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CBD is having a moment these days. It’s literally everywhere. You can find it in health food stores and even lifestyle clothing shops such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, being sold as capsules, gummies, tinctures, oils, and balms. You can even find CBD cocktails and CBD lattes sold at independently owned bars and bakeries.

If you’ve been feeling muscle aches and pains recently, then you might actually benefit from this post! Today I’m reviewing Social CBD and a few of their extremely effective products.

*Please note: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review of the product. All thoughts and opinions here are my own and were not influenced by Social CBD. This post may contain affiliate links. You won’t be paying a cent more, but in the event of a sale, the small affiliate commission I receive will help keep this blog running and pumping out free, useful content. Thanks!


If you’re in a similar boat as me, working from home during the covid pandemic era, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I’m experiencing new back pain as a result of sitting too long. I’m starting to notice that working long hours from home not only has a detrimental impact on mental health but also on the physical body as well.

You too may be noticing new aches and pains in body parts that you had not experienced at the office. With worse home office setups than the ones at the office (purposefully set up to be ergonomic), it’s no wonder we’re physically struggling!

Sadly, I worked from a kitchen island on a bar stool for the first five months since the start of the pandemic. Obviously, not very good ergonomics. I’ve since switched to the dining table (better, but still not ideal), invested in an ergonomic office chair, a lumbar back pillow, a Purple seat cushion, and, most recently, an adjustable standing desk.

With all of these new home office upgrades, I’m in a much better place than I was back in March. Having said that, I’ll still sometimes get upper and mid back pain from just sitting for too long (working in the daytime, blogging nights and weekends). This is where Social CBD has come in to save my life.

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle


I’ve recently discovered Social CBD and its line of effective CBD products. Before we dive into my honest opinion of the products I tried, let’s start with a quick CBD lesson. If you’re well-versed in all things CBD, then feel free to skip this section!


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other CBD products have become increasingly popular over the last few years. CBD is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. This naturally produced compound interacts with your endocannabinoid system in your nervous system and plays a role in a number of important functions, including mood, memory, and sleep.

Though only one CBD product is currently FDA approved (for rare and severe epilepsy), CBD may also help relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety, ease chemotherapy side effects, treat substance abuse disorders, depression, and even PTSD.


CBD is a natural solution to the modern lifestyle. Some people use it to treat certain ailments, some use it to reduce post-workout inflammation, while others use it as a supplement to their wellness regimen. If you’re experiencing trouble sleeping or chronic aches and pains, CBD could be a good alternative treatment to modern medicine for you.


Social CBD sells many different forms of CBD, including oils, topical lotions, vape pens, gummies, infused patches, and gel capsules. They even have CBD products for pets.

Since I was experiencing muscular pain in certain areas of my body, I was interested in some of the topical lotions and muscle rubs. I also got a few packs of gummies to experiment with, since I was curious about what it could do for my energy levels during the day and sleep during the night.

I tried the following products:

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle


Of course, the first place I tried the topical products was on my upper to mid-back, where I was experiencing that constant twinge in my paraspinal muscle from too much sitting. On the day my products came in the mail, I tried the Calming Lavender Muscle Balm Stick. On the following day, I focused on using the Cooling Roll-on Gel. On the third day, I used mainly the Muscle Rub.

I really just wanted to see what the difference was between the three topical products and determine which I liked most. Here’s what I found!

Social CBD Muscle Balm Stick

At first, I was a little confused about how much I was supposed to use or how hard I was supposed to apply pressure to get this stuff on. Since the Lavender Muscle Balm Stick was of a waxier consistency, knowing how much to use was less straightforward than a typical lotion (usually a dime-sized amount). My first application was light, but even though I had only lightly grazed my upper back with the rub, I could still feel some tingling relief in my back.

For my second application, I applied a bit more liberally and again, instantly felt the effects of the muscle balm. Of the three products, I found this to be my favorite due to the refreshing and calming lavender scent.

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle

Social CBD Cooling Roll-On Gel

What I loved about the Cooling Roll-On Gel was that it was fast drying and can be applied to the skin without the need to transfer it to my hands. All I had to do was roll it onto my back and the gel began to work its magic within less than a minute. Almost instantaneously, I could feel the cooling effect of the Cooling Roll-On Gel.

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle

Social CBD Muscle Rub

The Muscle Rub was a lot better of consistency than I had expected. It resembled the texture of a water-based hydrating facial moisturizer, which made it quite pleasant to apply. My fingers didn’t feel gross or greasy after rubbing it into my skin, and it was actually pretty moisturizing. So much so that it could even replace lotion!

Aside from using this on my back, which worked great as expected, I’ve also begun using it on my knees after more intense leg workouts. I wanted to see if it would help with the inflammation that I had started experience due to a recent aggravation to my knee. I can report that the menthol definitely helps reduce that feeling of ‘pressure’ but not clear whether inflammation was actually reduced.

It’s helping with my post-workout recovery nonetheless, so I’ll continue to apply the Muscle Rub as needed on my lower extremities.

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle

My Thoughts On The Social CBD Topicals

What I found was that all of the topicals I tried were super effective at providing me with cooling relief. They were all very soothing but not excessively mentholated (as some other “cooling” products are). It was hard to pick a favorite since they were all potent and did the same thing.

If you’re looking into getting a Social CBD topical, I’d say go with the medium that you like best. If you like more of a gel-based product, go with the Cooling Roll-On Gel. If you like a product that resembles a hydrating lotion, go with the Muscle Rub. If you’re more familiar with balms, the Muscle Balm Stick is perfect for you. They will all be equally as effective.

The best part? They’re all TSA compliant and travel friendly, so it’s perfect for people who occasionally travel. So happy to know I can continue to get relief even when I’m abroad or out of town for a few days!

Their topical line includes a roll-on, muscle balm, muscle rubs, patches, and foot cream.

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle


Per their website, the CBD Gummies are “formulated with broad spectrum CBD which has been shown to improve the body’s response to stress, sleep, and exercise induced stress on the body.” There have three types of gummies with three different purposes–Original, Sleep, and Chill.

I was interested in the Original (good for stress) and the Sleep (promotes better sleep) varieties. I was so curious as to how CBD gummies would make me ‘feel’, as I had never taken them before. Would it produce a similar effect as marijuana edibles? It was time to find out!

Original CBD Gummies (Lemon)

Upon tasting the lemon gummies in the day time (I took 2 at once as instructed), I found that it was actually pretty tasty and only had an ever so slightly bitter aftertaste. I waited a full 30 minutes before assessing how I felt. To my surprise, the gummies made me feel energized and focused throughout the second half of my workday. I also felt significantly less stressed out post-gummy, compared to the first half of my day!

Social CBD Gummy Product Review - Travels With Elle

Sleep CBD Gummies (Blackberry Mint)

After a few nights of taking these sleep gummies, I can actually say that I’m sleeping throughout the night more! I typically stir and wake up about 2-3 times per night, but with the gummies, I can’t even remember tossing or turning. Definitely a fan of the effect, but not the flavor of the gummy. I think these would be perfect for situations where I tend to have more interrupted sleep such as traveling or camping.

Social CBD Product Review - Travels With Elle

My Thoughts On The Social CBD Gummies

I found the gummies to be a lot more than what I had hoped for. In neither case did I feel wonky or unlike myself from the CBD effects. The lemon daytime gummies were mellow and tasted great, while the sleep gummies kept me asleep throughout the night which was exactly what I wanted. And since all Social CBD products are free from THC, there was no ‘high’ feeling that you’d normally get from edibles containing THC, which was awesome.


While researching the validity of CBD brands and products, I came across a few warnings about how as CBD is relatively new, many of the available products may not be what they appear, or may not have undergone quality control assessments. Before buying any products from a brand, consumers should always look for a Certificate of Authenticity.

With those concerns in mind, I’m happy to say that quality assurance is not an issue with Social CBD.

A CBD certificate of authenticity is also known as a certificate of analysis. It’s an official report analyzing the contents of the CBD product. On Social CBD, there’s a whole section dedicated to checking out the test results of the product you’re getting.

The Social CBD website states that the CBD used in their products is tested five times before the product is released into the market. These tests look for important things like solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microorganisms, and THC. They also have two ways to allow consumers to check test results for themselves on the website, using a product’s Lab ID or the QR codes on the packaging.

The fact that they rigorously test their products using third-party labs means they’re a company you can actually trust. They’re really not trying to hide anything from you or sell you fake news!


I loved everything that I tried! If I had to pick my top three favorites, I’d say I’m a huge fan of the Muscle Rub, the Muscle Balm Stick, and the Original Gummies in Lemon.

Now, I can’t speak for the vape pens, gel capsules, or drops, but based on the stellar product reviews on their website, people love that stuff too and find it equally as effective.

All in all, if you’re looking for a CBD product line that’s dedicated to providing its customers with high quality and effective products, Social CBD is a top contender. They have such a diverse range of products and even have CBD drops for pets.

The gel capsules and oils are next on my list to try out and I can’t wait!

DEAL ALERT: Remember to use promo code SAVE20 for 20% off your entire purchase!

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