Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas: My Honest Review

The Four Seasons chain is an ultimate sign of luxury and hospitality. I mean, who hears the words “Four Seasons” and doesn’t perk up a little bit?

This year, I had the pleasure of staying at the new Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas with my company for three very relaxing days of eating, drinking, relaxing, and beaching. It was an absolute delight, from the moment we arrived to all the little moments by the pool, and ultimately to the moment we left the property!

In this post, I’ll share with you my overall experience of the resort so you can ultimately decide if a stay here is right for you!

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First off, you might be wondering where Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas is located. Short answer: it is NOT located in Cabo. 

The resort is actually located in La Ribera in the East Cape. It is located a 50-minute drive away from the Los Cabos International Airport and 1.5 hours away from the popular resort town of Cabo San Lucas.

The East Cape region, for those of you unfamiliar, is an area of white sand beaches that extends from the new marina of San Jose del Cabo along the Sea of Cortez to the north of Punta Pescadero, Los Barriles, and Rancho Buena Vista.

Where Is La Ribera East Cape - TravelsWithElle


First and foremost, the East Cape Baja region is a very popular fishing area.

Bluewater fishing is world-renowned in the Sea of Cortez. Among the most popular types of fish are blue and black marlin, as well as roosterfish, yellowtail, wahoo, and tuna.

Tourism in the East Cape area really started back in 1952 when the Rancho Buena Vista Hotel opened as a fly-in fishing resort. This became a regular vacation stop for people like the Hollywood elite. Over time, as the word about this remote vacationing spot, the East Cape area started gaining popularity.

Another reason why La Ribera and the East Cape region are unique? The underwater magic it holds! Here, you can find the famous National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo, the only living coral reef in the State of Baja California Sur. Cabo Pulmo is one of the natural wonders of Baja California Sur, so if you enjoy marine life, you definitely can’t miss a snorkel or scuba diving visit in the park.

Lastly, La Ribera has some of the best beaches in BCS. If you’re a sucker for secluded white sand beaches that stretch for miles and miles, the beaches here will definitely impress you. Swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling are just a few of the activities that visitors enjoy doing when they’re vacationing here!

Oh yeah, while in the Baja California Sur region of Mexico, you can expect to see a lot of cacti!


This Four Seasons property is currently a total hidden gem. With not much else around to distract you, this slice of luxury paradise is currently set in a beautiful and remote location. In fact, Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas was listed in the 2020 Condé Nast Traveler Hot List.!

The property is located on the thousand-acre private resort community of Costa Palmas along the East Cape of Mexico’s Baja Sur, nestled on 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) of untouched beachfront on the Sea of Cortez. And when I say untouched, it’s really untouched.

The beaches are littered with perfectly-shaped, colorful seashells and the beach is free of the thousands of footprints that you’d typically see on popular resort beaches.

At Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas, you can spend the day at the beach, relax by one of the hotel’s 2 outdoor swimming pools, indulge in the best room service one could ask for, get yourself a massage/spa treatment, or enjoy the onsite golf course.

There are 141 very spacious and luxurious rooms spread throughout the property, beckoning you to spend your time indoors in your unbelievably comfortable king-sized bed!

For those who can manage to leave their indoor haven to spend some time outdoors, you can fill your days with swimming, snorkeling, sport fishing, golfing and going on desert adventures.

Okay, so now that you have an inkling of what to expect at the resort, let’s get into some actual details in my review of the resort.


Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Review


Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas offers 141 air-conditioned accommodations. But these aren’t just any old rooms at a resort.

There are one-bedroom suites, multi-bedroom options, oceanfront executive suites, and even presidential villas for you to choose from.

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Review

Even the most basic rooms at the Four Seasons are like entire apartments, complete with a bedroom area, dining and living area, bathroom area with two vanities, multiple closets, and even a hallway with impressive standing mirrors. With this many mirrors, how could you not look your best?

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Review

And of course, you’re going to be getting the utmost premium bedding that’s cool, crisp, and soft to the touch. Thoughtful touches like espresso makers, minibars, robes and slippers are included in every room. They even provide a few high-quality blankets that are free to be used around the property to help combat the cooler temperatures at night!

Other amenities, depending on if you get a room on the ground floor or a room with a view, include furnished balconies or patios, sitting areas, and personal swimming pools.

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas - La Ribera

The mini bar is filled with all kinds of goodies including mini bottles of champagne, tequila, and snacks such as trail mix, chocolate, gummy bears, and chips.

And because I’m a sucker for details, some of my favorite standout room features include the complimentary toiletries by Byredo, the blackout drapes/curtains, and the fact that there is one light switch by your bed to easily and conveniently turn off all the lights in the room. The lighting system in the room? Quite, quite impressive.

Hands down, one of my favorite areas in the entire room was the bathroom. We’re talking sunlit bathrooms with sliding glass walls that open up to the terrace/outdoor sitting area, two vanity sinks, an oversized shower and a free-standing tub–it was pure architectural art.

Rooms at Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Review

A nightly turndown service is provided and housekeeping is offered daily.


Aside from the heavenly in-room dining option (which we wholeheartedly took advantage of in the mornings for breakfast), there are a few other spectacular restaurants on the property including Estiatorio Milos, Casa de Brasa, Limon, and El Puesto.

There’s also Ginger’s, the adorable little coffee shop / snack bar establishment! You can either sit and stay or grab-and-go from this colorful café. You can get anything from coffee to handmade gelato, local beers to coconut water, and superfood smoothies to light bites at Ginger’s.

Two huge pluses about Ginger’s: they are open all day and serve made-to-order churros and crepes as a midday snack! It was obvious all the kids loved the hours between 3-5pm because of this churro cart!

There is also a food truck dining option in the golf area serving casual eats like burgers, quesadillas, and more.

So, with all these options to choose from on the resort, which ones are worth your time and money? Well, we particularly enjoyed Estiatorio Milos and El Puesto.

  • Estiatorio Milos: Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Recognized as one of the finest Mediterranean seafood restaurants in the world, Estiatorio Milos was founded by acclaimed chef Costas Spiliadis. There are currently locations in Montreal, New York, Athens, Las Vegas, Miami and London.
  • El Puesto: Open for lunch and dinner. This is the local cevicheria and sushi spot where you can enjoy local delicacies from the aguachile to the chocolate clams for lunch, or the fresh sushi for dinner.
Restaurants - Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Review
El Puesto at night for sushi dinner

The most memorable dishes/meals were:

  • The seafood pasta at Estiatorio Milos – This dish was so good that we ordered it twice on two separate occasions. To find seafood pasta done with perfection is hard. This one was made with the perfect amount of butter and lemon.
  • Japan to the East Cape (sushi dinner) at El Puesto – Extremely fresh fish, including toro, salmon, and various kinds of white fish. What more do I need to say?
  • In-room dining breakfast – By far, our favorite meal of the day was breakfast. The breakfast menu was extensive and included everything from floating breakfast sets, fresh fruit plates, baskets of croissants, omelets, and traditional favorites like chilaquiles and huevos rancheros. The best part is, room service delivery is prompt. The estimated time of arrival really always is the time of arrival!

I am still dreaming about these Four Seasons breakfasts! The fruits are always fresh and sweet, and the pastries are baked very well (yes, the croissants are actually flaky)!

The floating breakfast set that I ordered one morning came with an avocado toast/salad plate, a basket of pastries, a fruit plate, a choice of juice, and a choice of coffee. Salad for breakfast, why not? It was easily one of the best and most filling breakfasts I’ve ever had in my life.

Floating Breakfast at the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Hotel Review

Lastly, if you really aren’t feeling any of the dining options within the resort, or want to try something new for the night, you have the option of taking a complimentary water taxi across the water to none other than Nancy Silverton’s Mozza!

That’s right, the iconic Nancy Silverton brings her legend of a restaurant, Mozza, to the East Cape! The acclaimed chef—known for Los Angeles eateries such as Michelin-starred Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza and chi SPACCA—brought her signature concept to Baja and added an East Cape twist.

If you want to experience her signature flavors (and delicious pizza crusts and breads) with Baja vibes, this is the restaurant to go to.

Do not miss the pizza fritti appetizer, the squash blossom pizza, or the garganelli pasta. These were by far my favorite dishes at this Mozza location.

Pizzeria Mozza - 15 Magical Things To Do In La Ribera and The East Cape, Baja California Sur Mexico

Not only was the food absolutely delightful, but so was the entire atmosphere and restaurant decor! Hands down the most adorable restaurant I have ever set foot in.

After your meal, head inside for a little post-dinner shopping. There’s a large shop next to (or part of) the restaurant selling gourmet food items, coffee, jewelry, home goods, ceramics, and clothing.

There is also a little coffee shop here, so if you’re ever not feeling Ginger’s Cafe, take the 5-minute water taxi ride across the water to give this coffee spot a try!


On the property, there are a variety of complimentary activities scheduled each day. Depending on the day, this could mean morning yoga class, snorkeling at 10am, and tequila tasting at 3pm. Guests can even participate in a pickleball tournament on some days!

There is even a tennis court (complimentary lessons with a tennis instructor are also offered), a pickleball court, and a stellar gym with all the best equipment including a couple of Woodway treadmills. The fitness facilities are hands-down the best I’ve ever seen at any resort!

These activities are great for when you’re not eating/drinking, relaxing by the pool, catching rays at the beach, or getting a spa treatment. Even though you’re on a secluded property with nothing around for miles, you will not be bored.

If that’s not enough and you want to head off the property, the concierge also offers off-property activities. Some of these activities include:

  • snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo (a UNESCO World Heritage marine site)
  • swimming with the whale sharks experience
  • whale watching
  • sport fishing
  • sunset sailing
  • going on a surfing safari
  • going on a desert dune ATV tour
  • Sol De Mayo secret waterfall hike
  • mountain biking tour
  • ziplining
  • horseback riding

We were scheduled for snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo, but unfortunately, my partner dislocated his shoulder while surfing 1 day before our stay, so we ultimately had to cancel. I can’t speak about the quality of the tour, but I’m sure we would have been taken care of every minute of the way!

Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving - Things To Do In La Ribera


Oasis Spa has 10 treatment rooms including rooms for couples and outdoor treatment areas. Massages are available on the beach as well as in the spa. Services include deep-tissue massages, hot stone massages, and sports massages. You can also get facials, hand and foot treatments, and even hair treatments at the world-renowned Rossano Ferretti Salon.

The Oasis Spa was by far our favorite area to hang out in. Even without having a spa service booked, hotel guests are welcome to use the hydrotherapy area which consists of hydrotherapy areas, multiple hot/cold tubs, a few different types of sensation showers, a steam room, a sauna, and a lounging area.

Separate men’s and women’s facilities are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and free for all guests, with or without Spa appointments.

This was a very welcome surprise to us (many other resorts require you to have a service booked before you are qualified for the hydrotherapy sessions).

During my 3-day stay, I ended up getting 2 massage treatments. Both were absolutely phenomenal. The therapists first try to gauge which aromatherapy style you’d like for your treatment–energizing essential oils or calming ones.

And once the massage starts, they do a great job checking in with you to see if the pressure they’re using is still good for you. Perfect for those who are a bit shy.

Once your treatment is over, feel free to stay a little bit longer and relax with a cup of tea or some snacks in the hydrotherapy area. I only ever saw 1-2 people in this area, and at the time of writing, I could confidently say it was very tranquil and hardly ever crowded!

To extend your spa experience, a boutique area is at your disposal at the reception desk, where you’ll find the products used during your treatment, as well as a wide selection of swimsuits, clothes, jewels, and accessories.

This area was always so fun to browse while waiting for your massage therapist to come for you!

Oasis Spa Four Seasons Los Cabos


There are 2 main pools on the resort, an adults-only pool and a family-friendly pool. Surrounding those 2 main pools were a bunch of other little pools and hot tubs, tucked away behind plants and bushes so you can enjoy some additional privacy if you’d like.

There is no shortage of lounging chairs whatsoever. Just pick the area you want to be in and viola!

Now let’s talk about the amazing hospitality and service. Whenever you decide to plop down on a pool chair or cabana, an attendee will come set up beach towels and bring you a bucket of complimentary water bottles. You can order drinks, food, etc. very easily and effortlessly!


Next up is the beach. You’ll pretty much have it to yourself, with the exception of a few hotel guests.

Seriously, there is nothing else around other than the Four Seasons. No loud and rowdy kids, no speakers blasting obnoxious music–just paradise, along with a converted campervan serving blended drinks, tequila, and fresh coconuts!

Don’t forget to take a walk along the beach to enjoy its tranquility during sunset/sunrise!

And if you’re a beachcomber, this beach is perfect for that. I found so many freshly washed-up shells in perfect condition.

The Beach at Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Review

Because the property is so large, it could take a while to get to the beach from where your room may be situated. Four Seasons takes care of that issue.

To get around, you can either walk or request complimentary bikes to use during your stay! We took our bikes around whenever we were headed from our room to the beach, to the spa, or to the gym.

Things To Do In La Ribera Baja California Sur


Four Seasons Los Cabos has a world-class 18-hole championship golf course featuring desert and ocean views, dunescapes and fairways that flow down hillsides. This course is considered a masterpiece, designed by Robert Trent Jones II, meant to set this golf experience apart in Baja’s East Cape.

Guests can take a complimentary golf tour, play night golf, take private lessons, and even stock up on the latest gear and clothing at the pro shop.


One of the most unique aspects of this Four Seasons was that they had a little shopping area called El Mercadito.

This adorable little area offers several retail experiences including Baja-inspired beach shops from James Perse and East Cape Co. which offers a curated mix of exclusive products, home accessories and limited-edition items.

My favorite boutique was East Cape Co., where I could immediately tell that each item was thoughtfully sourced and inspired by a conscious lifestyle. The shop contains a good mix of American and Mexican brands, so it was really fun to discover new designers and products that I was not used to seeing.

Be sure to take a stroll through El Mercadito during your stay!


While there were a lot of complimentary things provided at the hotel (tennis lessons, hair mask treatment, mini desserts after lunch, use of bikes to get around, use of wet areas at the spa), it’s important to note that this is not an all-inclusive resort.

Do note that things will start adding up, especially if you order drinks with every meal or go shopping at the undeniably cute shops at El Mercadito!

Speaking of meals, 90% of them were absolutely delightful, so if food is one of your main objectives on your East Cape vacation, you will not be disappointed.

(Having said that, if you’d like to avoid a potentially disappointing meal of too much cheese in your lobster tacos and shrimp burrito, put Casa La Brasa towards the bottom of your must-try restaurants.)

Aside from our one “just okay” meal, we really had nothing at all to complain about. Our stay was pure perfection.

I absolutely loved my stay at Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas and can very confidently say that it has been the best hotel/resort I have ever been to.

Why? Because of how remote and quiet it is here. Because of how great the food is! Because of all the little thoughtful touches we experienced during our time at the resort!

And lastly, because of how much care and attention the Four Seasons staff invests in their guests–from the housekeeping to the room service staff, spa staff to the concierge, and everyone else in between. The service was impeccable and unforgettable!

And ultimately, you will not regret a stay at Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas! Enjoy your stay and soak in ALLLL the luxurious vibes!

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas Hotel Review

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