Monos Metro Duffel Review: Is It Actually Worth The Price?

If you’re on this post, chances are you are trying to decide whether the Metro Duffel by Monos Travel is worth the money. Well, since I was in the market to upgrade my travel system from “just a basic backpack + suitcase combo”, I actually bought one for myself.

Since I already own a Monos Carry-On Pro in Olive Green, I decided to order the Metro Duffel in Juniper Green to go with it!

Long story short, I love my new weekender bag! You’re probably wondering if it’s the right bag for you too. With so many brands and options out there, how do you pick just one?

Well, this review is hopefully going to give you some clarity on whether the Monos Metro Duffel is the bag for you.

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Monos Travel: Brand Overview

There are plenty of options for suitcases and bags these days, so what exactly makes Monos stand out from the crowd?

Monos, a luggage company based in Vancouver, Canada has a really admirable mission statement.

The Monos team started with a specific set of criteria they needed to meet–design, quality, and affordability. Monos found that other luggage brands in the market fulfilled one or even two of these, but not all three together. Thus, the Monos luggage was created–there was a gap that needed filling!

Monos claims to give travelers what the luggage market was lacking – premium, minimalist luggage, built with only the finest quality materials and components – all at a fair price.

They are also Climate Neutral Certified, which means the company has net-zero carbon emissions — the first luggage brand to do so.

Alongside their staple luggage products, they’ve also expanded to selling bags, packing cubes, water bottles, clothing, and a ton of other goodies meant to elevate your travel lifestyle.

Monos Metro Duffel: Bag Features

First off, I’d like to mention that when you get the Metro Duffel weekender bag, you’re actually getting a 2-for-1 special. The bag consists of the Metro Duffel (the big bag) and the Metro Classic Kit (the detachable zippered pouch in the front of the bag).

Metro Duffel Features

  • The nylon finish is made with premium nylon twill and features simple vegan leather accents
  • Duffel is water and scratch-resistant
  • Magnetic snaps underneath the main zipper compartment allow for easier packing and unpacking
  • 15-inch laptop compartment (I’ve found that my 16-inch laptop fits just fine too!)
  • Zipper pocket inside for extra organization
  • Side pockets inside main compartment with magnetic snap closures keep the pockets closed and out of the way when not in use
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap included
  • Built-in trolley sleeve to secure your duffel to a suitcase handle while traveling
Monos Metro Duffel Review - Is It Worth The Money

Metro Classic Kit Features

  • Locks onto duffel bag easily with its QuickSnap™ feature
  • Made with water-resistant ultra-microfibre vegan leather
  • Zippered pocket with translucent window
  • Two other pockets (great for things like passport, powerbank, or wallet)
  • Removable carabiner for keys or fobs
Monos Metro Duffel Review - Is It Worth The Money?

Monos Metro Duffel: Review

Now we get to the fun part–taking a peek at an actual Metro Duffel in action! I was so excited to take my new bag for a spin on its first trip. Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed whatsoever.

Let’s start with some pros and cons I discovered along the way.


  • Very spacious bag, but doesn’t look massive or feel overwhelmingly large to carry.
  • Comes in 7 gorgeous earth tone colors.
  • Love the hidden zipper on the bottom that opens up to become a trolley sleeve for suitcase handle.
  • Slips easily on and off the suitcase handle.
  • Fits under airplane seats and in overhead compartments with no issues.
  • The removable metro kit is a unique feature, great for storing small things and accessing them quickly.


  • Pricey for a weekender bag, almost the cost of a Monos Carry-On luggage.
  • The opening of the main compartment is a tad slim and may not open up wide enough for some people’s liking.
  • If traveling without the front pouch, the exposed snaps aren’t visually appealing.

Metro Duffel Review

Upon receiving my Metro Duffel, I found that my unboxing experience was so pleasant! The bag arrived nicely packed inside a dust bag (great for storing it when not in use), carefully nestled inside a cardboard box.

Monos Metro Duffel Review - Is It Worth The Money?

The first thing I noticed was how dang sleek and sturdy it looked and felt. The exterior of this bag is made with water-resistant nylon twill meaning you won’t need to be worried trying to protect it from the elements when you’re out and about.

The next thing I noticed was the size. Despite it being called a “duffel” it sure wasn’t the size of any duffel I was used to! I’m used to duffels being huge floppy bags, but this was quite the opposite.

This bag is actually cool. It’s compact enough to use for daily commutes, yet roomy enough to use on weekend trips. Also, the bag has a minimalistic look that I love.

The duffel’s roomy interior (meant to hold up to 22 liters of stuff) is designed to keep all your essentials organized, with its many functional pockets at your service.

Inside the bag, you’ll find a sleeve that fits up to a 16-inch laptop and inner side pockets that allow for easy access to your water bottle, mini travel blanket, or compact umbrella.

But perhaps my favorite feature of the entire bag is how it’s built to be a frequent traveler’s best friend. I’m talking about the built-in trolley sleeve on the back of the bag.

There’s a hidden zipper on the bottom that opens up to allow you to put it over the suitcase handle.

This sleeve was built to fit securely around the handle of any Monos suitcase for seamless pairing. Since I have a Monos carry-on suitcase, I was able to test this out and guess what? Perfect fit!

Okay, big whoop, but what if I’m not traveling with an extra suitcase to hang the bag on? This is where it gets cooler. The sleeve actually converts into an extra pocket when not in use!

Now moving on to the outside features of the duffel. Aside from the trolley sleeve, you’ll also find a large front pocket with a magnetic clasp located behind the removable pouch. This is a great sleeve to toss your iPad, phone, or any travel documents you need to grab in a jiffy.

From there, you have the built-in Metro Classic Kit! This little pouch (equally as gorgeous as the duffel bag itself) is held on with Monos’ QuickSnap™ Modular Kit System, allowing the Metro Kit to be easily added or removed to suit your needs.

Monos Metro Duffel Review - Is It Worth The Money?

While it did take me an entire minute at first to figure out how this snapping system worked, once I learned it, it was a breeze snapping the pouch on and off! It’s really quite secure, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off and getting lost in transit.

The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is so well cushioned, which is great if you need to walk for longer distances with your bag.

Monos Metro Duffel Review - Shoulder Strap

What Does The Monos Metro Weekender Fit?

In order to understand how useful this weekend bag would be, I packed up 3 days’ worth of stuff to simulate a typical long weekend trip that I’d take.

Here’s what I was able to fit into the bag with NO bulging, extreme stuffing, or struggling to get it zipped up:

  • 3 days’ worth of clothes packed in one of my medium-sized Monos packing cubes.
  • 2 thick books (or 1 laptop and iPad)
  • 1 extra pair of shoes
  • Bag of toiletries
  • Eyeglasses case
  • My bulky, over-the-ear headphones
  • Water bottle

I was able to pack all of this with more room to spare for a light jacket/cardigan or even a pair of flip-flops.

Can I pause here and just say how impressed I was with how much this bag can actually fit? The Monos Weekender bag is SO much roomier than meets the eye!

All of the items I threw into the bag were placed in the main compartment. That means that there’s still a ton of room in the outer pockets and detachable case to throw things like books, extra toiletries, wallet, keys, and more.

Needless to say, I was truly impressed.

It’s also worth mentioning that I ran into no problems while flying with it–the bag fits quite under plane seats and in overhead compartments.

Bottom Line: Is The Monos Metro Duffel Worth The Money?

Hands-down, I love my Metro Duffel. I love the quality, feel, functionality–literally everything about it. The Metro Duffel is beautiful, functional, and so well thought-out.

After researching dozens of bags out on the market, this was just the bag I was looking for and I’m so happy with my decision.

While the Metro Duffel is not cheap (the $200+ price point can be hard to swallow for some), I firmly believe that it is 100% worth the money. Other than the price, there’s not a single thing that I can think of that would make me choose another duffel bag over this one.

Here are a few reasons why.

It’s so roomy and so functional

Despite how minimalistic it looks, this bag actually has a ton of useful pockets and zippered compartments. Losing stuff inside of the bag is actually hard to do, despite how roomy it is.

The detachable zippered bag is an awesome addition that most other weekenders do not have. You basically get another container to pack your travel necessities in, plus you can have easy access to it whenever you need it!

I also love, love, love the fact that you can easily slide the bag over your luggage handle, making it super easy to get around while in transit.

I’ve typically just traveled with my Monos Carry-On Pro in one hand and a heavy backpack placed on my back.

But with the Metro Duffel, I no longer need to lug around unnecessary baggage on my back–I can stick my laptop, books, chargers, and camera into the duffel, attach the duffel to the carry-on handle, and let my carry-on do all the heavy lifting. This is truly THE game-changer for me personally.

Monos Metro Duffel Review - 18

It’s sturdy and will last for years to come.

Once you get this duffel, I really don’t think you’ll need another weekender bag for another 10 years or more.

Not only is the water-resistant nylon twill fabric thick, but it also holds its shape even without stuff in it. That means you won’t find it stuck in the back of your closet as a crumpled mess folding over itself.

In fact, a good majority of the photos I took of the bag were of it completely empty!

Good for the environment

If you were debating between the Monos Metro Duffel compared to another brand’s weekender, here’s where I think Monos gets extra points compared to other brands on the market–Monos is actually trying to do good for the environment.

Monos’ Metro bags use only vegan materials, including felt made from recycled plastic bottles. Despite these eco-friendly materials, the bag does not feel cheap at all.

It feels like a truly high-quality bag, and you’ll just have the added pleasure of knowing that you’re supporting a brand that cares for the environment.

Benefits Of Buying The Monos Metro Duffel

When you purchase a Metro Duffel, you get a lot more than just the bag. Did you also know that every Monos bag comes with a 2-year limited warranty, free shipping, and Wayfarer Rewards?


All Monos bags within the Metro line purchased directly from is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

The warranty only extends to the original owner of the item and is not transferable. This warranty extends to defective materials or components, but not to accidental damage or normal wear and tear.


Upon making your purchase, don’t forget to sign up for Wayfarer Rewards! As a Wayfarer, you get access to exclusive rewards and savings.

So how does it all work? Well, you’ll basically earn Monos Miles every time you shop. Once you have points, you can then redeem them as cash for your next purchase.

For example, for my very first Carry On Pro luggage purchase, I earned 509 points. Already with just that purchase alone, I was able to redeem this for $25 USD off my next purchase!

From there, I was encouraged to complete a few extra steps to earn additional Monos Miles. This included following Monos Travel on social media, entering my birthdate, and more. Just a few actions later, I was up to a total of 900 Monos Miles–enough for $45 off my next purchase!

By leaving a review, you can also be rewarded with 100 points. And once my birthdate rolls around, I’ll have another 200 Monos Miles in the bag.

I ended up using $55 worth of my Monos Miles on a large set of their compressible packing cubes and essentially got them for half price!

Monos Wayfarer Rewards

And with my more recent purchase of the Metro Duffel, I now have more Monos Miles to go towards something else in the future… I love this perk – I love how they reward you for being loyal, too!

A few extra things to know: You are able to redeem as many Monos Miles as you wish, in increments of 100. However, do note that the redemption of Monos Miles cannot be combined with any other promotional coupons. They expire within 1 year of earning them.

Wayfarer Rewards can also grant you VIP status. Everyone starts at Silver. Once you spend enough to get to Gold Status, you unlock extra perks such as early access to sales and 15% off new product launches.

Monos Metro Duffel: My Final Thoughts

Ultimately, I’d recommend the Monos Metro Duffel to anyone who’s eyeing it and has the money to buy it.

If you’re looking for something to either replace your checked luggage or carry-on luggage for 2-4 days’ worth of travel, the Metro Duffel could easily be your new best friend.

If you’re looking for something to pair with a rolling suitcase, this is also the perfect bag for that, thanks to the genius trolley sleeve!

And lastly, if you’re looking for a functional bag to just replace your existing work bag (i.e. look more professional and carry all of the things), this is it.

Pro Tip: Ready to buy? Keep an eye out for their discount sales–they happen every once in a while! If there’s no sale going on, you can also try using ‘CLAIM5‘ for 5% or more off! 😉

If the Metro Collection DOES happen to be on sale, don’t wait to buy and take advantage of the sale while you can!!

You can explore the complete line at or check out Nordstrom’s collection of Monos travel gear too.

Monos Metro Duffel or Metro Backpack?

If you’re debating between the Metro Duffel or the Metro Backpack, the one you choose will ultimately depend on what you need the bag for.

Are you going to be primarily taking long weekend trips? Do you need to pack books and laptops or clothes and shoes? Will you need to do a lot of commuting on foot or are you mostly getting around by car?

If you’re going to be taking weekend trips where you’ll need to pack lots of travel necessities like clothing and shoes along with books and electronics, I’d recommend the Metro Duffel.

If you’re mostly going to use your Monos bag for school, work, or business, and plan to do a lot of commuting on foot, the hands-free Metro Backpack may be a better option.

But let’s say you want both, and are really torn on which to get. Here’s my opinion. While I love both of these items (they’re both crafted to be the most functional things ever), just based on size and price, I’d choose the Metro Duffel over the Metro Backpack.

For just $10 more, you’d be able to fit way more with the duffel (22L) than you’d be able to with the backpack (18L).

The duffel also doesn’t look like a duffel. What that means is you can actually use it to carry your electronics and whatnot to work, and it won’t look like you’re going on vacation or anything. It’s that sleek and well-sized!

Alternative Luggage And Bag Brands To Consider


Monos Luggage Alternative - Paravel

Paravel was launched in 2016 with the goal of creating stylish bags that are both timeless and long-lasting.

While they are best known for their Aviator hard-shell spinner suitcases, they’ve now also expanded to selling a whole plethora of cute, sustainable products including weekender bags, duffels, passport cases, purses, and more.

I actually own both a tote bag and a suitcase by Paravel (for whenever my partner and I are traveling as a pair) and I’d highly recommend their products.

What I love about this brand is that they are intentionally running their business with sustainability in mind. Paravel makes it a mission to offset all of the carbon emissions generated from manufacturing and shipping their products.

And get this–each of their duffels is made with 12 upcycled water bottles, which are combined with natural cotton fiber to form their signature Ecocraft Canvas.

Paravel’s duffel option: The Weekender


Monos Luggage Alternative - Away Travel

Away is a great alternative to Monos. Very much like Monos Travel, Away’s products are ideal for the jet-setter that’s looking for well-built, sleek-looking luggage that will last for years.

Their products are made from similar high-end materials and they come equipped with all the features you’d be looking for in sturdy bags/luggage.

In terms of their duffels, Away offers less color variety than Monos, so if color is a big deal for you, you may have more luck with Monos’ Metro collection.

Away’s duffel option: The Medium Everywhere Bag

  • Deal Alert! You can use this link to get $20 off any suitcase or bag.

Monos Metro Duffel: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Monos Metro Duffel suitable for use as carry-on luggage?

Yes, the Monos Metro Duffel is suitable for use as carry-on luggage on most airlines. The duffel is designed to fit within the size restrictions for carry-on luggage, and since its dimensions are under that of a carry-on suitcase with wheels, you’ll have no problems getting onto a flight with this bag.

Is the Monos Metro Duffel water-resistant or waterproof?

The Monos Metro Duffel is made of water-resistant materials, which means that it can withstand exposure to light rain or splashes of water without damaging the fabric of the bag or the contents inside. Both the nylon and vegan leather finishes are water and scratch-resistant.

However, it is important to note that the duffel is not completely waterproof and should not be submerged in water or left out in a rainstorm for hours on end!

How much does the Monos Metro Duffel weigh?

Metro Duffel (without Metro Kit): 3 lb (nylon) / 3.6 lb (vegan leather)

Metro Classic Kit: 0.6 lb

What is the capacity of the Monos Metro Duffel?

The capacity of the Monos Metro Duffel is 22 liters. The duffel is designed to be spacious enough to hold all your essentials for a weekend getaway or short trip.

If this by itself isn’t enough space for you, you can always pair your duffel with an additional backpack or suitcase!

And with that, we’re at the end of this Monos Metro Duffel review! Ultimately, if you’re looking to upgrade your gear, Monos is a wonderful brand to go with.

To this day, I personally own their carry-on, packing cubes, and now duffel bag! I love traveling with all my Monos travel gear and I think you will love yours too!

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