7 Best Backpacking Coffee Makers For Your Next Trip (2024)

Whether you’re backpacking through nature as an adventurer or traveling through countless towns/cities as an urban explorer, there is one thing that will keep you going if you do it right–coffee.

However, finding a coffee maker you can take on your travels without breaking it or needing an electrical outlet can be tricky. Today, we’re going to be focusing on coffee makers for backpackers.

With so many lightweight and portable options of coffee makers for backpackers out there, knowing which coffee makers are indeed backpacking-safe and can make a good cup of coffee worth the name is essential.

Here are our favorite backpacking coffee makers on the market today:

  1. The AeroPress – Both traditional and Go travel versions
  2. The Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Dripper
  3. The MiiR Pourigami Coffee Dripper
  4. The Primula Brew Buddy
  5. The Wacaco NanoPresso 
  6. The Sea to Summit X-Brew
  7. The Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press

Continue reading for more details on why we love these portable coffee makers for backpacking!

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Tips For Choosing A Travel / Backpacking Coffee Maker

  1. Consider Your Coffee Preferences: Determine what type of coffee you enjoy (e.g., drip, French press, pour-over) as this will guide your choice of coffee maker. Different methods produce different flavors.
  2. Weight and Size: Backpacking gear should be lightweight and compact. Look for a coffee maker that is portable and won’t add significant weight to your pack. We’ve got a whole list below for you to choose from.
  3. Materials: Opt for durable, BPA-free materials that can withstand outdoor use and won’t impart any unwanted flavors to your coffee.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: Consider how easy it is to clean the coffee maker in the field. Some models have removable parts that make cleaning more convenient, because as you know, sometimes you just won’t have running water readily available to you!
  5. Speed: Some coffee makers are faster than others. If you value a quick caffeine fix in the morning, look for a model that offers rapid brewing.
  6. Filter Compatibility: Check whether the coffee maker uses paper filters, metal filters, or doesn’t require any filters. Factor in the availability of replacement filters and pack weight during your trip.
  7. Fuel Source: If you plan to use a portable stove for brewing, ensure that the coffee maker is compatible with your chosen fuel source (e.g., canister stoves, alcohol stoves, etc).
  8. Capacity: Consider how many cups of coffee you want to brew at once. Some models are designed for single servings, while others can brew larger quantities.
  9. Packability: Look for a coffee maker that can be disassembled or collapsed for easy storage in your backpack. The more it packs up into ‘nothing’, the better!
  10. Practice at Home: Before your trip, you should 100% practice using the coffee maker at home to ensure you actually know how to use it and how to get the best results. If possible, test your chosen coffee maker in backpacking conditions (like in the backyard) before your trip to iron out any issues.
  11. Carry Extra Supplies: Pack extra coffee grounds, filters, and any necessary accessories to avoid running out during your trip.

1. AeroPress And AeroPress Go

Since its original design, the AeroPress has become a staple buy for any adventure-loving and thrill-seeking explorer. Not only is the AeroPress easy to use anywhere, but it also makes some of the best coffee you can expect while backpacking.

Whether you buy the AeroPress Original version or the AeroPress Go variant, you will not be disappointed and will almost certainly take it everywhere with you. Its relatively lightweight and decently compact design allows you to pack it up into any backpack and carry it with you on the next exploration.

Not only does the AeroPress allow you to brew excellent coffee almost anywhere, but if you buy the Go version, you will also get a couple of other nifty things with your purchase, including a scoop, stirrer, and travel mug. 

The travel mug also serves as a great container where you can store all the different components, making it easy to pack up and reducing the need to rummage through your bag to find all the pieces. 

If you’re debating between the two, we’d recommend the Go version since it comes with everything you’d need to enjoy your coffee! You’ll just need to supply the hot water and the coffee.

AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

Total Immersion Brewing

Features a smaller size that makes 1-3 cups per press. Comes with a mug and lid that double as a traveling case.

Coffee maker capacity: 8 ounces | Dimensions: 3.7″D x 3.7″W x 5.3″H

Item weight: 11.2 ounces (cup included)

AeroPress Original Coffee and Espresso Maker

Total Immersion Brewing

Features a smaller size that makes 1-3 cups per press. Comes with a mug and lid that double as a traveling case.

Coffee maker capacity: 10 oz | Dimensions: 4.75″D x 4.75″W x 11.75″H

Item weight: 6.4 oz (cup not included)

2. Snow Peak Collapsible Dripper

If you’re looking for a foldable and compact dripper that requires only water, paper filters, and coffee, the Snow Peak Collapsible Dripper may be the best coffee maker to suit your backpacking needs.

For those of you who enjoy a traditional pour-over coffee, having a freshly brewed cup every morning while out in nature is worth the weight.

This stainless-steel dripper is perfect for making one-person pour-over coffee when you are on the go or taking a quick break.

In addition to being easy to fold and pack back into your backpack, it is also uncomplicated to clean since all you need to do is take out the paper filter and dispose of it and give your dripper a quick wipe down.

The design of this coffee dripper allows it to unfold and get positioned on almost any cup or travel mug, making it a compact and easy-to-use traveling companion when you go backpacking.

Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip

Traditional pour-over

Folds flat and stores easily when not in use.

Coffee maker capacity: 4 oz | Dimensions: L 4″ x W 4″ x H 3.75″

Item weight: 4.9 oz

3. MiiR Pourigami Dripper

Similar to the previously mentioned Snow Peak Dripper, this brilliant little coffee companion, the MiiR Pourigami Dripper, is a brilliant way to brew coffee if you are backpacking.

Not only is this coffee dripper able to disassemble to take up as little space as possible, but it gets made from a durable material: 18/8 medical grade stainless steel and covered with a Hardshell powder coat for added grip and protection.

This little coffee dripper can disassemble into three pieces to take up as little space as possible in your backpack while being just as easy to set up and use again. Like other drippers, all you need to use this excellent device is a paper filter, coffee, and water, allowing you to save extra space by not needing to pack a bunch of extra parts.

The elegant and well-thought-out design of the MiiR Pourigami also allows you to take three individual pieces and create a sturdy pour-over that will fit on almost any travel mug.

Like many other pour-over drippers, it is also straightforward to clean; all you need to do is remove the paper filter and rinse off the individual pieces of the coffee maker before packing it up and hitting the road or trail again!

MiiR Pourigami Dripper

Traditional pour-over

Collapsible cone for pour-over on the go

Only 6.2cm x 12.7cm x 2.4mm when unassembled, can even fit in your back pocket.

Coffee maker capacity: 12 oz | Dimensions: L ‎5.5″ x W 2.75″ x H 0.75″

Item weight: 4 oz.

4. The Primula Brew Buddy

Though some backpacking coffee makers may be a bit pricey, the Primula Brew Buddy is one of the most reasonably priced selections available and allows you to brew coffee anywhere as long as you have water and coffee!

The simple, yet efficient design of the Primula Brew Buddy, allows you to place it on top of almost any cup, place your grounds in the fine mesh filter, and pour hot water over the coffee grounds.

Once you have added the water, you can leave the Brew Buddy on the cup with the filter in the water to essentially create a coffee bag that allows you to choose the strength of your brew.

This excellent backpacking coffee-making device is easy to use and takes up very little space in your backpack since it consists of only two attached parts, the ring and the mesh filter. In addition to taking little space in your backpack, you also don’t need to bring along any other tools or filters since the fine mesh filter that the brewer gets made of is the perfect filter already.

When you need to pack up your brewing station and get going again, the cleanup and pack-up are also very straightforward. All the Brew Buddy requires is that you dispose of the used coffee grounds in the mesh filter, rinse the filter with clean water, and place it back in your backpack.

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

Best for ultralight backpackers

Designed with an attached reusable extra-fine mesh filter, eliminates the need for reusable paper filters.

Coffee maker capacity: 13 oz. | Dimensions: 4.2″D x 4.2″W x 1.6″H

Item weight: 1.1 oz.

5. The Wacaco NanoPresso

If you’re a coffee snob and don’t want to give up your espresso when you’re backpacking, the Wacaco NanoPresso may be the solution to your coffee-craving problems.

However, for the luxury of having a portable and handheld espresso machine, you will have to pay a decent amount compared to the usual backpacking coffee makers.

Though this device is a bit trickier to use, it is still an easy enough way to make excellent coffee while you are on the go.

The protective sleeve that usually comes included ensures that your little espresso machine will be perfectly safe during your travels, and you will also get a couple of tools with the purchase, such as a brush to clean your filter and a scoop.

You may need some more time to brew coffee with this backpacking-safe coffee maker, but you will not need to take any additional paper filters or other tools that don’t come included with the purchase. 

Cleaning and storing the NanoPresso is also reasonably straightforward, only requiring that you take out the filter basket, dispose of the used coffee grounds, and use the brush or some water to ensure the basket is clean before using it again.

If you are a coffee enthusiast with a little extra cash to pull the trigger on this one, the NanoPresso may be the perfect backpacking coffee maker for you.

Wacaco NanoPresso

Best for espresso drinkers

Uses a newly patented pumping system to brew the perfect cup of espresso.

Dimension: 6.1″ x 2.4″ x 2.44″

Item weight: 0.74 lbs

6. Sea to Summit X-Brew

Crafted with precision and designed for adventure, the innovative Sea to Summit X-Brew coffee dripper is a game-changer for your outdoor java ritual. Sea to Summit is known for quality, and the X-Brew is no exception. This little gadget is crafted from food-grade, heat-resistant silicone and 18/8 stainless steel, meaning it’s built to last for years!

Weighing in at a mere 2.9 ounces and collapsing to a pocket-sized package, the X-Brew is a true space-saving champion. It takes up minimal room in your backpack, leaving more space for essentials, and ensures you won’t feel weighed down on the trail.

Say goodbye to disposable filters and hello to sustainability. The X-Brew comes equipped with a durable stainless steel filter that’s not only eco-friendly but also ensures a rich, full-bodied flavor with every pour. It’s easy to clean, so you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free, even in the wild.

This coffee dripper boasts a smart design that fits securely on a wide range of mugs and bottles, making it incredibly versatile. Just place it atop your favorite vessel, add your coffee grounds, and slowly pour hot water through. The result? A piping hot cup of coffee that rivals your favorite café, no matter where you find yourself!

Sea to Summit X-Brew

Best for ultralight backpackers

Portable, collapsible coffee dripper with a reusable, super-fine stainless-steel mesh filter

Coffee maker capacity: 2 cups

Item weight: 2.9 oz | Diameter: 4-inches

7. Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press

The Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press is an exceptional choice for backpackers who appreciate the robust flavors of French press-style coffee while on the go. This versatile coffee maker combines the convenience of a traditional French press with the functionality of a boiling pot, making it an excellent addition to your outdoor gear arsenal.

One of the standout features of this coffee maker is its all-in-one design, which streamlines your backpacking setup. With a 32-ounce capacity, it can accommodate a generous amount of coffee for you and your fellow adventurers. The insulated stainless steel pot efficiently boils water over a campfire or portable stove, eliminating the need for a separate kettle and saving both space and weight in your pack. Gotta love this multipurpose feature!

The French press component is thoughtfully integrated into the lid, allowing you to brew your coffee directly in the same pot you used for boiling. This dual-functionality not only simplifies your camp kitchen setup but also minimizes cleanup, which is a significant advantage when you’re on the trail.

Another thing we love? Its double-wall vacuum insulation ensures that your coffee stays piping hot, even in cooler weather conditions.

Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press

Best for French press coffee

One container that brews, boils, and cooks — all in a large 32-ounce container. Built with super durable and BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel.

Coffee maker capacity: 32 oz.

Item weight: 14.88 oz.

And there you have it! Hopefully, you were able to find yourself the perfect backpacking coffee maker based on your needs and coffee tastes!

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