20 Fun Things To Do In Taipei On A Rainy Day

While planning my very first trip to Taipei, I was bright-eyed and excited about the prospects of hiking under the warm sun, visiting Jiufen and Shifen without a raindrop in sight, and visiting bustling night markets every night.

But when my family and I actually got to Taipei? RAIN RAIN RAIN. We happened to arrive right during one of their last monsoons of the season. Yay us… NOT.

Instead of getting to live out my dreams of experiencing Taipei in pleasant sunny weather, we had to totally pivot and plan around days and days of rain! Having had to re-plan our whole itinerary around the rain, I actually discovered a ton of fun stuff to do indoors.

So I totally feel it. When the rain is pouring outside and you’re stuck indoors, it can be hard to know what to do with yourself. But have no fear! There are plenty of fun things to do in Taipei on a rainy day.

From visiting one of the city’s many museums to indulging in a hot pot meal, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you occupied. So next time it rains, don’t let the weather ruin your plans.

Here are the best things to do in Taipei on a rainy day.

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20 Fun Things To Do In Taipei On A Rainy Day

Visit The National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum Taipei Taiwan

The National Palace Museum is a great place to visit on a rainy day in Taipei. If you’re interested in learning more about Chinese history and culture, the National Palace Museum is definitely worth a visit.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in that sort of thing, the museum is still a very impressive place to see.

Founded in 1925, the National Palace Museum houses one of the largest collections of ancient Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world. The museum consists of over 700,000 items in its collection–that’s an impressive amount of artifacts to see!

The National Palace Museum is most famous for its extensive collection of Chinese art and artifacts. Some of the most popular exhibits at the museum include the jade collection, calligraphy gallery, painting gallery, and of course the pork belly and jade cabbage!

There’s a lot to learn at the National Palace Museum, so you could expect to spend 2 to 6 hours here, depending on how into the exhibits you are.

The only downside to visiting the National Palace Museum on a rainy day is that it can be quite crowded, as everyone wants to take shelter from the bad weather. However, if you don’t mind crowds, then the National Palace Museum is definitely worth checking out.

You can buy tickets in advance here.

Explore Huashan Creative Park

Huashan Creative 1914 Park Taipei Taiwan 2

Huashan 1914 Creative Park is another really cool spot to check out in Taipei on a rainy day.

This park is located in an old wine factory and has been turned into a great place to spend a day. There are art galleries, shops, restaurants, and even a movie theater. You can easily spend a few hours here exploring all the different areas.

If you’re traveling with kids and looking for something a little more active, the park also has a rock climbing wall and an outdoor playground. You can also head to Wooderful Life Wooden Forest, where they can enjoy a play space made of logs as well as 7 hands-on experience areas.

There’s also a small museum that tells the history of the wine factory.

No matter what your hobbies and interests are, Huashan 1914 Creative Park is sure to have something that will keep you entertained for a bit.

Songshan Creative Park

Songshan Creative Park Taipei Taiwan

Looking for something equal parts artsy and unique to do on a rainy day in Taipei? Check out Songshan Creative Park!

Songshan Creative Park is a public space located in the Songshan District of Taipei, Taiwan. The park was created in 2008 as part of an urban renewal project for the area.

This vibrant space is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as art galleries and performance venues. The park is also home to a number of public artworks by local and international artists.

Whether you’re looking to browse unique boutiques, sample delicious Taiwanese cuisine, or catch a live show, Songshan Creative Park has something for everyone.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day Or Massage

One of our favorite things to do in Taipei on rainy days is treating ourselves to a spa day, foot massage, or whole body massage!

Enjoying a luxurious spa treatment or massage can be an incredibly relaxing experience, and has many health benefits such as reducing stress levels and improving muscle tension.

There are countless spas throughout Taipei that offer amazing treatments – whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern and innovative. From hot stone massages to facials and aromatherapy sessions, there a treatment that’ll make you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated even on the dreariest days.

Here are a few highly-rated spa treatments you can pre-book on Klook:

Taipei Astronomical Museum

Taipei Astronomical Museum is one of the most interesting things to do in Taipei on a rainy day, especially for people and children who love all things space and astronomy!

Located near the city center, this museum provides a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Visitors will be able to explore the mysteries of the universe and discover their place in it all.

The exhibition venues are divided into: Overture, the Earth, the Space Exploration, the Sun, Earth and Moon, the Solar System, Starry Passage, the Milky Way, Kids House, Galaxies, the Universe, the Search for Life, Astronomy in Taiwan

After exploring these exhibitions, you can take part in practical activities such as star gazing or telescope observation! A wide range of workshops are also available for those who want an even deeper dive into what the night sky holds for us all.

Go Eat Hot Pot

Hot Pot Taipei

If you’re looking for something to do in Taipei on a rainy day, hot pot is the perfect activity. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also a great way to stay warm and dry indoors.

Some of my hot pot restaurant recommendations include Ding Wang Hotpot and Hai Di Lao.

Want to try having hot pot night at home? Here are a few tips to make your hot pot experience even better.

First, make sure you have all the ingredients you need before you start cooking. This includes a good quality broth, fresh vegetables, and meats or seafood of your choice. You can find everything you need at most supermarkets in Taipei.

Once you have all your ingredients, it’s time to start cooking! The key to a great hot pot is to cook the food slowly so that it retains all its flavor and nutrients. At the end, enjoy the flavorful broth you’ve just created!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of ingredients until you find what you like best. Enjoy your meal!

Visit the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

For something truly unique, check out the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan! This museum is full of intricate, hand-crafted miniature masterpieces of everyday objects and scenes made by elite miniature artists.

This fun little museum was founded by Lin Wen-jen and Lin Chin-mei, a married couple with a passion for small things.

Spend a few hours exploring the museum and marveling at the attention to detail in each miniature. If you’re lucky, you might even catch one of the staff members working on a new piece!

The museum is located in Taipei’s Zhongshan District and is open Tuesday to Sunday.

Go Shopping at Taipei 101

Taipei 101 - Things To Do In Taipei Taiwan

One of the most iconic buildings in Taipei, and indeed all of Taiwan, is the Taipei 101. This massive skyscraper was once the tallest building in the world, and its 101 floors make it a truly impressive sight. Even on a rainy day, shopping at Taipei 101 is a great activity for the whole family.

The building houses some of the best shopping in Taipei, with high-end stores selling everything from clothes to jewelry to electronics.

There’s also a humongous food court on the lower levels, where you can sample some of Taiwan’s delicious cuisine. You can get anything from Din Tai Fung, Hawker Chan, warm taro ball desserts, and even hot pot!

And if you want to take a break from all the shopping and eating, you can always head to the impressive Taipei 101 observation deck and “Sky Lounge Area” on the 89th floor for some stunning views of Taipei City.

Visit The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

When the weather outside is less than ideal, the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (MOCA) is the perfect place to spend a day. The museum features rotating exhibitions of both local and international artists, making it a great place to stay culturally relevant while enjoying some time indoors.

There’s also a cafe onsite, so you can refuel with a coffee or light bite in between exploring the galleries. Admission is free for all visitors, so there’s no excuse not to check out this hidden gem the next time you’re stuck indoors in Taipei.

Soak in a hot spring in Beitou

Located just a few miles from downtown is the Beitou district, an area home to some of the most beautiful thermal spas in Taiwan.

Beitou has been known for centuries for its excellent hot springs, with many of them offering therapeutic effects that can help soothe and relax your body and mind. Whether you’re soaking in an outdoor pool surrounded by lush greenery, or at a luxurious spa filled with modern amenities, there’s something there for every budget.

Take some time out and enjoy the benefits of these natural hot springs – it’s sure to make any rainy day more enjoyable! Here are some packages offered by top-rated hotels in the area:

Interested in an overnight stay in Beitou? Here are the best hotels in Beitou with private hot springs baths you can enjoy in your own room.

Enjoy a VR Experience

VR Experience

VR (Virtual Reality) is an immersive technology that allows users to explore different worlds simply by putting on a headset. It’s an intriguing way to pass the time and see what wonders await without ever leaving your seat, or having to go outside.

In Taipei, there are several places offering VR experiences. Whether it’s exploring an underwater cave or fighting off aliens in outer space, these unique and interactive activities will surely bring some joy into your day.

You can even find multiplayer games where you team up with friends or family members to take on missions together. The possibilities are endless – all you need is your imagination!

Visit The Xpark Aquarium in Taoyuan

Xpark Aquarium Taipei

Visiting the Xpark Aquarium is one of the most entertaining things to do in Taipei on a rainy day, especially if you’re traveling with younger ones.

Located in Taoyuan City about 30 minutes away from Taipei, this world-class aquarium is home to over 3,000 aquatic animals from around the globe. It features more than 80 different tanks and habitats showcasing an array of colorful marine life, giving you a chance to get up close and personal with them.

The Xpark Aquarium also offers educational activities for visitors wishing to learn more about marine life and ecology, such as guided tours and interactive games. From sea turtles and seahorses to coral reefs and jellyfish, there’s something for every type of marine lover at this amazing aquarium!

Once you’re done exploring the aquarium, you can busy yourself with the shopping malls and surrounding entertainment nearby.

A trip to this area is super convenient as it’s close to the high-speed rail station and the airport MRT!

Day Trip To The National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

Located in Keelung, Taiwan, the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology offers visitors a wide variety of interactive marine technology exhibits that are sure to keep you engaged.

The museum features an impressive collection of over 3000 artifacts from boats, submarines and other vessels used around the world for both military and civilian use. You can have your photo taken with a historical submarine or explore the many interactive exhibits that explain how different types of marine transportation work.

Plus there is plenty to discover about Taiwan’s unique culture here, too!

Challenge Your Friends To An Escape Room

An escape room is a fun and interactive way to occupy your time while staying dry indoors. In a typical escape room, you and your friends get locked in a themed room and have an hour to find the clues, solve puzzles and decipher codes that will help you unlock the door.

This unique activity provides participants with an opportunity to exercise their problem-solving skills while having fun at the same time. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a mix of storytelling, adventure, mystery and excitement as they work together with their teammates in order to break out of the room before time runs out.

Go Karaoke With Friends

Karaoke is the perfect way to pass time on a rainy day in Taipei. With its vibrant music and culture, Taiwan has developed an amazing karaoke scene for everyone to enjoy.

Taiwan offers numerous places for people of all ages to have some quality entertainment with their family and friends. KTV which is basically a private karaoke party for you and your friends, is all the rage here!

Karaoke bars like Holiday KTV and Party World are well-equipped with latest audio-visual technology, comfortable sofas and extensive song selections which make them the perfect place for throwing a unique party or just singing your heart out while enjoying Taiwanese snacks.

There are also private rooms available where you can enjoy an intimate session without worrying about disturbing others around you.

Go Shopping Underground At Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station has as much going on below ground as it does above. Case in point–Taipei City Mall. It’s one of the several underground malls accessible by Taipei Main Station.

The 1-mile-long underground mall provides a convenient and sheltered space for visitors to browse through its many stores. The mall is divided into four main regions: clothing, miscellaneous, electronics, and food/beverage.

The selection of shops is vast; from fashion boutiques to beauty salons and even electronic stores where visitors can purchase the latest gadgets. Manga and anime lovers will also enjoy the fact that there is a maid cafe here!

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of affordable dining options ranging from Taiwanese snacks to Japanese delicacies.

To make things more enjoyable, there is a wide range of entertainment facilities including cinemas, karaoke rooms, and an arcade center.

Dine At A Themed Restaurant

If you’re looking to enjoy a coffee or a meal in a unique setting, why not try dining at a themed restaurant?

Not only can you enjoy delicious food, but these themed restaurants also offer an exciting atmosphere that will make your meal even more enjoyable. Whether it’s an old-school diner with classic jukeboxes lined up along the walls or a futuristic restaurant lit up with neon lights, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Here are a few themed restaurants/cafes to check out:

  • Kumacafe – all things Kumamon themed!
  • P.S. BU BU – retro vibes galore
  • Alice Is Coming – Alice In Wonderland themed
  • Maiden Diner – maid cafe

Do Some Puzzling With Your Coffee

Galette Cafe, located in the Da’an District of the city, is a cozy cafe perfect to pass away a damp afternoon. With its wide selection of puzzles, from jigsaw and crosswords to Rubik’s cubes and sudoku, it offers plenty of fun activities to keep even the most restless minds engaged.

No matter your age or skill level, Galette Cafe has a puzzle or game you’ll likely enjoy. For those just beginning their adventure with puzzles, there are simple 3D structures that can be put together using just a few pieces.

More experienced puzzlers will love their challenging range of intricate jigsaws and difficult mind-teasers that require some serious brainpower! All equipment is provided on site so all you need to do is show up and get ready to puzzle!

Have A Staycation With Your Friends

Grand View Resort Beitou - Best Hotels In Beitou

If you’re local in Taiwan and want to do something with your friends on a rainy day, why not plan a staycation? Movies in bed with your besties? Yes please!

Here are some of my favorite hotels in Taipei for hanging out in all day:

Take A Taiwanese Cooking Class

If you’re open to getting your hands dirty while learning something new, consider taking a Taiwanese cooking class! In this hands-on experience, you’ll learn about all aspects of traditional Taiwanese cuisine from an experienced teacher.

You’ll get tips on how to find ingredients at local markets and shops as well as lessons on how to prepare them into delicious recipes like beef noodle soup, xiao long bao, or stir-fried pork with garlic.

Not only will you learn valuable cooking skills, but also gain insight into Taiwan’s culture and food traditions. Plus, at the end of your lesson, you can savor your own creations!

Taipei is a great city to explore, even on a rainy day. As you can see, there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy.

If you happen to be visiting on a drizzly day, hopefully this post has helped you adjust your travel plans appropriately! Stay dry and have fun!

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