in Vegas:

  • The Spa at Encore – Awarded the Forbes Five-star Award, this Moroccan reatreat-inspired spa features dozens of luxurious treatment rooms that you can enjoy during your time there.
  • The Spa at ARIA – Another luxuriously tranquil option! You can start by taking a dip in the infinity therapy pool, getting a couples massage, then go“rock bathing” on Ganbanyoku beds (slabs of heated black silica), and finally lounge while breathing in the Himalayan salt-infused air in the halotherapy room.
  • Canyon Ranch Spa at The Venetian – Spanning more than 134,000-sq-ft, this spa is a must-do. With a day pass to the spa and fitness center, you can try out the indoor climbing wall, take yoga classes, and indulge in the Aquavana spa experience (which includes a hydro spa, Finnish sauna, crystal steam room, dry sauna, “experiential rains”, and even an igloo).


High Roller Observation Wheel - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

The LINQ’s High Roller Observation Wheel is the world’s tallest observation wheel. A ride on this wheel will bring you 550 feet above the ground on your 30-minute revolution. Choose between a standard cabin or a Happy Half Hour cabin (unlimited drinks at the open bar for 30 minutes). While you’re up there, enjoy the 360-degree views of Downtown Las Vegas and beyond.

High Roller Observation Wheel tickets start at $23.50 for adults.

NOTE: A High Roller Observation Wheel daytime pass is free/included with a Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass.


Blue Man Group Las Vegas

The Blue Man Group at The Luxor is a Las Vegas classic. This high-energy show is perfect for all ages, and will leave you feeling entertained and amazed.

The Blue Man Group is best known for their wild onstage antics and fun, catchy tunes. But there’s also a lot of heart to the show, which makes it perfect for families. You’ll laugh, you’ll dance, and you might even shed a few tears – but you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

As with many other Las Vegas shows, you’re going to want to grab your tickets ahead of time!


The Fall of Atlantis show is one of the most popular free things to do in Las Vegas. The show tells the story of the legendary city of Atlantis through a combination of special effects, puppetry, and live actors.

The show is located in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, which is one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Las Vegas. The Forum Shops are home to over 160 stores and restaurants, making it the perfect place to spend a day with the family.

The Fall of Atlantis show is a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas with children, too! The combination of excitement, education, and entertainment make it an unforgettable experience for kids and adults alike.


The CBS Television City Research Center at MGM Grand is a great place for families to enjoy some quality time together. With a variety of TV-related things to do, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

From watching television shows being filmed live, to taking part in interactive research studies, to simply enjoying the atmosphere and people-watching, CBS Television City Research Center is a great place to spend a few hours in Las Vegas.


FlyOver Las Vegas
Courtesy of FlyOver

Almost like Disneyland California Adventure’s Soarin, this is one of Vegas’ newest and hottest attractions! FlyOver allows you to experience the sensation of flying without really leaving the ground.

FlyOver uses immersive, state-of-the-art technology that gives you the unmistakable feeling of flight. Sit with your feet dangling before a massive spherical screen while the film of your choice whisks you away on a journey “far, far away”.

You’ll get the sensation that you’re dipping, diving, and gliding over awe-inspiring landscapes–all without leaving The Strip. Special effects, including wind, mist, and scents, combine with the motion of the ride to create an unforgettable experience.

You can choose between experiences like Iceland, Canadian Rockies, and The Real Wild West!

You can even refresh and unwind at the Lost Cactus Bar before or after your flight ride.


Any Hunger Games fans out there? The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is an immersive exhibition located at the MGM Grand and features a range of interactive exhibits and displays based on the popular book and movie franchise, The Hunger Games.

The exhibition includes costumes, props, and sets from the films, as well as interactive experiences like archery and a virtual reality experience. It’s perfect for people who are obsessed with this book series!


Put on the VR headset and pick up your gun controller. You and your group are about to be transported into the virtual world!

Zero Latency is a free-roam virtual reality experience, also located at the MGM Grand, offering both kids and adults alike a range of immersive VR games and experiences.

Once in, you’re free to move and explore as you please — just like you do in the real world. You’re completely untethered! There aren’t any wires or walls to get in the way of your virtual-reality adventures.

The digital experiences use cutting-edge technology to create a fully immersive environment, allowing players to move and interact within the virtual world. Some of the games and experiences available at Zero Latency include zombie survival, space exploration, and multiplayer shooter games.


The Ultimate 4D Experience at the Excalibur Las Vegas is a family-friendly, thrilling, and in-your-face attraction that combines 3D visuals, motion seats, and special effects to create a fully immersive experience.

When you visit the Ultimate 4D Experience, you can expect to be transported to another world as you watch 3D movies on a massive screen while sitting in a motion seat that moves and vibrates in sync with the action on the screen.

As the movie plays, you will feel like you are part of the action, with special effects like wind, water, and scents adding to the immersive experience. Some of the movies available at the Ultimate 4D Experience include roller coaster rides, deep sea adventures, and space exploration. The choice of your immersive adventure is yours!


During the holiday season, The Cosmopolitan resort transforms its Boulevard Pool area into a winter wonderland, complete with an ice rink and gently falling snow to make it feel like you’re in a real-life snow globe. You can glide around the rink to the sounds of Christmas music while enjoying the views of the Strip from the rooftop!

After your ice skating activity, you can indulge in one of the creative holiday cocktails such as Bad Santa, The Ugly Sweater, and Campfire Delight. If you’re not feeling like drinks, sit back and cook up some s’mores!

The ice rink is typically open from November to early January.


There are so many luxury malls along the Las Vegas Strip to explore. Sure, the shops may be out of your budget, but window shopping is always fun too! Who knows, peek in and you might even catch some celebrities shopping! (I’ve seen John Legend and Chrissy Teigen shopping for shoes once!)

The main malls on the strip are the Fashion Show Mall, Shops at the Crystals, Miracle Mile, and the Grand Canal Shops.


Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on retail prices? Head to the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets instead. Luxury brands at discounted prices? Yes, please. Expect brands like Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, Rag and Bone, BCBG, and much more.

The Las Vegas North Premium Outlets is located near Downtown Las Vegas and the Arts District.

Pro Tip: These outlets are better than The Las Vegas South Outlets!


Featuring 180 acres of green space, the Springs Preserve sits in the middle of the city, providing travelers with a much-needed break from the city lights.

With several gardens featuring the largest collection of Mojave Desert cacti and succulent plants in the region, a hiking trail, archeological sites, and a butterfly habitat, it’s no wonder why people love this spot.

Traveling with children? Kids will especially love the Garbage Truck Theater and Compost Crawl!


Learn all about the history of America’s nuclear testing program at the Atomic Testing Museum! Here, you’ll get to explore the full 70-year story of the nuclear testing weapons program that took place in Nevada.

You’ll even see a nuclear reactor that was used in the development of the nuclear rocket and the first air-to-air missile, the Genie.


Marvel Exhibit Museum of Science And Industry - 1 Day Chicago Itinerary

Ever wanted to be a part of The Avengers? Well, your dream might actually come true at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Las Vegas! Set out on a mission and train to become an agent of S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Your goal here is to interactively assemble case files on each of the characters and move on to become a qualified member of the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

You’ll get to see a range of props and Avengers equipment from the movies, including Captain America’s uniform and shield, Bruce Banner’s laboratory, Hawkeye and Black Widow weapons, Ant-Man’s helmet, Iron Man’s MK 45 suit, and much more. You can even map the stars to find Asgard and battle Ultron!

NOTE: This attraction is free/included with a Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass


The Tech Interactive San Jose South Bay

If you or your group are into science and human biology, this attraction will be perfect. At REAL BODIES, you can learn everything there is to know about the human body.

With 20 human bodies carefully dissected and over 200 preserved specimens, REAL BODIES at Bally’s is the largest anatomy display on the Las Vegas Strip. REAL BODIES explores what it means to be alive and aims to teach visitors about the inner workings of life through 11 artistic galleries.

All in all, this is a very cool and educational attraction worth visiting in Las Vegas!

NOTE: This attraction is free/included with a Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass


Nearby Attractions at Luxor - Mandalay Bay Review

See more than 250 recovered items from the sunken luxury ocean liner on display at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Las Vegas. This super interesting exhibit is located at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

History buffs and fans of the Titanic movie will get to explore replicas of the ship’s opulent Grand Staircase and cabins, and view a large piece of its original hull. You’ll learn about the stories of passengers on the 1912 voyage and get to see interesting artifacts including luggage and even an unopened bottle of Champagne found among the wreckage.


Sharf Reef Aquarium Las Vegas

The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino is North America’s only predator-based aquarium. This impressive aquarium is home to 2,000 marine animals, including sawfish, giant rays, sea turtles, piranha, rare golden crocodiles and of course sharks. Lots of them!

Get up close and personal with 100+ sharks of 15 different species, explore two underwater tunnels, and experience Sea Monsters Revealed, the world’s largest exhibit of uniquely preserved sea creatures!


Mandalay Bay Review - Mandalay Beach Pool Complex

Mandalay Bay Beach is a world-famous 11-acre aquatic playground featuring real sand and a huge wave pool. You can ride the tides in the wave pool, flow with the lazy river, lounge in a pool, and grab a bite at Beach Bar and Grill when you get hungry.

In addition to the above, the resort has a pool area with 3 heated pools. All in all, with the wave pool and the Shark Reef Aquarium, Mandalay Bay is one of the most family-friendly hotels on the strip!

Read more: Mandalay Bay Review: Is This Vegas Hotel Worth Staying At?


Escape rooms are popping up everywhere, so why not in Las Vegas too? If you’re into problem-solving with your friends/family under time pressure, this activity is for you! Not only are escape rooms super fun and interactive, but you’ll also be able to bond with your team members and practice your teamwork skills.

There are a ton of escape rooms to choose from in Vegas, but we’ve narrowed down the list to these three great options:

  • Las Vegas Escape Game Adventure – choose from four different game styles, including Prison Break, Gold Rush, Playground, and The Heist.
  • The Official SAW Escape Experience Las Vegas – For those looking for a creepier escape experience that brings to life twisted games inspired by the blockbuster SAW film franchise!
  • Number One Escape Room – You can choose your escape scenario from four different themed rooms: The Cabin, Red Riding Hood, Double Crossed, and Big Foot Sighting in Las Vegas


Topgolf is a premier virtual golfing venue. There are 107 climate-controlled hitting bays on four levels, a sleek pool with private cabanas and VIP suites, five bars and more. All my guy friends love it here!

Golf not your thing? Topgolf Las Vegas welcomes guests of all ages and skill levels, not just the pros. There’s shuffleboard, cornhole, and swimming! All in all, Topgolf is a great place to spend a few hours with the family.


Tour the Techatticup Mine based in Eldorado Canyon to see the oldest, richest, and most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada (it ran from 1861 until 1942). Located only 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, visitors can take a formal tour of the mines and caverns, as well as rent canoes and kayaks to navigate the Colorado River.

There are even fun movie backdrops where you can do photoshoots, movie shoots, or make music videos. You can even get married here!

Want to pair a tour of the Eldorado Canyon Mine with an exhilarating ATV ride? Check out this combo tour here, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore Eldorado Canyon and the Techatticup gold mine while off-roading on ATV or UTV.


If you ask me, horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon during sunset cannot be beaten. It’s literally one of the most romantic things you could do in Las Vegas!

There are lots of guided horseback riding tours that will take you and your loved one into the rugged, wide-open beauty of the Nevada desert. After watching the desert sunset over Las Vegas Valley, you’ll follow it up with a barbeque dinner and s’mores by a cowboy campfire under the stars.

Many of the tours also include round-trip transfers from select Las Vegas hotels, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Red Rock Canyon - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

Located only 17 miles from the Strip, Red Rock Canyon is the perfect outdoor excursion for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon features a one-way 13-mile scenic drive (must-do), various hiking and trails, plants, wildlife, geology, camping, and much more.

In terms of hiking, there are both easy and challenging trails to choose from, making this a great option if you want to burn off all those buffet calories. Some of the most popular hikes here include:

  • Calico Tanks Trail (2.2 miles roundtrip)
  • Turtlehead Peak Trail (4.6 miles roundtrip)
  • Ice Box Canyon Trail (2.3 miles roundtrip)

If you’d rather not deal with the logistics of how to get there (or want to visit the park without hiking), consider these fun, guided tours:


Located only 50 miles away from the Strip, Valley of the Fire SP sits patiently waiting for you in the Mojave Desert. Valley Of Fire State Park is by far my favorite hiking destination in the Las Vegas area. The natural formations in this park are drop-dead gorgeous!

Named for its distinctive red sandstone formations,  Valley of Fire is a must-see for every hiker or adventurer that happens to be in Las Vegas. While you’re here, check out Native American petroglyphs (from the Anasazi people), the famous Atlatl Rock, and other stunning viewpoints.

If you only have time to do one hike, make it the Fire Wave, White Domes, and Seven Wonders Loop. Seriously, make time to visit Valley Of Fire SP–you won’t regret it.

If you’d rather visit Valley Of Fire without having to worry about the logistics or the itinerary, consider going on a 6-hour guided tour from Las Vegas.


Seven Magic Mountains - Best Las Vegas to Los Angeles Road Trip Stops - Travels With Elle

A quick 15-20 minute drive out of The Strip area will bring you to one of the coolest art installations in all of Vegas. Seven Magic Mountains is a public installation of seven towers made up of painted, stacked boulders that stand more than 30 feet high. The art installation was created by Ugo Rondinone and commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art.

These colorful rock totems look so darn cool against the dusty barren desert landscape! This is a fun and free photo op–worth the quick drive out of Las Vegas.

Address: S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89054


If you’ve ever been curious about what it would be like to drive a super-fast, luxurious car (think Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or Aston Martins), check out the driving experience package offered by Exotics Racing.

Choose from 13 different supercars and race around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. All necessary equipment will be provided, as well as race coaching, a safety briefing and some practice runs. Reach speeds up to 130 mph on their race track, including a 1,800 foot straightaway and seven turns.


Lake Mead - Things To Do In Las Vegas

Lake Mead, located about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, can be a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of Sin City. Lake Mead is a big deal around these parts because it’s actually America’s first and largest national recreation area. It’s a complete desert oasis with 700 miles of shoreline, epic sunsets, Joshua trees galore, and all that water to play in.

If you’re looking for a relaxing day outdoors, you can sunbathe, fish, swim, boat, bike, hike, enjoy the scenic drives, and even go tubing. Alternatively, you can just pack a picnic and just eat, relax, and soak in the desert views surrounding you!

If you want to spend some time on the water but don’t want to put in the effort to drive a boat yourself, don’t miss the opportunity to do one of the Lake Mead cruises! Many of these cruises will take you past Boulder Rocks into Black Canyon and to the edge of Hoover Dam.


Colorado River - Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

Escape the bustle of Las Vegas and opts for a day out in enchanting scenery from the water’s edge. On this half-day kayaking trip along the Colorado River, you will make your own way to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area to set off on a 4-mile kayaking trip.

As you paddle along, be sure to soak up the awe-inspiring scenery! Your guide will likely have everyone pause for a swim, point out the wildlife, and teach you all about the area’s history.


Hoover Dam Nevada

Hoover Dam is located in Black Canyon, just minutes away from Las Vegas. Named one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century, Hoover Dam continues to draw crowds 80 years after its creation.

For those of you who don’t yet understand the significance of Hoover Dam, it is the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, standing at more than 725 feet above the Colorado River. Additionally, it’s a National Historic Landmark.

The best way to enjoy it? Hop out of your car and walk around! While there are more than enough things to see and enjoy at Hoover Dam, visitors can even walk across the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. The 1,905-foot-long man-made bridge connects both Nevada and Arizona roadways, so the fact that it’s named after two heroes from each state is quite fitting.

Don’t have a car or would rather not be bothered with the logistics? Visit the Hoover Dam on this 6.5-hour tour from Las Vegas (with lunch included).

NOTE: A Hoover Dam Highlights Tour is free/included with a 3, 4, or 5-day Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass.


Fly over the Pahrump valley in a colorful hot air balloon on an exciting and ultra-scenic tour in the sky. You’ll get an incredible opportunity to see Las Vegas, the Red Rock Mountains, and the Southwest Valley at sunrise–the most beautiful time of the day!

Each flight takes nearly an hour long and includes a champagne toast as you gently float into the sky. You’ll climb as high as 10,000 feet over Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Strip - Ultimate List of Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gambling or Drinking - Travels With Elle

Interested in soaring over the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip in a helicopter? On a nighttime helicopter tour of The Strip, you’ll get the chance to fly past all the most iconic viewpoints, including the MGM Grand, the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and more. Your flight covers approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) and includes a celebratory glass of sparkling wine!

I know, it’s not cheap. But if you choose to fly over the Las Vegas Strip, I would definitely opt to see it at night! Make sure to bring your cameras and get ready for a ride of a lifetime.

NOTE: The Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour is free/included with a 3, 4, or 5-day Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass.


Battlefield Las Vegas is the place to go if you want to try your hand at shooting a gun. It’s an indoor/outdoor shooting range where you can choose from a number of gun range experiences. There are over 1000 different weapons systems to choose from. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can even crush a car with a tank! Where else can you really do that?

With this Battlefield Las Vegas tour, visitors can organize hotel pick-up/drop-off in a Humvee to take them to their Battlefield Las Vegas shooting experience.


Ever heard of the Grand Canyon? I’m sure you have! The Grand Canyon West region is only a short 3-hour drive from Las Vegas and is best seen on a guided tour (especially if you don’t want to spend your precious time driving).

Explore the magnificent landmarks of Arizona with a day trip to the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim on this luxury bus tour. Your professional bus driver will be trained to provide you with interesting facts about the history, flora, and fauna of this natural wonder.

Along the drive to the canyon, you will get to stop along historic Route 66 to see the Grand Canyon Caverns. These hundred-year-old natural caverns are incredible to see in themselves. Once you arrive at the South Rim, enjoy stops along the rim such as Mather Point and Bright Angel Lodge. Explore popular attractions in the Grand Canyon National Park such as El Tovar, Hopi House, Kolb Photo Studio, and the Bright Angel Trail!

Another Grand Canyon tour to consider:

  • Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour & Hoover Dam Photo Stop – This full-day tour allows you to enjoy a hot, sit-down breakfast at a restaurant en route to the West Rim. This tour also includes a bonus stop at the Hoover Dam Memorial Bridge where you can capture incredible photos of the Dam! Once at the Grand Canyon, a BBQ lunch on the canyon rim is included.


The Perfect California Desert Road Trip - Travels With Elle

Death Valley National Park is a really unique place that’ll have you thinking you’re on another planet. It’s home to the lowest point of elevation in North America, and it’s also the site of the hottest temperature recorded on the continent.

Death Valley National Park is only a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas, making it the perfect day trip! Explore the park’s beautiful salt pans, sand dunes, Badwater Basin, and more during your day trip to Death Valley.

And if you would rather not drive or worry about planning out what sites to see, there are many tours that can take you out there:


Vegas is the perfect jumping-off point for an epic road trip to Zion National Park (and/or Bryce National Park). I’ve taken two previous road trips from Vegas to Zion National Park and am dying to hop back in the car for my third!

Don’t have time for a 5-day road trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks? There are group tours that make visiting both parks in one day possible.

Specifically, this Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks small-group tour makes it possible. Transportation (hotel pick up and drop-off), lunch, snacks, and beverages are included on this 14-hour tour.


Antelope Canyon - The Perfect 4 Day Arizona Road Trip Itinerary - Travels With Elle

If you want to see the famous Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend both in one day, I’m happy to tell you that it is possible! From Las Vegas, there are day tours that will take you to Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in just one, hassle-free day.

This small-group Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend tour by Coexist West Coast makes it possible—without the crowded big-bus experience. Experience for yourself hiking through the drop-dead gorgeous slot canyon and take in the truly epic views! Lunch, snacks, and hotel pickup and drop-off included.


If you plan on hitting up a few of the museums/attractions listed above and don’t want to wait for the free days to come around, you should consider getting a version of the Go City Las Vegas Pass. It’s a really great way to see what you want to see while still saving a bunch of money.

The Go City All-Inclusive Pass is really great for travelers who want to see as much as possible while they’re in Las Vegas. With the Go City All-Inclusive Pass, you can choose between a 1, 2, 3, or 5-day pass that will give you free admission to 32+ museums and attractions.

This includes the following:

  • Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour
  • Full Day Grand Canyon National Park Tour
  • Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park Tour
  • Legends in Concert
  • High Roller Observation Wheel
  • SkyPod at The STRAT + VIP Access
  • REAL BODIES at Bally’s
  • Marvel Avengers STATION
  • Madame Tussauds Las Vegas
  • The Big Apple Roller Coaster
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Classic Tour
  • and much, much more!

If you don’t plan on visiting a ton of different attractions, Go City also has a Las Vegas Explorer Pass which will still save you a lot of money. With the Explorer Pass, you’ll pay one flat fee for a 2,3,4, or 5-choice pass. You’ll then have 60 days to use it. There is also no need to pick attractions ahead of time, simply choose attractions as you go! Passes start at $69 for 2 choices.

DEAL ALERT: For a limited time, use the above link + the promo code AFFGOALL for an additional 5% off your Go City pass. This code is valid for any Go City pass in any destination!

No matter which pass type you pick, you’ll ultimately save far more with these passes compared to buying separate attraction tickets!


Las Vegas is home to a ton of conventions and conferences all year round. Aside from the dozens of conferences (not the most exciting events), here are a few other notable annual events that take place in Vegas:

  • CES (January) – the world’s most influential technology event, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.
  • March Madness (March) – the most exciting time of the year in collegiate sports, where tons of people head to Vegas to enjoy March Madness games, parties, etc.
  • NASCAR Weekend Las Vegas Motor Speedway (March) – One of the biggest auto-racing weekends of the year, the Vegas leg of NASCAR’s appearance sees 70,000 people at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender (April) – A Rockabilly/hot rod/burlesque-filled weekend that’s the largest and most respected Rockabilly festival in the world.
  • Great Vegas Festival of Beer (April and October) – Festival featuring lots of beer, live music and gastropub food. There are two of these events each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • Vegas Uncork’d (May) – This food and celebrity chef-filled long weekend lets foodies get a little closer to world-renowned chefs. Tickets are expensive but worth it if you value fine culinary experiences.
  • Electric Daisy Carnival (May) – One of the biggest annual Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events in the world, filled with tons of carnival rides and music all night long.
  • World Series of Poker (June) – the event features high-stakes gamblers and showbiz personalities competing for six-figure money pools. It’s free to crowd around the tables and watch the action, but you can also catch a lot of it on TV.
  • Life is Beautiful Music Festival (September) – Music festival that takes place in Downtown Las Vegas featuring music from bands, DJ’s, and artists such as Billie Eilish, Green Day, Modest Mouse, A$AP Rocky, Ludacris, and many more.
  • Halloween (October) – festive weekends throughout the month jam-packed with haunted houses, costume contests and themed parties, club events, parades, and fun runs.
  • Rock ’n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon (November) – Participants can run a 5k, 10k, half, or full marathon, down the iconic Las Vegas Strip at night.
  • National Finals Rodeo (December) – Also known as “Cowboy Christmas”, this is the Super Bowl of rodeos, attended by about 200,000 people each year.
  • New Year’s Eve (December) – Between 300,000 and 400,000 people descend on Las Vegas to ring in the New Year, making the last weekend of December one of the largest gatherings for the holiday outside of New York’s Times Square. The Strip is closed to vehicles for the night and room rates can be through-the-roof expensive.



We usually visit Las Vegas either with our own car or with a rental car. Why? Because we love getting off the strip (eating in the Chinatown area, visiting parks and hiking trails, seeing friends, etc.). Doing so is just so much easier with a car.

If you plan on doing a lot of activities off-strip (or plan on doing day trips to other parts of Nevada/Arizona), definitely bring your car or get a rental car. Parking is usually free for hotel guests at the casino resorts.

If you spend most of your time on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s totally doable to explore Vegas without a car. You can easily rely on Uber/Lyft to get around.

If you do plan on driving, it is important to note that The Strip can also get very congested in the afternoon to evening and can be a pain to get around. If you plan on taking your car from hotel to hotel to explore, do note that you will likely have to pay for parking if you’re not an overnight guest there. There are only a few hotels on The Strip now that offer free guest parking (hotels started charging for parking a few years back).


Regardless of if you have a car or not, there is one transportation system that everyone can take advantage of while you’re on The Strip. The Monorail! This is a 3.9-mile elevated system along the Las Vegas Strip with trains that arrive every 4-8 minutes at each of the seven stations, including:

  • MGM Grand
  • Bally’s/Paris Las Vegas
  • Flamingo/Caesars Palace
  • Harrah’s/The LINQ
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Westgate Las Vegas
  • SAHARA Las Vegas

The Monorail runs until 2 a.m. weeknights and 3 a.m. on weekends. A single ride is $5 and a one-day pass is $12.


Taxis are a very reliable form of transportation in Vegas. What you’ll find is that they are so prevalent all over Vegas, you’ll never have to worry about there not being enough drivers at any hour of the day.

Taxis cannot be hailed in the middle of the street, and are instead required to pick up passengers at a physical address, such as a hotel taxi line. Hotels have specific areas for taxi pick-up, usually near the valet or main entrance.


  • Distances are further than they appear. Sure everything looks super close since the hotels are right next to each other, but there’s some real distance to cover. Walking from the Venetian to Caesar’s Palace (especially in high heels)? Nearly impossible.
  • Midweek stays on The Strip are almost always more affordable than weekend stays. The same room that goes for $300+ a night on a Saturday might be $79 on Sunday or Monday night.
  • If you’re flying to Las Vegas from the West Coast, there are cheaper options than the traditional Friday to Sunday flight. Take a flight in on Thursday night (after work) or the first flight in on Saturday morning and fly out Monday morning. Thursday and Sunday night hotel rooms are cheaper, and your flight will likely be less expensive too!
  • The cheapest time to travel to Las Vegas is the week or two before Christmas. I’ve stayed at Planet Hollywood a few times for $36/night. You could easily find 4-star hotels charging less than $200 for a Friday/Saturday night stay. Such a steal.
  • Regardless of when you go to Las Vegas, you’ll need a jacket. In the winter, when temps can dip into the low 40s (between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius), you’re going to need a jacket just to walk around. In the scorching summers, hotels and other indoor locations will have AC blasting. So if you’re susceptible to the cold, definitely carry a light jacket around with you.
  • A lot of the hotels are connected to each other, making it easy to get from point A to point B without exposing yourself to the elements too much.
  • Want to avoid paying those exorbitant parking fees at casinos/resorts? Head to Encore/Wynn, Palazzo/Venetian, or Circus Circus–they offer free parking for ALL guests and visitors.
  • If you plan to splurge on a buffet, you’ll often get the best bang for your buck at the lunch buffet. You can stuff yourself so much at lunch that you won’t really want to eat dinner (or will want to eat a light, inexpensive meal).
  • Want to get into nightclubs for free? Promoters are constantly scouring social media platforms. Before your trip, post on IG using hashtags like #Vegas or the name of a resort, club or restaurant to get noticed. Don’t be surprised if you find concierges/promoters dropping comments on your post.
  • If you’re planning to spend significant time in the casino, sign up for a players club card (available at every casino). The card is absolutely free and can earn you discounts at the buffet, as well as cash vouchers on your next visit to the casino or free future night stays.
  • If you’re going to be gambling, don’t purchase cocktails at the casino bar—they’re actually free! Simply wait until a cocktail waitress approaches you to take your order. All you need to do is tip!
  • Friday is one of the best nights to find tickets and entertainment discounts in Las Vegas. If you’re looking to see a show or two and want to save a few bucks, aim to watch them on a Friday.

And that’s a wrap! As you can see, there’s so much more to Las Vegas than just casinos, partying, and overpriced hotels. Have any questions or looking for more Vegas advice? Drop your questions in the chat!

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