15 Best Road Trips From Washington DC

When summer (and its humidity) finally arrives in Washington, DC, it can feel like it’s time to travel. But what if you’re done with experiencing the city of DC? Fortunately, excursions outside Washington, DC are plentiful! The East Coast is filled with tranquil towns and …

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Seven Magic Mountains - Best Las Vegas to Los Angeles Road Trip Stops - Travels With Elle

62 Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas With Teenagers

Vegas may be known for its lavish casinos, spas, resorts, and nightclubs, but there’s so much more to do in Las Vegas besides spending money, gambling, and partying. If you’re considering traveling with kids or teenagers, you may be wondering what exactly there is to …

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Fall Colors - Best Time To Travel To Alaska

Best Time To Travel To Alaska: Everything You Need To Know

Alaska conjures up images of extremes: endless darkness or the sun at midnight; arctic tundra or magnificent autumnal leaves; dog sledding through the snow or hiking through sun-dappled mountains; whale watching or ice fishing. With all of these differences in weather, activities, and landscape, what …

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15 Best Family Day Trips In Northern California - TravelsWithElle

21 Best Family Vacations In California

Taking a road trip or vacationing in California is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. And if you have kids, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a vacation or exploring at all! In fact, road tripping through California with kids is probably …

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